OnePlus 10T Set To Become The Company’s First Smartphone With 16 GB Of Storage

gsmarena 003 1 800x533 - OnePlus 10T Set To Become The Company's First Smartphone With 16 GB Of Storage

OnePlus is undoubtedly progressing as the company sets to introduce the OnePlus 10T model to maintain its T-series smartphones. OnePlus 10 Pro will not be able to keep up with the power of this new phone that will feature some pioneering specs. We have previously seen the dummy models being shown off during the AnTuTu exhibition, and now a fresh leak claims that the OnePlus 10T will be one of the most powerful smartphones offered by the company.

The rumour from Digital Chat Station suggests that the OnePlus 10T will be the first product from the company to offer up to 16 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM). The phone will also have entry versions with 8 and 12 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM). The basic version will have 128 Gigabytes of internal storage while the mid-version will offer 256 Gigabytes of internal storage and the advanced one offering 512 Gigabytes of storage space.

Hence, customers are to expect the most expensive model of the 10T series to have 16 Gigabytes of RAM and 512 Gigabytes of internal storage. As usual, the memory standards of the phones will be a LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 type.

Expected Specs OnePlus 10T

10T 1160x653 - OnePlus 10T Set To Become The Company's First Smartphone With 16 GB Of Storage

Although phones with 16 GB of RAM are not totally new in the mobile industry, they are usually featured in mobile phones for gaming. The OnePlus 10T will be one of the first smartphones aimed at “ordinary consumers” to have such a large amount of RAM, making it an industry pioneer.

The phone will also feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC processor in addition to the RAM that will be included. It is reported to consist of a 6.7-inch AMOLED display capable of Full HD+ Resolution and will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. A battery with a capacity of 4,800 mAh and a rapid charging capability of 150 W will provide power for the gadget.

Recent rumors indicate that OnePlus will release not one but two smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC; one for its local market in China and the other for its international market . They will be almost identical in all aspect but for the camera system. However, it seems that the base model of the OnePlus 10T will come with a more straightforward camera configuration consisting of a primary camera with 50 megapixels, an ultrawide camera with 16 megapixels, and a depth camera with 2 megapixels. The front-facing camera on the gadget will have a resolution of 32 megapixels.

On the other hand, the Chinese editions may have inferior capabilities, with an ultrawide camera of just 8 megapixels and a selfie camera of only 16 megapixels.

There is currently no specific information on when the OnePlus 10T will be released although we anticipate that the company should provide an update towards the end of July or in early August. Information about the pricing of the phone also remains unknown.

Don’t worry; we will update you as soon as we have more details about the phone.

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