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Shop Titans Mod Apk is a management and strategic game in which you must run a business that caters to heroes. What do heroes purchase, precisely? Swords, armor kits, boots, boots gloves, and other accessories for war.

In Shop Titans, the first thing you must do is build your own avatar. You can make it as unique as you want. Choose from a variety of haircuts, faces, heights, weights, and other characteristics. You can start building and managing your store once you’re satisfied with your character’s appearance. For example, you can arrange each of your store’s merchandise exactly where you want them.

You’ll almost always have customers in your store. Each of them will ask for specific items, such as swords and armors. You’ll make more money if you sell more products. The more money you earn, the more you can upgrade your store, unlock new items, and keep a constant pace of growth.

Shop Titans is a fantastic management game that allows you to run a lovely 3D medieval-themed shop. You’ll gradually become the greatest option for heroes from all around the world, owing to your hard work.

Description of Shop Titans

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Shop Titans: Epic Idle Crafter, Build & Trade RPG is a simulation game offered by Kabam Games, Inc. It is basically a game that focuses on creating and selling weapons to heroes.

At first, you’re just a new blacksmith in town that is surrounded by fearsome monsters and the Heroes are fighting them before the monsters’ immense strength.

However, these heroes need valuable combat gear. You will create a store with equipment such as weapons, armor, medicine, etc., and supply your heroes so that they can defend the town effectively.

Shop Titans Mod Apk is an amazing game with a unique concept that transforms the conventional RPG game we know. Instead of being a hero and saving the world as you normally do in RPG games, here, it is entirely different as players only craft and supply weapons to heroes which in turn they save the world.

Just like I mentioned earlier, you’ll have your own shop from huge swords and mystical starves to armor and wizard’s robes, and you’ll want to load up for anything an explorer would require.

This game is more of a business game but in a very interesting way. Check out the description below or scroll down and download the Mod.

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Create & customize your character

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The first thing to do is to create your shopkeeper character by picking a gender and customize your own shopkeeper, choose the skin, eye, and hair color you like, and pick your desired clothes. Once done, you are then welcomed by the Elder, Owen, who introduces you to the game’s basic mechanics such as placing shelves, putting up decoration, ordering stuff to stock, and finally selling it to profit.

Eventually enough you’ll find yourself selling things as easily as you can collect them, so that’s where the game’s second obstacle pops up: you’ve got to search for new products. The way this works is to make a certain number of items, and once you do it successfully, you will unlock a new item.

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Build & customize your shop

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Firstly you start by creating your own small shop from scratch. Make sure it is nicely decorated to draw buyers. You must then build some awesome weapons and armor, and trade them to get the company started.

Most importantly, design your shop well so that you attract more customers. Regardless of how fine the things you sell inside, a frustrating appearance will deter buyers even from opening the front door. Shop Titans: Design & Trade is no exception and the visual aspect of your shop should be given proper attention.

In addition, interior design is also a critical factor in making your shop prosper. Holding everything ordered and compact is an important task.  However, it’s unfortunate that you won’t be able to rearrange things afterward without destroying the previous design.

Take your business seriously

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Actually, you don’t have to craft the items with your own hands, other town merchants will take care of that for you. All you need to do is give them the necessary money. You can also opt to invest in your own personal stores to earn different bonuses and benefits. As this increases the manufacturing times by a wide amount, which in effect ensures you have more things to offer, it is worth doing it too.

Besides trying to make as much money as you can, you can hire heroes to be a part of your own and explore the world.  Again, this is something you’re going to want to do because the benefits are huge: You can find rare items throughout your adventures that can be used to make some extremely powerful things

Consider how much stamina you have to keep up with the trade once you have your business up and running. When you talk to customers and when you hike up the price of your goods, you’ll lose stamina. By discounting products, you can gain stamina but you will lose income.

Join your friends in creating a busy and prosperous community. Including the heroes who defend your town, you will even engage in the stories of secret lands that were never found. Build the city into an enormous and successful empire.

Shop Titans’ graphics & sound are good

Shopkeeper Quest - Shop Titans Mod Apk V10.3.1 (Unlimited Money & Diamond)

Graphics and audio effects are important for the gaming experience of an RPG game. This game certainly handles these areas really well and I liked the graphics and sound of the game right the moment I opened the game.  It is a 3D game and  I can clearly see the detail of objects and characters.

Sound effects are simple, and the sounds function while you communicate with objects like most other crafting games. They’re not that special anyway and the music is actually the most impressive thing about audio. It’s a lovely tune.

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Features Of Shop Titans

  • BE A Master Storekeeper!
  • CREATE your own fantasy shop and customize it … In a 3D version!
  • TEAM UP with your friends and create a flourishing community!
  • RECRUIT and tailor your own heroes, each with their own abilities and equipment!
  • Trading with players from around the world is made simple!  
  • BATTLE bosses and CONQUER mysterious dungeons for rare loot acquisitions!

Download Shop Titans Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:700 MB
Android Version5 +
Developers:Kabam Games, Inc.
Updated Date:9th September 2022

You can easily download Shop Titans Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Shop Titans Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds


Don’t get Shop Titan Mod Apk as a twisted game because I said earlier that it is more of a business simulation game. NO, it is not only about business.

But rather it still has monster-fighting scenes. Although, it is not you that fight, rather it is the heroic characters.

Your goal is to build strong weapons and sell them to heroes. The more you make powerful weapons and supply them to heroes the more they win all the fights or otherwise.

In addition to supplying weapons, you are also required to become the world’s greatest arms-producer.

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