Samsung Galaxy A04s - Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G Price In India Leaked

Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G Price In India Leaked

Samsung Galaxy A04s real - Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G Price In India Leaked

Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G smartphone has been leaked in India. According to reports, the 5G-ready phone will be reasonably priced and it is reportedly on its way to India. However, there are currently little data available about the device’s official release date.

It should be noted that a credible source which is known as OnLeaks provided the digital market with a sneak peek at a few renderings of the Samsung Galaxy A04s in April. According to this source, the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G in India has now been revealed online and the cost of the new 5G phone has been clarified by the 91mobiles

There are also some claims that testing of this stated mobile device has begun in India. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy A04s 5G India debut may be approaching sooner that we expect.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy A04S 5G in India

In the upcoming weeks, Samsung might be getting ready to introduce the stated Galaxy A04s, a new entry-level 5G phone. Also, there is possibility that it may provide a Samsung Galaxy A04s 4G model. Additionally, the 4G and 5G versions will be built in India and the compay will also export the products to international markets as usual.

The 5G and 4G versions of the Galaxy A04s may also be introduced in India around August or September. The commercial rollout of 5G networks in the nation is most likely to begin at this time.

Samsung Galaxy A04’s 5G Design

As for the phone’s design, the Galaxy A04s’s back panel will be made of polycarbonate and packed with three cameras as well. Likewise, a fingerprint scanner will be located on the side edge.

The Samsung A04s will have a LCD display up front., a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB Type-C connector, all of whom are anticipated to be included in the phone. The 4G-capable version will be powered by an Exynos 850 SoC.

The phone is expected to cost range from 10 000 to 11 000 Indian Rupees. Unfortunately, other vital and significant specfications of this device would be kept hidden to the public before the time of its initial release.

It would be interesting to see whether Samsung’s recently released 24GBPS GDDR6 RAM will be included with the higher-end variant. Previous rumours indicate that the phone will have an LCD display and two rear-mounted cameras. We urge you to keep calm as we anticipate the official launch of the phone.  

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