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Kaguya Player Mod Apk V1.3.0 (Unlocked All) Latest Version

You know, it’s been a long since I last provided TGG with an RPG game. All of that, however, is about to change. I’ve had the pleasure of playing “Kaguya Player Mod Apk” an RPG Lewd with a vintage-style anime theme.

However, before I get right into the review of the aforementioned game, I’ll offer you a little overview of the game’s Story.

This adult anime simulation game is a little bit different from the others. You won’t attend school or work in this game, but you will be rescuing princess Kaguya.

You must rescue her and have fun with her while she is stranded on our planet. She is a female that enjoys filthy behavior, so you may pretty much do whatever you want with her. You can perform well, get her to lick you, and engage in sexual activity.

The tale is played straight and doesn’t contain any humor, so if you’re searching for a laugh, this game won’t deliver it.

Everything appears to be very much as expected from an RPG Maker game: use the touchscreen and click somewhere on the screen to travel there; objects may be selected, utilized, and afterward shared among your party.

Description of Kaguya Player

Kaguya Player Mod Apk forms as a part of our vast selection of NSFW games. This adult game can be downloaded for free with only a few clicks. You can always find the most recent and top-notch games here.

Here is a little game with one of the top Anime girls. Simply choose the options you wish to see in this game that is primarily focused on animation. Big B**bs and a** are all included in the game. The game also has a bonus loop. Look for something that is “shaking” as a hint! ​

Additionally, the combat in the game function in the same way. Even yet, it’s still important to note that there is one little issue on the battlefield: the majority of the parts have magical titles.

So, at least initially, you’re looking around for the appropriate location to carry out an activity. As usual, turn-based combat involves both your group and your adversaries attacking in turn order.

It’s a fantastic little simulator game with pixelated animation that features Kaguya, one of the protagonists. Kaguya is the main female character. She is Hilbert’s antithesis. Hilbert is interestingly frequently referred to as Black while she is frequently referred to as White. In this game, the developer appears to have employed an odd game engine, which I find uncommon in the majority of adult games. Fantastic graphics, animation, and aesthetics are used throughout. It is among the best NSFW games that mock Anime, in my opinion. The game offers a limited number of sceneries and activities, which you can create and choose from.

The inclusion of voices and sound effects in the scenes makes the game better. You can enjoy a lot of enjoyable activities in this game right now!

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Kaguya Player: Gameplay

Screenshot 20220702 150526 - Kaguya Player Mod Apk V1.3.0 (Unlocked All) Latest Version

The visual novel subgenre has several variations. It ranges from breathtaking and terrifying to contentious. Others are merely vehicles for vice and s*x, featuring devilishly attractive women whose glasses overflow. And that is fantastic.

These games feature colorful characters. They are enjoyable, wicked thrill rides. I’ve finished dozens of them over the years, and I’m always looking for fantastic ones, whether they’re lighthearted Otome romances or intense Guro sleaze fests. But they can be hit or miss, just like any other genre.

Kaguya Player Mod Apk shows off developer Winged Cloud’s attempt to make the prototypical adult visual novel. While it succeeds in terms of presentation, the only aspects that can be deemed “adult” in the truest sense of the word are the s*xual undertones. That’s pushing it, especially with dialogue and characters that are so childish.

Players assume different roles that engage in s*xual activity with sizable anime girls and other human girls with huge br**sts and personalities that are instantly recognizable as anime clichés.

The entire gameplay is around rescuing Kaguya and having fun with her while she is stranded. She is a female that enjoys filthy behavior, so you may pretty much do whatever you want with her. You can perform well, get her to lick you, and engage in sexual activity.

The dialogue and narration read as though they were written by a 12-year-old who had just perused the Fanfiction.net archives while studying beginner’s Japanese, except for a few instances of spelling and grammar mistakes. Honorifics are randomly inserted throughout, along with terms like “sideb**b,” “rilly” for “truly,” and another crude language.

All of this attacks the player within the first half-hour, which is quite a problem for a game that lasts just under two hours. Given that this is a visual novel, where there aren’t really any branching character paths aside from one dull choice near the end, ruining the text, the dialogue, and the plot practically renders the game unplayable.


Of course, there have been worse graphic novels in the genre’s history than this one. No, there are a number of other games that utterly fail to deliver on both adult content and gameplay, and Kaguya Player Mod Apk is undoubtedly not the last. It’s a complete farce that this game is so easily accessible and well-liked by many gamers, giving newbies to visual novels the impression that it’s a good choice that will amuse and pleasure them.

Although it is attractive to the eye, it has no other redeeming qualities. Download Kaguya Player Mod Apk if you want to enjoy the gameplay but not the graphics.

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Download Kaguya Player Mod Apk Unlocked

File Information
File Size:40 MB
Andriod Version5 +
Updated Date:28th July 2022

You can easily download Kaguya Player Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below link. But make so you uninstall the older version first.

Kaguya Player Mod Apk Info

  • No MOD So Far.


When it comes to characters, stories, and everything else, there is nothing interesting in Kaguya Player Mod Apk. However, don’t interpret this as a negative review; rather, see it as a spoiler alert. Nevertheless, Kaguya Player Mod Apk is a translation from the original Japanese.

Kaguya Player Mod Apk is a click-based mini-game created using Unity and Live2D Perjury, body grips, and real-time mouse motions available to players. On Earth, Princess Kaguya felt lost. Let’s solve the puzzle and use the items to find Princess Kaguya.

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