Samsung announces mass production of UFS 4.0 flash memory

This month, Samsung will begin mass production of its first UFS 4.0 flash storage for mobile devices and Xiaomi 13 will receive first!
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Samsung’s UFS 4.0 storage, first announced in May of this year, is set to go into full production this month. The new and quicker flash memory standard is expected to be included in a slew of goods, including the Korean conglomerate’s premium mobile portfolio for 2023.

Samsung’s UFS 4.0 doubles the bandwidth of UFS 3.1 while using half the energy.
Samsung presented some updates to its different plans during its Flash Memory Summit 2022, including the start of mass manufacturing of UFS 4.0 storage. This new, more efficient standard of flash memory chips, according to the company, will be utilized in a number of goods, as indicated below.

Just in case you dont know, Samsung’s first UFS 4.0 mobile storage was developed in May. The new UFS 4.0 will be a vital component in flagship devices that require huge volumes of data processing for features like high-resolution photos and graphics-heavy mobile games and will be used in mobile, VR, and AR in the future.

image 7 - Samsung announces mass production of UFS 4.0 flash memory

When you hear “UFS 4.0” your first thought is that it will be found only in future smartphones. Even though Samsung has not directly stated which products would include UFS 4.0 storage, it is more than likely that they will appear in the Galaxy S23 series, which might ship next year.

With mass production beginning this month, it is reasonable to expect UFS 4.0 flash memory to be present in the next iPhone 14 line. Unfortunately, because Apple relies on NVMe storage, it is unlikely that Samsung’s latest storage technology will be used in iPhones. To summarize, UFS 4.0 employs Samsung’s Gen 7 V-NAND memory and proprietary controller to provide sequential read and write speeds of up to 4,200MB/s and 2,800MB/s, respectively.

Furthermore, UFS 4.0 allows up to 23.2Gbps per lane, which is double the amount supported by the UFS 3.1 standard. Assume that increasing performance and memory bandwidth was not a priority. In such a case, you should be aware that the new standard delivers a 46 percent boost in power efficiency in sequential read rates over the previous generation.

Because the new UFS 4.0 storage can support up to 1TB of storage, more premium smartphones will come with higher onboard memory versions.

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