Samsung Repair Mode Enables Users To Hide Personal Data During Repairs

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Samsung has been offering numerous apps and features that will benefit its users by providing a positive user experience. Repair Mode is one of the most recent features released by the company. As the name implies, Samsung Repair Mode allows users to keep their data safe while their devices are repaired by a technician.

This functionality will address concerns about unwanted data access in the absence of users when the device is being serviced. Let’s go into the specifics of the Samsung Repair Mode feature right now.

How does Repair Mode work?

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Users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be able to activate the Repair Mode feature before bringing their smartphone to a service facility to be fixed. Once enabled, they will be able to hide specific material on the device, such as papers, images, videos, and other items.

The device will restart when users select the data they want to conceal from the technician at the service center. When the device reboots, it will only display the data that the users have authorized the technician to see. The technician at the service center will be unable to view the data that the users have hidden, freeing them from privacy concerns.

When users return their device from repair, they can stop Repair Mode by providing their password or fingerprint. They can now access all of the files and data stored on the device. The feature is only available to Samsung Galaxy S21 users in South Korea. Don’t worry, Samsung will gradually push out the capability to all users in worldwide markets.

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