maxresdefault 2 - PES 2020 ISO FILE & PPSSPP FILE ON ANDROID


Download PES 2020 ISO FILE & PES 2020 PPSSPP File on Android by following the easy step by step guide. Finally, PES 2020 ISO file for PPSSPP is here and with many new features and enhancements this time better than before.

PES2B20202Bppsspp2Biso2Bfile2Bdownload257E2 - PES 2020 ISO FILE & PPSSPP FILE ON ANDROID

PES 2020 is without a doubt one of the most played games on Android phones. Lot of features have been updated like new finesse, dribble, improved Graphics, new players kit, and a lot of newer functionalities is now included in the latest PES 2020. PES 2020 Iso for PPSSPP is almost like a PS2 console experience. This game is sure to be a must-play game for any football fan.


Every football fan would find it fascinating to play different game modes in PES 2020 ISO FILE. The following are some of the game modes.

download2Bpes2B20202Biso257E2 - PES 2020 ISO FILE & PPSSPP FILE ON ANDROID

The mobile update on PES 2020 is a tremendous step toward achieving the PES team’s goal of providing fans with an uninterrupted competitive soccer simulation.

Exhibition Mode:

Here you can select any club and play against your opponent by creating your own formation, tactics and choose your captain and other features all included.


All tournaments are included in this PES 2020 ISO file. Though Champions league is not an official thing in PES but our modders have included it just for you to enjoy. Other tournaments include Spanish, English, Italia, Germany and so on.

UEFA Champions League (UCL)

Like I’ve said earlier, champions league is not an official thing in PES and the official FIFA has withdrawn the license from PES due to so many factors. However, our modders have included it so that you can enjoy it.

You can choose any EU club and get the chance to win the trophy.

FIFA World Cup

You can choose any country of your choice and get a chance to win the world cup trophy. You can also compete for a high goal scorer.

Europa Champions League (EUL)

This is also part of the Champions League tournament but a second-tier competition of European club football, ranking below the UEFA Champions League.

Other Tournaments include the English Premier League, Spanish, Serie A, Frech League 1 and Bundesliga.

Training Mode:

This mode is only meant for you to improve your playing skills such as dribbling, marking, sliding, free-kick, penalty shootout, passing, and shooting.

Become a Legend:

In this mode, you can create a custom player or choose an existing player like Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar and chase their career by training them and playing with them.

Master League:

This mode is all about managing a club. You are a manager and you choose a club to manage and play with them to GLORY. You can manage the team substitution, formation, strategy, etc and most importantly buy or sell players.


maxresdefault - PES 2020 ISO FILE & PPSSPP FILE ON ANDROID
  • All Features of PES 19 ISO.
  • The graphics are super good and clean.
  • UEFA Champions League, Europa Champions league and all other major leagues.
  • Latest 2019/2020 football season and team kits
  • Super Realistic player data and ratings.
  • Improved display radar, score display, weather conditions, time, etc
  • Realistic match commentary with Jim Beglin and John Champion’s English
  • Updated faces, hairstyle, tattoos, shoes, etc of all players
  • Realistic stadium atmospheric sounds and sporty background music while setting up your team or game.
  • Different ball types to choose from
  • Official world cup kits and logos
  • Real player names on Jersey
  • Improves game controls.
  • New Soundtracks


  • Android 4.1 and above
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 700 MB of free internal storage
File Information
ISO File Size:670.65 MB
Data File Size:241.54 MB
PPSSPP App Size:13.1 MB
Mode:Single or Multiplayer

HOW TO INSTALL PES 2020 PPSSPP ISO (Regular and PS4 Camera)

You have to download the following apps and/or files first.

Now that you have downloaded all the necessary apps and files, follow this easy step by step guide on how to install PES 20 ISO File.

#1 Step: Enable installation from unknown sources by going to settings > Security.

#2 Step: Locate the downloaded files and extract them using ZArchiver to a folder you can easily locate.

#3 Step: Install the PPSSPP Apk app.

#4 Step: Now open the PPSSPP app and click on the open ISO file and locate the ISO file you’ve extracted earlier.

The above Saved-data you downloaded earlier contains all the latest transfers. Move the file to the saved data folder.


To me, the core concept of PPSSPP gaming on Andriod devices is very good and nice in terms of graphics but in terms of controls, you just have to manage and get used to it. In line with this, the latest PES 2020 will reinforce the focus of the PES series in order to provide fans around the world with fun and creative ways to compete with each other.

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