Samsung to highlight its innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) at RSNA 2022

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Through best-in-class AI technologies, Samsung has practically implemented an idea that will result in the introduction of new services in the medical sector. Some of the modalities discovered at RSNA 2022 include ultrasound, digital radiography, and mobile computed tomography.

As time passes, Samsung improves its technologies in response to major expectations and needs. As a result, Samsung will reveal its new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The Radiological Society of North America has some such enclosed diagnostic solutions in ultrasound, digital radiography (DR), and mobile computed tomography (CT) (RSNA). The 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting will be held from November 27 to December 2.

During the conference, Samsung highlighted 2022 accomplishments that worked to make the world a healthier place by empowering clinicians to confidently diagnose their patients. When developing new products, the company remained committed to understanding the critical clinical needs that elevate the customer experience.

During the conference, Samsung will present a very detailed discussion of the words that mean the latest technologies and novel innovations.

image 10 - Samsung to highlight its innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) at RSNA 2022


Samsung will demonstrate leading product updates at the event, including the V7 ultrasound system, a new endocavity transducer, and new real-time on-device AI solutions.

HeartAssistTM, a new on-device AI solution for the ultrasound that can improve diagnosis and examination, will be on display. It is a deep learning-based function that finds the cross-section of the heart and measures the various points required for an accurate diagnosis. Because fewer keystrokes are required, the automated nature allows for a more streamlined workflow. This feature is available on the V8 and V7 ultrasound systems.

Samsung also recently released the new V7 ultrasound system, which offers a wide range of clinical applications, including on-device Intelligent Assist features like BiometryAssistTM and UterineAssistTM, which improve both the patient and user experience.

Radiography using digital technology

Samsung will also be displaying its premium digital radiography solutions, such as the new “Vision Assist” solution and the AccE Glass Free Detector.

The AccE GC85A Vision2 premium ceiling digital radiography system with “Vision Assist” improves patient care and workflow efficiency while providing advanced low-dose imaging. The AccE GC85A Vision, in particular, focuses on new ways to increase efficiencies so that healthcare professionals can streamline without sacrificing quality.

CT (Computerized Tomography)

The OmniTom® Elite with Photon Counting Detector (PCD) technology and BodyTom® 64 are also on display at RSNA.

Cutting-edge technology OmniTom® Elite can provide versatile, real-time mobile imaging to provide point-of-care CT to critical patients without requiring them to be transported to a separate imaging department. The addition of PCD technology allows the system to capture CT data in multiple energy bands. Multiple sets of CT data are acquired concurrently with configurable energy thresholds and no cross-talk between images. The PCD system7 combines multi-energy CT with spectral capabilities for material decomposition, virtual monoenergetic images (VMI), and soft tissue identification.

The BodyTom® 64 CT scanner is an upgraded version of the BodyTom® Elite CT scanner that offers enhanced functionality and high-resolution imaging capabilities. The head-to-toe trauma imaging solution has undergone revisions based on customer feedback, and it is indicated for both pediatric and adult imaging, as well as low-dose lung cancer screening. The BodyTom® 64 is a multi-departmental imaging solution that can be used in neurosurgery, interventional radiology, brachytherapy, trauma, and medical examinations, among other applications.

Environmental, social, and governance concerns

Samsung not only focuses on improving diagnostic solutions and technologies, but it also contributes to environmental protection by developing eco-friendly packages as part of its environmental, social, and governance management.

Expanded Polyethylene foam (EPE) foams that were previously used in ultrasound packages were replaced with recycled papers, resulting in a 15-ton reduction in EPE foams by 2022. Samsung’s goal is to use “zero” EPE foams by 2023. Furthermore, polyurethane materials used for transducer packages are being replaced with recycled paper, with the goal of reducing polyurethane usage to 8 tons.

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