Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is coming soon with an Exynos 2300 chip

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Since Qualcomm announced that its Snapdragon chips would be used in more Galaxy devices beginning in 2023, multiple reports have claimed that the Exynos 2300 has been discontinued and that Samsung will only use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones. These reports claim that Qualcomm’s announcement signaled the end of the Exynos 2300. Despite this, a recent report claims that the Exynos 2300 is still operational.

A leaker by the handle @RGcloudS claims that the 4nm Exynos 2300 chipset already exists, and that it will be used to power the Galaxy S22 FE and the Galaxy Tab S8 FE when they are released. According to reports, both gadgets will be showcased for the first time at the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 – Part 2 event. It has been rumored that the Galaxy S22 FE will take the place of the Galaxy A74, which was canceled recently.

After a Galaxy S21 FE that arrived much too late after repeated delays, but most of all at a price that was far too expensive, everything hinted that Samsung had finally decided to terminate this series of smartphones. The Galaxy S21 FE was released at a price that was much too high. There are various speculations that suggest Samsung has made the decision to stop producing the Galaxy S22 FE. As a result of the accomplishments of the A series as well as the dependability of the primary S22 series.

At the beginning of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was singled out for the most criticism. because of its peculiar positioning between the Galaxy A73 5G and the standard Galaxy S21. The gradual drops in price, on the other hand, caused many Samsung fans to abandon the Galaxy S21 FE in favor of the A73 5G and standard Galaxy S21.

It has been rumored that Samsung will not release any Galaxy A54 devices this year, which would make the Galaxy S22 FE the perfect device to place between the Galaxy A54 and the standard Galaxy S22. When it is released, the Galaxy S22 FE would be Samsung’s high-end smartphone at the lowest price point. And far more efficient than the Galaxy A54.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE expected specs

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According to rumors, the Galaxy S22 FE will have a camera with 108 megapixels ISOCELL HM6 sensors and will be priced comparable to the Galaxy A73 5G. When compared to the primary camera sensor that is found on the Galaxy S21 FE, which only has 12 megapixels, this is a significant upgrade. If we’re lucky, the device will also come equipped with a specialized telephoto camera.

The chipset that will be used in the Galaxy S22 FE is without a doubt the most interesting piece of information to emerge from the leak. The information obtained from the leaker suggests that the smartphone will be driven by a chip known as the Exynos 2300, which had been planned to be used in the Galaxy S23. On the other hand, as you are probably already aware, the Korean business has decided to work only with Qualcomm for the devices that it will be releasing on February 1st, as this was their only available option.

As a result, the performance of Samsung’s chipset will be inferior to that of other high-end smartphones equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. However, it can offer the benefit of having a lower overall construction cost. Which could contribute to a decrease in the price of smartphones. As a result, it would be an excellent fit for the Galaxy S22 FE. This has an affordable price as one of the key selling aspects in its favor.

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