Sony Will Not Announce New TVs at CES 2023

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Sony has confirmed that it will not be unveiling the 2023 TV line-up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Instead, the new televisions will be introduced to the public at a separate event that will take place later on in the spring.

The following statement, given by Sony, was provided to The Verge:

Sony will not be sharing any TV details during CES 2023. However, please stay tuned for an upcoming announcement coming soon.

Additionally, Sony noted that the launch timing was determined based on a number of different criteria and that the company was excited to provide new technology to customers this year. This gives the impression that they already have plans in place for the year 2023.

implies that they have plenty of time to announce new television launches. They could simply be concentrating on bringing attention to other Sony products, such as the PSVR2.

Beyond just their TV lineups, Sony has a lot more to offer their customers. For instance, the company has been making a lot of noise about its newest product, the PSVR2, which is almost ready to be distributed. Customers can already place preorders, and the price for one of these is currently $549.99.

A Sense controller and a headset are included in the package that comes with a PlayStation VR2. It will make it possible for players to enjoy games in a more immersive gameplay experience with 4K visuals. The devices that come with the kit each have their own particular sensations to offer as well.

The vibrations of the headset, together with the 3D audio technology, will allow players to experience the game in a more realistic manner. Additionally, the gameplay has been improved with intelligent eye tracking, finger touch detection, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers provided by the Sense controller.

Sony, which is well-known for the quality of its displays, made sure that the PSVR2 will have an OLED display with a resolution of 2000 x 2040, which is capable of delivering 4K graphics at up to 120 frames per second. According to the information provided on their website, this demonstrates a significant advancement in comparison to their prior iteration of PlayStation VR.

Naturally, Sony could potentially make an announcement about new developments about their plan to enter the market as an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Back in March, the business made public its collaboration with Honda and its intentions to design electric vehicles.

Sony Honda Mobility, which is the name given to the collaboration, has set its sights on releasing the automobiles in the year 2026. According to CNBC, Sony will be in charge of the mobility service platform for the vehicle, while Honda will be in charge of manufacturing the vehicle in its plants.

It’s possible that this is part of Honda’s long-term plan to switch over all of its production vehicles to electric cars by the year 2040. It was inevitable that Sony would enter the electric vehicle market given the presence of so many other industry giants, such as Apple and General Motors.

It is possible that the manufacturers of PlayStation will make the most of their exposure at CES in order to better showcase their plans to secure a place in the market for electric vehicles. It’s also possible that they may reveal the finished design of their electric vehicle, the Vision-S.

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