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Super Chat Live Mod Apk is a video chat app that allows you to make calls. It’s also incredibly simple to use and extremely fast. You must, however, link the app to a real phone number in order to use it. You won’t be able to video chat with anyone if you don’t do so.

The Super Live Mod Apk UI is both simple and intuitive. You’ll be able to see the video that your camera is recording both from your front and back cameras on your device’s screen, along with a simple button that allows you to access hundreds of your contacts. That’s all there is to it!

You’ll be able to see someone’s image whenever they call you on Super Chat Live, but they’ll only see you if you choose to answer their call. You’ll always know who’s calling you before you start a video call this way.

Super Live is the company’s attempt to create a simple, quick, and secure video calling service. And that is just what Super Chat Live Mod Apk provides to its users.

Description Super Chat Live

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Super Chat Live Mod Apk is an easy way to stay in touch with friends who are in your contact list. When you open the app, the list of people who are online and available for a chat or call is updated. If you have some spare time, the Super Chat Live icon permits live streams from the user’s camera, which is ideal for sharing moments with friends near and far at any time.

Chat rooms are a convenient and quick way to communicate with your friends. The Super Chat Live Mod apk includes all of the basic features of most messaging apps, such as Zoom, and allows users to share emojis, status updates, videos, and images with ease. Chats can be utilized for a variety of objectives, such as providing entertainment while waiting in line at Starbucks or sharing images from your last vacation.

All you have to do to start a conversation with someone is type their name or email address into the search field and send them an invitation. By clicking the + icon at the top of the chatbox, you can add new members to your group chat. To send a photo to everyone in the group, click the image icon in the bottom-right corner.

To make a video call, click the video call button, which will open a new window. With a single click, you can easily turn off cameras or mute microphones once your call begins. During the video conversation, you can also use in-call chat to share links, photographs, and comments with everyone.

This app is designed to sync all of your chats between devices, so if you use it on a PC and an Android smartphone, Super Chat Live will update messages for you instantly. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about manually syncing your devices because this app does the majority of the work in the background with minimal data.

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A video chat app that is both versatile and free

Send a message to your friends and start a conversation with them whenever they’re not online. The ability to send messages even when someone is not online is an intriguing feature of Messages. Without having to worry about them being busy with other things, you can tap on their name, type something personal in the text field (ideal for saying hello or sending an emoji), and then hit ‘Send.’

You can snooze your notifications if you wish to respond later. This will enable you to avoid being distracted by phone calls and messages and focus on what matters right now. You can also make phone calls using your own number and your own voice. You can also keep in touch with friends and family by sending text messages or checking your voicemail.

The developers have been hard at work improving its popular chat app by adding a new feature that allows users to explore the history of chats with friends and family. All of your interactions are stored on Google Drive for quick access with a new update to the application named ‘History.’ This is a useful function if you need to recall something precise that someone said, such as a phone number or address.

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Super Live features that are simple but necessary

Super Chat Live Mod Apk is ideal for people looking for an easy way to communicate with friends and family. It’s pleasant, simple to use and understand, and it provides everything you need for communication without being overly complicated.

Super Chat Live is an excellent free choice for those who wish to video conference but don’t have the money for paid video call services. You only need a personal account to use the app, and there are no monthly payments. However, keep in mind that it is intended for personal use only, not for commercial use.

What is the video quality of Super Chat Live?

Super Chat Live Mod Apk provides a basic, but usable video call quality. However, the clarity of the sound is a touch lower than what you’d expect from competing applications like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Participants on your video calls might find it difficult to maintain clear connections. Even if you have excellent internet, the other side may not, and their sound may be distorted or delayed. This might lead to people frequently talking over each other during meetings, which can be annoying and uncomfortable.

The security of video conferencing services is a major concern these days, but Super Chat Live has you covered. The chat app includes security measures that come standard with most video call apps, such as blocking unauthorized callers from hijacking your conversation.

From your phone stay in touch

Super Chat Live is a fantastic solution for those looking for an alternative to popular apps like Skype. You can send photographs or any other file type in addition to text messages, voice or video conversations.

The primary issue you’ll have with this service is that your friends are unlikely to be utilizing it. And, while it has previously been known to be attracted to security issues, there has been no evidence of any improvement or enhancement to its encryption.

If your online safety isn’t a problem, the benefit of this app is that it’s packed with handy features like a hidden conversation mode, groups, and free stickers to use when expressing yourself. The video and voice calls on Super Chat Live Mod Apk are of excellent quality.

Stickers are available for free

Using one of the many free stickers available in the Super Chat Live app, you can quickly express yourself during a chat. With a selection like this, it might function better on a mobile device than your standard emotes.

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Download Super Chat Live Mod Apk Latest Version

MOD APK File Size:128 MB
Android Version4.0 +
Developers:Superlive LLC
Updated Date:29th August 2022

You can easily download Super Chat Live Mod Apk unlimited coins from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Super Chat Live Mod Apk Info

  • Still working on the unlimited money mod. STAY TUNED


Super Chat Live Mod Apk’s privacy concerns go beyond its security. “We may use Your Content in a number of ways as permitted by our Privacy Policy… and allowing others to do the same in connection with their own websites and media platforms,” the terms of service state.

Mobile advertising identifiers are also employed, and your data is saved on their server. Although the latter is popular across websites and search engines, it is perhaps excessive.


Super Chat Live Mod Apk is well-known for its high-definition voice and video calls. In comparison to an alternate service like Discord, the display is unrivaled.

Is Super Live Mod Apk secure?

When utilizing an online service, especially one like Super Chat Live Mod Apk, security is always a concern. The service has a bad reputation when it comes to user security, and you’re likely to put your own account information in danger when you sign up.

Super Chat Live Mod Apk is now encrypted to prevent third-party websites from accessing your information. It’s unclear whether this encryption is as strong as WhatsApp’s, but given the popularity of the alternative, it’s likely that Imo’s security isn’t as robust.

Super Chat Live’s terms of service make no mention of any encryption or account security for your voice or video calls. The software is provided “as is,” with no guarantee that it will not cause harm to your data.

Because the overall quality is superior to alternatives, this app is a good choice for all normal uses of a messaging service in your day-to-day life. Due to its lack of safety, this application should not be used for commercial or personal affairs.

There is no guarantee for your privacy because a critical flaw has gone unresolved. You’re also unlikely to convince your friends to abandon their favorite apps because the app’s original unifying feature is no longer available.


Super Chat Live Mod Apk is a comparable application to Bigo. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can send text messages and make video calls for free.

Super Chat Live allows you to send text messages, photos, video or audio chats, locations, emoticons, and tags. In fact, the app has a sticker store where you can purchase new tags to use in conversations.

Once you’ve installed the app on your device, all you need to do is give it access to your contact list, and you’ll be able to start chatting in seconds with decent audio quality and no out-of-pocket costs other than your Internet subscription.

Super Chat Live Mod Apk is a fantastic alternative among the many Android instant messaging apps. By most accounts, the audio quality during calls is quite decent.

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