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If you have a passion for motorcycles and a need for speed, try Real Bike Racing Mod Apk, where you can drive real racing bikes to their maximum in thrilling races on a variety of racetracks. Be the fastest driver on the circuit by defeating even the most experienced opponents!

Controlling your motorbike is very simple: simply tilt your phone to one side or the other to turn, and utilize the gas and brake pedals in the lower right section of the screen. The tighter your motorbike turns, the more you tilt your smartphone. The circuit map, laps, and your time are also displayed at the top of the screen. Keep an eye on that data to track your speed with each lap and move ahead of your opponents!

You can select from 10 renowned motorcycles in Real Bike Racing and put them to the test on the game’s 9 different racetracks. To be the fastest driver on the track, you must be prepared to speed through every turn. To be the first to reach the finish line, draft behind the other riders but don’t let them get too far ahead of you.

In addition, there are three separate modes in this game: racing, championship, and VR mode. Simply pick your favorite to put your speed and talent to the test in insanely rapid races! Customize your bike, push it to its limits, and defeat even the toughest opponents!

Description Real Bike Racing

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Real Bike Racing is a motorcycle racing game offered by Italic Games. In this game, players take part in various motorcycle racing competitions and allowing players to experience the high-speed landscape at its fullest. 

Real bike racing is a  racing simulator game in which the player sits behind the wheel of a motorcycle and competes on various tracks with other racers. The game requires the rider to race on a motorcycle skillfully, preventing accidents with opponents, and handling track twists and turns at high speed.

This game is aspired mostly by bike riders who have often fantasized about racing on a motorcycle. So to make this fantasy come true, playing real bike racing will give gamers a top-notch experience while racing on circuits with the toughest cornering so as to beat some of the strongest opponents.

However, before you get to higher-level competitions, you must play the career mode and battle the amateur divisions. Climb on your bike of choice and continue cycling that are available in the campaign. Achieve any task by remaining at the top and receive the prizes you deserve well.

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Features Of Real Bike Racing

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Unlock Motobikes

You can unlock or buy several motorbikes, in addition to opening new tracks. You can unlock up to 10 exclusive motorbikes and use them to race. In addition, you can also check on the specifications and parameters required to match various tracks. And there is nothing cooler than racing on your dream motorbike while listening to your favorite songs and kicking some azz.

Multiple Racing Tracks

You can participate in numerous big and small tournaments in Real Bike Racing, along with loads of diverse racing tracks of various intensities. Just after you have perfected and defeated the old tracks, new racks will open up. You can unlock all the racing tracks as far as you a winning and compete in the World Championship race with top players.

Fascinating Game modes

Real Bike Racing features three game modes, depending on the player’s level and interest. Consider playing the normal racing mode if you’re not too experienced, which can help you develop driving skills. When you’ve perfected your driving abilities and want to test them, play the Tournament mode to race with players around the world, or knock outmode or time attack. Knock-out mode is more intense and any racer that arrives last in each circuit is automatically disqualified.

VR Mode

The in-game VR mode exposes players to Actual Bike Racing the thrilling and practical races too. Here, the game helps players to completely immerse themselves in the races with amazing visual encounters and to have extra fun playing their races. Make use of your Google Cardboard and appreciate the special VR races.

Realistic 3D Graphics

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First thing first, we can not disregard Real Bike Racing’s visuals. The developers are actually quite confident about how realistic the visuals are.

Real Bike Racing has a very vibrant splash screen so when you actually see the race circuit it’s just a sight to behold. The realism is absolutely fantastic. You can take a look at the clouds in a distance, they appear really genuine.

Here the visuals have been granted tremendous attention to detail for sure and big thanks to Italic Games for that as it is much appreciated. You can see how clear the roads and bikes appear. You can even view from various perspectives by clicking on the mirror.

Thanks to the amazing and convincing sound effects, gamers of Real bike racing will even consider themselves completely addicted on the racing experiences with the incredible graphics and music. With the  amazing engine sound effects you will find yourself totally thrilled. 

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Download Real Bike Racing Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:20 MB
Android Version4.0 +
Publishers:Italic Games
Updated Date:15th September 2022

You can easily download Real Bike Racing Mod Apk unlimited money and gold from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Real Bike Racing Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Money and gold
  • Fully unlocked


Real Bike Racing mod apk is a fascinating racing game that brings moto racing game to the next level especially when you shift to high gear at breakneck speeds while making risky, close turns to the finish line in a heated race to win the trophy, but have you got the skills to be a grandmaster?

Everything about motorcycle racing games is great and this can be attested by thousands of racing gamers. nIf it’s and realistic 3D graphics of a racing game, then people would play it.

Enjoy the stunning graphics and sound.

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