minecraft virtual reality min - Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

Discover endless worlds and create anything from the simplest to the greatest of castles. Download Minecraft Mod apk and enjoy the creative mode with infinite resources or mine deep into the earth in survival mode, forging arms and armor to fend off hostile mobs. Create, discover, and live with friends or by yourself.

Expand your game and explore the latest developments of the Community in the marketplace! Let your favorite creators get exclusive maps, skins and texture packs.

Description Of Minecraft

Minecraft APK - Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

Minecraft is an open-world game where players have no clear objectives other than to roam the endless world, gather resources to build and defend your player from night monsters.

There are many game modes to play but the major game mode revolves around smashing blocks and arranging them.

The game world is designed for players in raw 3D blocks and represents various materials, such as soils, rocks, deserts, forests, different ores, water, and wood.

While players can travel around the world freely, blocks can only be set in a fixed position. Players may collect and position physical blocks elsewhere to create a specific structure.

Build Whatever You Want & Survive

minecraftpewp - Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

In Minecraft, Nighttime and Daytime are divided with a standard real-time duration of 20 minutes. Make sure you hide in your shelters at night or else creatures such as spiders, zombies, insects, etc will target your player.

Minecraft allows players to use the right tools to dig blocks so they can have different resources, collect and build anything you want. You can create a house or all your own idea, this is one of the game’s highlights for attracting millions of players all over the world.

Different Game Modes

hwb95ncaebo01 - Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

Minecraft Consists of different game modes such as: Survival mode, Creative mode, hardcore mode, adventure mode (my favorite) and Spectator mode.

Survival Mode

In this mode, players will gather resources to build and find food to replenish player’s hunger bar.

At night time, players are required to hide in shelters in order to avoid getting hurt by monsters.

There’s also a health bar that reduces in response to attacks by monsters, falls, drowning, and basically anything that can hurt your player. Your health bar increases or decreases in relation to the hunger bar.

Creative Mode

Creative mode gives players access to resources via the inventory menu. So this mode basically allows players to build whatever they want.

Hardcore Mode

This mode is the same as the survival mode but with a hardcore difficulty. This means that when a player dies, everything is gone and can’t return to the previous environment. It feels like real life.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is similar to survival mode but with custom maps and adventures created by other players.

Spectator Mode

From the name, this mode only allows players to spectating and therefore cannot interact.

Minecraft Multiplayer Mode

You can play Minecraft with your family and friends on a single map with up to 4 different players. Build your own world as you go and create your own stories.

You can meet and play with thousands of Minecraft users via Minecraft servers or if you want more privacy, you can join Minecraft Realms. In Minecraft Realms, you can play with upto 10 players.

Good Game, Good Graphics

4 maxresdefault - Minecraft Mod Apk V1.16.200.02 (Unlimited Items)

Minecraft brings players to a gigantic pixelated map with the strangely pleasing 3D block graphics, where you’re free to navigate the vast map with different structures in it.

If you only glanced through Minecraft when your friend is playing, then you may think the graphics are of poor quality. But if you download and play the game, you’ll find out how good the graphics are.

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Features Of Minecraft

  • Build retro aesthetic structures
  • Great balance between building and adventuring
  • A creative game for all ages
  • Different gaming modes
  • Play with your friends
  • Customize your experience with add-ons

Download Minecraft Mod Apk Everything

MOD APK File Size:124 MB
Android Version4.2 +
Category:Arcade, Strategy
Updated Date:11th December 2020

You can easily download Minecraft PE Mod Apk from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the original game from Google Play Store Download Now!

Minecraft Mod Apk Info

  • License check removed!
  • A working character editor with all features unlocked. Note that skins are not saved after exiting the game.
  • Click on the Mod menu on the top left corner and enjoy the following mods: Immortality; Great damage, no damage mod. Note that they only work on a single game mode.


Minecraft is all about building and surviving. With this mod, you can discover the massive world of Minecraft with unlimited resources, skins and lots more.

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