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Picka Mod Apk is a ‘visual novel’ (or, to be more precise, a ‘Otome’) game. You play a young girl who uses a secret messaging app to communicate with a variety of characters. Give your character a name and begin interacting with him or her!

With the exception of the interface, which precisely replicates a messaging app, Picka Mod Apk’s gameplay is very similar to other games in the genre. You can start chats, exchange text messages with the various characters, and receive notifications when a character messages you, much like in a real messaging app. When answering, you’ll usually have two or three options, but choose well because your choices will affect your protagonist’s fate.

Almost the bulk of the action takes place in Picka Mod Apk’s chat rooms, where the messages you send have a direct impact on the plot. You can send private messages to all of the characters in addition to joining the main chat room conversation. Although private messages aren’t usually used to advance the main story, they can reveal some interesting details about the game and each character’s past.

One of the best ‘otome’ games available on Android is Picka Mod Apk. Not only does the game have a smartphone-friendly UI and plot, but it also has a diverse cast of interesting personalities to speak with and stunning graphics. But Picka Mod Apk is more than just text chats; it also has an image gallery where you can view photos of scenes you unlock as you progress through the game.

Description of Picka

Picka Mod Apk is a visual novel created by Plain Bagel Inc., the same studio that created Skippy ( English language-learning app). It is currently only accessible on Android and iOS. Picka like many other mobile games, is free to play with optional microtransactions. This can be irritating in certain games, but I didn’t spend any money on it and was still able to enjoy it without issue. You can always gain in-game currency by simply playing the game, and the devs are particularly generous with extra money as recompense for the servers being down for maintenance and such.

Since Midnight Cinderella, I haven’t played a truly wonderful Otome game like this. The intertwined stories and overarching plot are both sophisticated and engaging. The plot is significantly more complex than it appears at first glance, with unexpected twists and mysteries.

Each character has a distinct personality with a balance of good and bad attributes; you’ll like and dislike something about each of them.

The gameplay is one-of-a-kind and really realistic. The first time I downloaded the app, I removed it since the realism freaked me out.

This is a good game to play if you enjoy collecting in Otome games. By completing the character storylines and endings, you can unlock a collection menu with character photos, visitors, and after endings.

If you’re an Otome enthusiast who hasn’t yet played this game, I strongly advise you to do so.

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Playing the Game

The characters are well-developed and likable, and the romances are a good balance of drama and fun. The convoluted past histories and friendships offer a good layer of complexity, and the talks feel like a genuine group of pals. It’s also fairly humorous in sections. The art is lovely, the voice acting is excellent, the translation is flawless, and the music was alright until I grew tired of it and turned it off, hehe.

It’s a freemium game featuring in-game cash that you can earn by grinding for points or paying real money or simply download picka mod apk unlimited gold and battery. Characters/batteries/etc. range in price from completely free to rather costly, however, you can have a pleasant game experience without spending any money or using the modded version. I ended up downloading picka mod apk unlimited gold and battery for the perfect ending I wanted.

One thing I dont like with the type of game is the real-time feature which is incredibly frustrating, as is remembering to check the game at the appropriate moments. I’d much prefer playing a game at my own pace.

There are four main elements to the game. You’ll have to keep up with the chat room, react to guest emails, and exchange private messages and phone calls with the other members. Depending on the ending you choose, the game takes place over the length of thirty real-life days or less.

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Picka: Chat

unnamed 6 - Picka Mod Apk V0.3.17 (Unlimited Gold and Battery) Latest version

The story of the game is driven by the chat room. New chat rooms appear at scheduled periods throughout the day, but they feel random unless you search them up. You can purchase batteries to join chats that aren’t previously scheduled, which is essential in chats where your selected suitor is present. You can even earn extra batteries to use later based on your responses.

When you join a chat, you’ll have the option of responding to the characters in the discussion using multiple-choice options. A colorful heart will appear on the screen when you select an answer to indicate who you earned the relationship point. However, not every response earns you a point.

You will shatter a heart at some point — hopefully not your suitor’s. Inevitably, you’ll have to choose one person over the other in a conversation, which will have a detrimental impact on your connection. Also, if you’re not careful, a reaction in one-on-one chats could entirely destroy your connection. If you want a happy ending, stay away from these heartbreaks.

Cut scenes based on the plot are interlaced with the talks, and the more you get into a suitor’s story, the more you’ll witness. Some of these cutscenes allow you to respond with multiple-choice options as well as the possibility to add more friendship points.

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Picka: Email

One of the characters will suggest a visit to invite your permission during the discussions. Depending on your plot, the guests will change. The prospective guest will send you an email if you accept. Each email concludes with a multiple-choice trivia question on his or her profession, which you must answer. This will happen three times for each guest.

The guest will not attend the party if you get the first question wrong. One correct answer indicates a low likelihood of the guest arriving, whereas two correct answers indicate a high likelihood of the guest arriving. The guest will attend the party if you successfully answer all three questions. It’s critical to remember

Messages on Picka

The characters will occasionally send you private messages. You may have the ability to react with multiple-choice selections, similar to the chat tool. Positive connection points will accrue if you respond correctly.

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Mechanics of the Game

Picka is unique in that it is primarily conducted through chat logs and in real time. There could be one chat at 8:00 a.m. and another at 10:00 a.m., for example. If you’re online between 8 and 10, you’ll be able to participate in the 8:00 conversation and choose dialogue alternatives. If you don’t log on until after ten o’clock, you won’t be able to engage in the 8:00 conversation; instead, you’ll watch a brief discussion the characters had without you, and then you’ll be allowed to participate in the 10:00 chat.

I’ve discussed this with a few folks who felt these mechanics sounded daunting and were concerned that they’d miss out on too much of the tale if they couldn’t check it on a regular basis. But I never had the impression that this was the case. It was common for me to merely participate in 25-50 percent of the accessible discussions on any given day, and it never slowed me down. You can also use gold to unlock participation in talks that you may have missed if they appear to be significant.

Throughout the game, you’ll be exchanging brief emails with minor individuals and attempting to choose the best options to persuade them to attend an event at the end of each path. While I’ve heard that not having enough people at an event might lead to a terrible outcome, it’s not something I’m concerned about because there are so many different prospective guests to choose from.

After a while, I became tired of the real-time mechanics and preferred to read at my own leisure. I’ve enjoyed other VNs and games with real-time components, such as Hate Plus, but Picka Mod Apk is so long that it becomes tedious after a while. Overall, I had a great time with the VN.

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Download Picka Mod Apk Unlimited Gold

MOD APK File Size:23 MB
Android Version5.0+
Developers:Plain Bagel Inc.
Updated Date:26th September 2022

You can easily download Picka Mod Apk Unlimited Gold and battery from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Picka Mod Apk Info

  • Picka Mod Apk unlimited gold and battery is not yet available.
  • NO MOD


There are many enjoyable games available today that you can play whenever you want. There are a plethora of fantastic games to pick from right now if you enjoy playing them.

You can play any game you choose, ranging from riddles to action to adventure. If you like otome games, though, you may get Picka Mod Apk right now and enjoy.

Picka is a fantastic game that you can download if you enjoy playing amazing games. You can have a lot of fun with this one because there are a lot of chapters to unlock. Each chapter contains a new narrative that you can read at your leisure.

This game includes a modern and beautiful chat simulation. Unlike other games that focus on 3D graphics, it doesn’t have a lot of visuals. The trendy style and colors may be found here.

This game is realistic and enjoyable, so you’ll have a good time. You’ll take part in a 30-day dating experiment and have a blast because you get to choose who you date!

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