Sony is set to launch PS 5 with FIFA 23 Bundle

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According to reports, Sony is getting ready to announce its new PlayStation 5 Bundle, which will include the recently unveiled video game, FIFA 23, whose release is set to be 27 September 2022

This would be consistent with the business’s custom of releasing a FIFA bundle after the release of the most recent FIFA video game installment. A noteworthy addition in the forthcoming version of this bundle will be the addition of a second DualSense controller along with FIFA 23 and the PS5 (both in digital and disc versions). In case you weren’t aware, the Japanese electronics giant often ships the PS5 with just one controller.

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However, the new bundle will come with two controllers already configured. This also makes a lot of sense given that FIFA is a co-op game that is frequently played on the same gaming system with friends. The actual cost of the Sony PlayStation 5 FIFA 23 package is still unknown as of right now. Its availability information is also imprecise, and it’s unclear whether the company will introduce the bundle in countries like Nigeria.

According to the report, the new FIFA 23 bundle for the PS5 will probably debut around the time of the game’s release, which is scheduled for September 27, 2022.

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