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Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

PikaShow Mod Apk is an app that comes in very handy if you don’t have money to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime. PikaShow puts together a range of movies across Bollywood and Hollywood. You can watch almost all of the latest and old Hollywood or Nollywood movies for free. 

In this app, you can easily find a wide variety of movies divided into two broad groups: Bollywood and Hollywood. If you are after the latest Indian movies, then you choose Bollywood and search for the movie you are looking for. You can either stream the movie via the app’s optimized player or simply click on the “Download button” to save it on your device.   

This is your app if you are a movie buff and dont wanna spend a dime. We have included the direct download link below or you can continue reading Pikashow features and description.

Description of Pikashow

Like I said earlier, if you are a movie buff and can’t pay for Netflix or Amazon Prime then Pikashow is a good alternative to watch your favorite movie for free. Pikashow is a very popular free streaming app in India, and it is currently not available in Google Playstore, so you have to download it in 3rd party sites like Naijatechspot.

If you really want to have access to a huge Hollywood or Bollywood movie database for free, then download and install Pikashow Mod Apk right now. Pikashow is as common as Hotstar Mod Apk and I easily recommend it to people that don’t have money to subscribe to Hotstar, SonyLiv, or Netflix but want to stream and download the latest Bollywood movie.

Don’t be mistaken to think that this app is an inferior app because of its name. Trust me, there are thousands of movies here to watch. You’d be amazed to see the number of movies in their catalog.

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Features of Pikashow

Pikashow Mod Apk offers a large number of cricket matches for free to its users, as well as all necessary information for the match you are watching or planning to watch.
Besides that, many aspects of the app have grown, including more new movies, television shows, TV series, and live television all for free!

This app is new to the live streaming market and provides free access to the majority of the paid content. Pikashow is a movie app that allows you to watch and enjoy your favorite films and shows. Check out some of its key features below.

Pikashow is free

Screenshot 20201206 223732 576x1024 - Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

Thi app gives you access to watch or  download your favorite movies  for free.  All you need to do is to tuen on your data connection or connect to your Wifi and start streaming your favorite movies.    

Huge collection of movies

Screenshot 20201206 223812 576x1024 - Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

I made a bunch of checks on the app while I was composing this article and I found out that this app is loaded with a huge collection of movies. I tried to search for a movie that I thought it won’t be available, turn out that I was wrong. Pikashow has a Variety of genres like Action, Romance, Drama, Thriller, comedy, and so on. I think you will find your favorite movie when you use the app in-build search.

 Download videos

Screenshot 20201206 223839 576x1024 - Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

This is a unique feature that allows you to download any movie by just tapping on the ‘Download’ button. Save all your favorite movies that you want to watch later on your device. 

In-built video player

A built-in video player is available so that you do not require an external video player. The in-built video play is very simple and optimized for streaming movies soothingly.

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Decent video quality

Video quality is the one thing that matters the most when watching a movie. Here you will get various video qualities that will automatically change as per the strength of your internet connection. If you don’t have a strong internet connection, expect the lowest video quality possible. So, get a strong internet connection if you really want to stream at 480P or 1080P

Watch the latest Bollywood movies

Screenshot 20201206 223824 576x1024 - Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

You’re going to have access to all the new Bollywood and Nollywood movies. There are two distinct sections, Bollywood and Hollywood. You now enter the section of your interest.   
In each of the sections, there is a broad catalog that contains tons of the latest movies.

Simple user interface

Screenshot 20201206 223754 576x1024 - Pikashow Mod Apk V10.6.0 (No Ads)

The app is not at all complex! It has a user-friendly interface, it is designed so that anyone can easily use this app without any problem.

Download Pikashow Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:11 MB
Android Version4.4+
Updated Date:9th June 2021

You can easily Pikashow Mod Apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

You can download Pikashow original app from this LINK

Pikashow mod apk info

  • Removed / Disabled Ads.
  • Removed Ad Block Detection.
  • Analytics / Disabled Crashlytics.

Why Pikashow Mod Apk?

Pikashow Mod Apk is a free Online Video app that allows you to watch web TV series. The interface isn’t the prettiest we’ve encountered, but it gets the job done. You can explore the list of available latest series, Hollywood or Bollywood movies by clicking on the category you’re interested in (Action, Romance, Drama, Thriller, comedy, and so on). To begin playing a movie, simply click on it.

Not all of the contents have the same quality as those in other Internet TV apps. A few of them seem to be completely unavailable. However, with such a diverse selection, you will undoubtedly find something to enjoy.


Pikashow MOD APK is a free app that will give you access to tons of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Note: Since it is a free app, the developers only get money from ads and when you download Pikashow Mod apk, the developers won’t earn anything. So, my advice is to download the original app from here and support the developers if you really want them to continue maintaining the app. You can download the Mod and enjoy it without ads but it is not helpful to the developers.

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