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Unlike many of you, before I knew about Loklok Mod Apk Premium, I was using Netflix. To be frank, I was 100% happy and satisfied with their streaming services. From the beginning, I knew it was worth to be using Netflix because of its content. But I couldn’t really see the essence of spending a lot of my money until I gave Loklok Mod Apk a chance.

When I started using Loklok Mod Apk, I feel I shouldn’t have paid Netflix for the content I can find on Loklok Mod Apk Premium for free. There is no doubt Netflix is the best out there but when you find a free service that can satisfy your needs then you’ll understand that there is no need to be paying Netflix. Of course, free streaming services have lots of disadvantages like the quality of content and lack of other features that paid streaming apps provide but what choice do you have when you are after free stuff?

Loklok Free Movies is an online streaming service that allows you to watch all types of videos completely free from various platforms. It is somewhat similar to Jio tv, Airtel tv, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, HBO, SonyLiv, and other streaming platforms but it is totally free.

It is a free service that allows you to stream live TV channels through its IPTV and CDN in the quality and format that you want. Loklok Mod Apk is absolutely important on your smartphone if you have a strong interest in watching movies and TV series. Download Loklok Mod Apk Latest Version now and enjoy it. 

Description of Loklok free movies

Most people use apps like Netflix Amazon Prime vide, Disney+ Hoststar, Hulu other premium streaming services. Meanwhile, a lot of developers have provided free streaming apps like Loklok free movies, WeTV, and the rest. 

The reason these developers provide these apps with lots of entertainment content for free is that most people living outside the western world find it expensive to pay for Netflix and other premium streaming services. This is why Netflix-free alternatives like Loklok Mod Apk are more popular in third-world countries.

Besides, Loklok is loaded with thousands of titles for everyone! Whatever category you’re searching for, I am sure you will get it! In addition to that, it has some features that can be found in these premium streaming apps! Check out its feature below and I think you will be impressed.

Loklok Mod Apk is an app that comes in very handy if you don’t have money to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Loklok free movies put together a range of movies across Bollywood and Hollywood. You can watch almost all of the latest and old Hollywood or Nollywood movies for free. 

In this app, you can easily find a wide variety of movies divided into two broad groups: Bollywood and Hollywood. If you are after the latest Indian movies, then you choose Bollywood and search for the movie you are looking for. You can either stream the movie via the app’s optimized player or simply click on the “Download button” to save it on your device.   

This is your app if you are a movie buff and dont wanna spend a dime. We have included the direct download link below or you can continue reading Pikashow features and descriptions.

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Features of Loklok Mod Apk Premium

Create your own favorite list

Users can create their personalized list of favorite shows, movies, or channels right here on Loklok. By selecting from tons of content that you would love to enjoy, you can simply add them to your favorite lists for easy access.

High quality contents with clean video player

You can simply use the app’s built-in video player which provides many great features that will make your viewing experience more pleasant. With the built-in video player, you can also easily access high-quality videos at 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You can also improve your viewing experience by altering with options in the built-in player such as brightness, volume boost, theme, auto-resume, seeking, background play, screen orientation, subtitles, and so on.

Customize the UI or apply themes freely

The UI is very simple and clean plus you can personalize the UI to your taste. This personalization includes changing the theme and colors to make the app more pleasant. If you want to protect your eyes from intense brightness, you can choose a Dark theme.

Loklok provides a better streaming experience

Users can definitely make use of the PIP feature here on Loklok Mod Apk 2022 so as to carry out multitasking conveniently without interrupting their movies. To do that you simply allow the option and adjust the location of the floating video to better fit your screen and make the most of the feature.

Customer Support via live chat

incase you have any questions about the app and its functionality, please feel free to contact the Loklok admins via the live chat option. They are available and ready to answer your questions.

This app offers comprehensive schedules for your favorite sports, entertainment events, news, and more.

Thousands of movies & Tv-series

Loklok offers tons of content for free to watch whenever you want! There are around 5,000 movies from different parts of the world.

Loklok Mod Apk 2022 has an extensive library of more than thousands of hours of content. While its ability to offer content is NOT even close to Netflix, however, the library is still very large.

It also offers full-length movies and episodes from TV shows. To be honest,   I like the spectrum of content it offers. You’ll not only be able to find classics here, but you’ll also be able to access brand-new films. 

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Loklok has simple categories

In addition to popular TV channels, Loklok has tons of categories, such as Anime, movies, entertainment, children, and many more! This enables the app to appeal worldwide to a huge audience! Whatever you’re searching for, this app guarantees to offer it to you

Download any video content on Loklok

This app also has a unique feature that allows users to download any video content! Loklok Apk helps you to search for loads of content for offline use and download it. Now, you don’t really have to browse online just to watch them. The videos can be saved on your device for use in areas where internet connection is poor or even for future The videos can be saved on your device for use in areas where internet connection is poor or even for future 

No registration

You can watch anything you want immediately. No registration. Just open the app and you aer good to g

Loklok Mod Apk is Free of charge

The best part about it is that it is free. There are no hidden expenditures at all.

Each channel has a number of different links to help make sure that if one link stops working then another link can be accessed easily. So this means that you will get unlimited access without missing anything. This is a very helpful function that can easily control unavoidable downtimes which can be annoying when watching your favorite program.

Is it worthwhile to have Loklok?

If you’ve ever used a streaming service, Loklok Mod Apk Premium will feel very familiar. When you first start the app, you’ll see the Spotlight section, which lists all of the most popular movies and TV episodes that are currently trending or being watched the most. Using the hamburger icon in the top-left area of the user interface, you can quickly navigate to the Movies or TV sections.

For better navigation, Loklok’s catalog is classified into different categories. As you scroll down the list of available content to watch, you’ll notice them arranged in rows. You can also use the search bar at the top to look for a specific title. When you choose one, you’ll be sent to a website with more information about it, including a synopsis, cast, release date, and other details.

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Download Loklok Mod Apk Premium 2022

MOD APK File Size:47 MB
Android Version5.0 +
Updated Date:29th August 2022

You can easily download Loklok Mod Apk Premium latest version from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Loklok Mod Apk Info

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Why do you need to download Loklok Mod Apk

Loklok Mod Apk latest version is an Android app that allows users to gain access to thousands of movies and shows. This app is not available on Google Playstore, therefore, to enjoy the incredible features of this app, you have to download it from 3rd party websites like Naijatechspot. It is a free app that is available for access to everyone around the world. 

Apart from that, the app is filled with a lot of features that will allow you to comfortably watch non-stop movies and series. When you have the Loklok Apk, nothing will stop you from streaming from a large library of movies,

Note that Loklok Mod Apk Premium does not distribute or host any video content. All of the video content and Live TV channels are entirely gotten from different trusted sources like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, etc.


What services does the app provide?

Loklok Mod Apk is a one-stop source for movies and television shows. Popular Bollywood and regional films, as well as short films, Anime, and web series, can be found here. You can even watch foreign box office smashes like the John Wick trilogy, SpiderMan films, and more. As previously said, the service provides original content, allowing you to watch videos not available on other video streaming sites.

This app has fantastic viewing controls. Its site, like Netflix’s, features a list of popular movies and new releases. It compiles a list of suggestions based on your watching history. Browsing is equally simple: swipe left to see the selection. There’s also a separate page for movies, TV shows, and other content. This app is simple to start up because it simply takes your phone number. In addition to English, the internet streaming service is offered in nine other languages.


The fact that Loklok Mod Apk is a mobile app that provides free streams automatically outshined other free stream websites that do not have applications for mobile users and we all know that more people are into watching movies with their phones, as such having an app is the best option for these kinds of users. That being said, Loklok Mod Apk is one of the best free streaming apps for movies that deliver an experience close to Netflix.

Would you like to have the best streaming experience on your Android phone for free? Well,  HLoklok Mod Apk is built to provide you with a phenomenal streaming experience with unlimited access at the very beginning to surpass all your expectations.

Loklok’s high-definition free live streaming content will undoubtedly make cable TVs, paid radios, and other monthly paid streaming services look like a waste of money.

And so too, in terms of the viewing experience, without any doubt, such an amazing streaming app is probably going to be difficult to find elsewhere. For a premium streaming experience, all you need to do is install this app.

Note: Download Loklok Mod Apk 2022 if you hate ads but note that the developers who maintain and manage the app do earn little from the ads they show in order to maintain the services all for free. If you really want the Loklok developers to continue the free services, then I highly recommend you to download the original app.

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