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Lyka Mod Apk V3.7.37 (Free Purchase)

Dozens of apps have been developed in this digital world and lots of them are for social interaction. Yeah, Lyka Mod apk is one of these social media apps.  

With a variety of applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc., social media is also at the same time being flooded with stiff competition. But if you are really looking for an app that pays for the amount of time you use it, then you definitely need to try out Lyka app. I know there are hundreds of such apps in the store but this Lyka app, in particular, is pretty popular especially in Asia. 

Lyka is a free social media app where you can upload photos, videos, and so on. The more you engage yourself in this app, the more you will be credited with gems. This app helps users to interact and get to know each other and most importantly earn gems and gift cards 

Certainly, I know of the users of this app will try to cut corners in order to earn more gems and this is possible when you use Lyka mod apk, however, that’s not the case as Lyka has no Mod. But we are going to give you all the tricks and tips you need to know about the app and earn lots of gems easily.

Description of Lyka app

Lyka is a new social media platform that allows users to share content like photos or videos and earn gems while doing it. Further, any time a Lyka user interacts with the posts of other users, a certain amount of GEMS will be received by both users.

You will earn 0.05 GEMS when you post a picture on the app. When a user gives your picture a max rate, you will get the same sum. If you Max rate the picture of another person, that is equal to 0.02 GEMS. 1 GEM corresponds to 1 PHP.

Lyka will be sending you 5 GEMS as a starting point when you sign up. In some instances, some generous Lyka users can also give you gems, and if you get verified on Lyka, they will automatically send you 15,000 GEMS as a welcome gift. One positive thing about this app is that anyone can get verified.

As described earlier, 1 GEM is equal to 1 PHP, which means that the GEMS you earn is equivalent to real-life money. Many merchants, like Adidas, Guess, Aeropostale, PlainsandPrints, and so on, accept Lyka GEMS.

You can even use Lyka Gems in select Abenson stores to buy household items or even have a great time with your friends and family at sponsored hotels and restaurants across the country. There are also stores like GadgetsManila on Instagram that accept Lyka GEMS.

Currently, you can’t withdraw a Lyka GEM into cash or use your real money to convert it to Lyka GEMS.

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Share content & earn

As described above, LYKA app is a free social network that allows users to interact with other users and share content. The platform allows users to post photos or videos. It is also centered around a Digital Point System that rewards users for just interacting and sharing content.

By giving ratings or being rated by others, posting photos or videos, creating a community, and spending time on the app, you can earn LYKA Gems. These LYKA Gems can be shared with friends, traded with LYKA partner stores for merchandise, or buy things in LYKA Shop ranging from gift cards and home appliances.

How does Lyka app work?

  • For every 1 follower, you will earn 1 Lyka GEM.
  • You will earn 0.05GEMS when you post content.
  • When a user gives your photo max rate, you will earn 0.05GEMS.
  • If you max rate other user’s content you will get 0.02GEMS.
  • Message to other users will earn you 0.01GEM per message

1 Lyka Gem = 1 PHP


1 Lyka Account per Device Only and your phone number must be verified.

Lyka App Tips & Tricks

These small tips and tricks will definitely help you maximize your earnings.

Post regularly: The more you share photos or videos, the more you earn! Make sure you post original content and get a max rating. Avoid posting low-quality content or content that are against communuty standard.  

Start a community: The CEO of Lyka named Ryan Bairda said that building a community can easily make you earn lots of gems in a short time and the reason is that when users are part of your community, it simply means that they have an interest in what you are posting and they will easily rate your content. So, build an authentic community of interest if you really want to maximize your earning.

Do not ask for ratings: Undoubtedly, asking for ratings is really bad. People rate what amazes them and this is very simple to do. Do not ask, it shows that you are desperate to only earning and not providing quality content to users. Remember, quality/viral content will always bring you tons of max ratings.

Follow the CEO: Ryan is known to gift people with GEMs. So follow him on Lyka and also his other social media handlers.   

Invite your friends to join: When people discover that they can earn cash by using social media, they will definitely try it out and when they interact with your quality content, you can make more money easily.

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Download Lyka Mod Apk latest version

Mod Apk size249 MB
Android Version6.0+
Developers:Things I Like Company Limited
Updated Date:17th June 2022

You can easily download Lyka Mod Apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Download the Lyka app on Google Play Store from HERE.

Lyka Mod Apk Info

Currently there is no mod for Lyka app, however, you can read and follow the tricks from above if you really want to earn more gems easily.

Is Lyka App safe?

We found that it is secure  and safe after exploring the app for some hours, and lot of users earned a decent amount of money . In the other side, as there are a lot of bugs that require a potential solution, the app does not function in a way that is needed by most users. Meaning it crashes most times when we try to upload photos.


If you actually use this app for interaction, such as sharing content, rating other posts, building followers, and spending a lot of time, you will earn a lot from this app.

Lyka is free to download and you need to sign in with your email address or phone number before you will start using it.  

Through using this awesome app, you can earn money.

You will receive 1 Lyka GEM for every single follower.

After posting photos/videos and other users like your photos/videos, you will get gem.  

You will receive 0.01 gem per message for a message to another person. And the perks goes on and on.

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