Striking Purple Color Coming to All iPhone 14 Models

Seems like the new purple color will be the star color of the Upcoming iPhone 14
Apple iphone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max concept renderings drdNBC 800x497 - Striking Purple Color Coming to All iPhone 14 Models

When releasing new iPhone models in recent years, Apple has included eye-catching color selections as well as more neutral tones. The basic iPhone lineup usually comes in a rather big variety of colors. Apple often launches a single all-new color alongside its traditional Graphite or Space Gray, Silver, and Gold colors for its “Pro” models. This included Midnight Green, Pacific Blue, and Sierra Blue for the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro, and it appears that Apple will continue to provide a single outstanding color this year: Purple.

Unlike prior years, this headline color appears to be coming to the basic iPhone 14 lineup. With the release of the Green and Alpine Green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in April of this year, Apple twinned colors across its non-Pro and Pro iPhone lineups, so giving a parallel hue across both devices would not be unique.

The purple color option for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro is supposed to be a one-of-a-kind finish that changes tone depending on lighting conditions. A purple color option for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro appears realistic given that Apple introduced a Purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in a mid-cycle refresh in April last year, and the 24-inch iMac, a sixth-generation iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPad Air are all available in Purple.

There is about a month until the new iPhones are released to the world, and with them will come the much-anticipated new features, new Chip, and, most importantly, new iOS 16 functions. However, it is usually useful to know what types of innovations are incorporated on the outside.

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Because there are no rumors indicating that the design of the iPhone will alter, we can only speculate on the colors that will be included in this edition. Thus, Jioriku, a Twitter user who has before and properly launched some rumors, claimed on Twitter that the iPhone 14 will have a new color this year: Purple.

But he doesn’t stop there; he goes on to describe the color palette from which we can select the devices:

Green, purple, blue, black, white, and red iPhone 14. The pink has been replaced with purple.

Green, purple, silver, gold, and graphite for the iPhone 14 Pro. The blue color is replaced by the current purple color.

On Twitter, he also discusses the new screen-always-on function that may come with the updated model. It functions similarly to the Apple Watch, allowing you to see precise information at all times without having to “wake up” the iPhone.

We will have to wait, as is customary with rumors because time will determine whether or not they are true. There isn’t much left.

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