FREE SPORTS STREAMING WEBSITES LIST - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Sometimes finding the best free live sports streaming Sites can be incredibly difficult, as there are tons of them. Today I’m going to list the 10 best sports streaming websites.

Most free live streaming sites out there do not deliver full streams without interrupting you to carry out their useless surveys. Imagine watching a match that you don’t wanna miss gots interrupted by some sort of useless survey or annoying pop-up ads, or even at worst asking you to follow a link in order to continue your stream!

Apart from that, the quality is mostly poor and sports fans hate anything that will interrupt their fav match.

Here in this article, we spent hrs trying to figure out the most popular live-streaming sites that will deliver you live sports streams. With this list, you can actually know the features of the top sport streaming websites which will now give you the idea of which website to visit.

Stream2Watch (Best live sports streaming site)

Screenshot 2021 08 18 at 10.26.28 PM - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Stream2Watch is one of the largest live stream sites for sports of all kinds. By checking the daily updated Sport and TV schedule, you can watch worldwide sporting events on this site. All you need to do is search for the sports program you want to watch and click on “Watch Now!” to stream.

Strem2Watch does not show too many distracting advertisements like most of the other live sports streaming sites. Also, the homepage’s interface is very sleek and the website’s color scheme is eye-catchy, I’m very sure you’ll enjoy it.


image 15 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Sportrar is definitely a strange name for a streaming site for professional sports, but it works well though.

This platform offers all kinds of live sports coverage but to be honest, the interface is not responsive and it is cluttered.

All you need to do to watch any live sports on this platform is just go to the game link that you want to stream from the start page, click on any of your preferred games and stream. No signup no bullshit 

Unlike most other streaming sites for sports, Sportrar allows you to set your own country’s time zone to watch the videos as per your country’s time.

Facebook Watch

image 2 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Facebook Watch is also another big streaming sports platform where you can find your favorite online sporting events and watch them. The best thing I liked most about this platform is that you can stream any kind of sport as long as you have a facebook account.

Note that: Facebook Watch allows you to live-stream one MLB game a week during the regular season without paying a penny and also Facebook Watch has a limited number of official sports streams.

ESPN (Biggest live sports streaming site)

ESPN is the world’s biggest sports channel. It is a premium sports website that will cover all your favorite sports streams and news.

image 4 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

WatchESPN is a premium channel. There are quite a lot of live streaming vids on ESPN, all major sports can be found on this site, including football, basketball, baseball, college sports, and so on.


image 5 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

This is another best streaming platform for live sports particularly cricket. CricHD snakes streaming online sports easier. Moreover, other sports like WWE, Football, boxing, motor, MLB, NBA, hockey, tennis, and golf are all available. The interface is very easy to navigate, so there’s no trouble with it.


image 7 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

VIP League is one of the biggest live streaming sports sites that allow you to access sports matches of all kinds. It has a clean layout that allows you to easily select the type of games you want to watch.

The interface is very clean and easy to navigate as there are logos of various types of sports that make it easy for you to select and start streaming live.

Boss cast

image 8 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Boss cast is among the best live stream sports websites that allow you to stream almost every sports event. They hosted a large database that includes not only popular sport shows, but also sports such as rugby, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, hockey, and horse racing as well.

When I first discovered Boss cast, I was super pleased with the layout of the site. It just looks cool and easy to navigate and locate your live stream.   


Boss cast is a free live sports streaming platform that provides streaming free of charge. Unlike many other sports streaming platforms, Boss cast is currently ad-free (At least I didn’t notice).

Also, this platform allows users to chat while watching their favorite match. Just like watching Livestream on Facebook or Instagram.


image 9 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

Cricfree is sure a name driven from Cricket. This means that you will only get a few sporting options for football, baseball, soccer, and golf, but if you are a cricket lover, you’ll get lots of cricket live streams. It is perfect for cricket lovers. There’s one thing I hate about this site, the adverts are way too much. Other than that, the interface is clean and the streams are also clean.


image 11 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

One of the best streaming sports websites around. You can watch sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, etc. The site is very clean and user-friendly. Users can check all the sports available for free of charge. It allows you to watch highlights.

The website also provides you with a list of live sports going on around the globe while you live streaming something else.

SonyLive TV

image 12 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

This sports streaming platform is supported by Sony’s technology giant. They’ll notify you whenever a live sports show is aired on this platform, unlike other platforms. They also have on their platform a live scoreboard.

As you can see from the above image, SonyLIV is not available in certain countries. As such, you need to download any working VPN app (I recommend Hotspot Shield) and connect it.


I know you will be wondering why I put this discussion website or per se a social news website on the list. Relax, Reddit got a lot of fun people that can share links that will take you to websites where you can actually watch live sports. So basically you cannot watch live sports streams on Reddit like Facebook but you’ll find different links that will lead you to the live sports streams.

Now the question is where do you find those links? It is pretty simple, all you need to do is find a Reddit community that discuss the sport of your interest. For example, if you want to stream NFL, you can check out this community https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/.

Stream Hunters

image 13 - Live Sports Streaming Sites To Check Out In 2021

This is also one of the most visited live sports streaming sites. As you can see the website interface is very friendly and all the available sports matches are listed. It is now left for you to click on your fav match and watch.

The website basically offers free streams from almost all major sports like Soccer, NFL, basketball, Long Tennis, etc. Check them out.


I hope you find what you are looking for in this list of best live sports streaming sites. Try to connect to a VPN connection if some of these sites don’t work. These websites are completely free to use with the exception of ESPN. If you have any problem, you can comment below.

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