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If you’ve ever played the game of poker at Situs Poker Online, then you know that it’s not just a game that can turn into a heated argument in a matter of time. There are so many emotions at the table. All players want to win and some people wait for their opponent’s chance to make a mistake.

While one of the main goals of poker is to put your opponents on edge and encourage them to make mistakes, some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. These restrictions are widely recognized as “poker etiquette,” or the unspoken set of poker rules that most players know and adhere to. Get to know about slow roll poker, this is one of the ugliest moves in the game of poker. Recommended for all players who never slow roll while playing games.

What is Slow Roll?

There are various meanings of slow roll, In summary, we can say that slow roll poker is when you believe you have a winning hand but refuse to let it go to other players. You place a bet, and your opponent raises the bet. You can be sure that you have a better hand, even if it’s not the craziest, because they don’t raise. Instead of showing hands right away, you pause and wait for them to all reveal their cards, giving them the impression that they might have a chance at winning the game.

Why is Slow Roll Bad?

Lots of people think why slow roll is a bad thing. Now many of us are confused why slow roll poker is a bad thing because the game is about fun and building a thrill is part of the game. It is perfectly acceptable if you take a big bluff and try to show it off to get a response from your opponent rather than just wasting cards. This is where you can tell them that they shouldn’t be playing if they can’t stand being bluffed.

But slow roll is completely different from those mentioned above. It’s a matter of normal respect and consideration for your rival. You know you’ve won, so torturing them by giving off the wrong signals that they will win is childish, and it just shows bad behavior. Waiting forever for a hand to show slows down the process, implying that everyone at the table has to suffer.

Is Slow Roll Legal?

Those who enjoy slow-moving others at poker will often stick with their beliefs, claiming there are no show standard guidelines against them doing so. So answering your question, there are no slow throws that don’t go against the official rules. Because there’s no set amount of time that you have to show your hand when it’s time to act. If you are competing in a new location, see the poker room manager who does not respect such behavior, and if you continue to do so despite being told you could be punished.

Live Vs Online Slow Roll Poker

Now people are curious about the difference between live vs online slowroll casino. When someone slowly goes live, it means he’s doing it on purpose. Because at a live table, one only needs to focus one hand at a time. While in online poker, people are multi-tabling, which can lead to slow throwing as attention gets shifted between tables. However, in both cases, slow roll is unacceptable.


Now you know all about the tactics adopted by professional players when playing card games. Every professional player understands the guidelines and ways of poker, that’s why they don’t play slow. And they can win the game easily.

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