redmi lcd 1390x1024 - Redmi Note 11T Pro May Be The Last Xiaomi To Use LCD Screen

Redmi Note 11T Pro May Be The Last Xiaomi To Use LCD Screen

redmi lcd re - Redmi Note 11T Pro May Be The Last Xiaomi To Use LCD Screen

Each year, a series of Xiaomi models are released to the digital market with LCDs screen. However, due to the recent attraction of mobile users to the latest smartphones with OLED displays, Xiaomi is also contemplating stopping the installation of LCD screens in its devices.

Since most of the latest phones in the digital market now feature OLED display screen including mid-range and low-end smartphones, Xiaomi is expected to be swift with this move.

According to research, the brand is considering the LCD screen feature in its next release of upcoming products. This was based on the social media post of Zhang Yu, who is the Executive of the Xiaomi Group. He also stated that the Redmi Note 11T may be the last phone that will utilize the LCD screen display feature.

Nonetheless, the update news did not bring smile to the faces of most people who crave Xiaomi products. It appears that these Xiaomi lovers believe that the brand’s smartphones are better off with the LCD screens and preferred the brand staying with them.

However, we think this might not be the case since LCD screen cannot be compared to OLED screens that offer more graphics quality and functionalities.

Without a doubt, smartphones with OLED displays when released are usually very expensive which the reason many Xiaomi customers are worried that that the upcoming Xiaomi phones will be on the pricey side.

Redmi Note Series is anticipated to be the first mobiles from Xiaomi to operate on OLED screens when they are released later this year or next year.

Why The OLED Technology Is Not Compatible With LCD Screens?

According to Lu Weibing, the General Manager of the Redmi brand, the configuring of the OLED and LCD technologies are not the same since some OLED codes cannot be translated to LCD supported ones. This is why most digital industries use OLED screens when manufacturing products with OLED technologies and not LCDs.

This further confirms the post of, Zhang Yu’s that the LCD screen feature will not continue on the Redmi Note Series, and the LCD screen feature will not appear on any Xiaomi device after the Note 11T Pro series.

If you can recall,  Redmi has a customized LCD screen display (DisplayMate A+ certification) and was used in the Redmi Note 11T Pro. For analysis’ sake, the Redmi Note 11T Pro has one of the best LCD displays any smartphone ever had. It is sad to see that such an amazing technology will not be seen by the company anymore.

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