The Best Android Apps for Learning how to code

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If you want to try your hand at learning a new skill in your spare time, consider learning to code. Coding isn’t the most difficult talent to master, and you can make a living at it. Almost everything you need to know about coding is available for free online. You don’t even need to spend hours in front of your computer screen if you code mobile apps.

As a programmer, I’m frequently contacted for programming guidance. I’m pleased to offer ideas and practices that helped me become a good software engineer since I feel that the tech sector always benefits from having more high-quality developers.

However, as soon as I tell them “There is enough info about anything on Youtube so check it out” they don’t seem happy and I see their enthusiasm decrease until they hit me with “I don’t have time to do that” then I know they really don’t understand what it takes to be a programmer.

I’d like to say for the record that learning programming is not about putting in the time. It’s all about being consistent. Because the industry is continuously changing and evolving, a developer who invests 30 minutes per day in learning is more adaptable and has a better chance of adjusting to new trends than a software engineer graduate who hasn’t learned a new program since graduation. Thankfully, there are numerous resources available to help you improve your coding skills on the road, like forums, Reddit discussions, and blogs.

Android apps have recently become my new favorite way of continuing to educate myself and working on practice challenges. I’ve decided to offer some of my favorite Android apps for learning software development in this article.


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sololearn 3 - The Best Android Apps for Learning how to code

SoloLearn is a popular software for learning C++, Java, Python, SQL, CSS, HTML, C#, and other programming languages, and it has the greatest variety of content for learning how to code for FREE.

Each section is divided into ‘chapters,’ with each chapter requiring you to pass a knowledge question before moving on to the next. SoloLearn emulates the finest practices of a college online course, with forums and the ability to ask questions.

In the mobile code editor, you can write and run real code, gain ideas from real-life code samples, and participate in engaging community dialogues along the way.

Users can write comments on each chapter of the SoloLearn app, and you will receive a certificate once you have completed the course.

IT hosts a forum where you can debate a variety of topics with your coworkers, as well as a code play section where you can find many programming quizzes that users can compile and perform.

Programming Hub

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Programming Hub is a top-rated app for learning programming languages, with the ability to learn up to 18 different languages, according to its creators.

Its main interface shows a choice of languages from which you can choose your favorite language to learn – it provides comprehensive courses with over 2000 programs, and you can learn at your own leisure with access to course materials no matter where you are, even while you are offline.

Programming Hub offers free interactive coding tutorials in a game-like environment for a variety of languages including HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, CSS, and more.


enki 6 - The Best Android Apps for Learning how to code

Enki is an award-winning app that offers 20+ programming languages to both beginners and experienced developers.

It organizes lessons into different levels: from beginners to experts, giving you the opportunity to learn the parts you want. It acts as your personalized learning coach where you must choose at least two topics to get started with the app – Enki organizes lessons into different levels: from beginners to experts, giving you the opportunity to learn the portions you want.

This awesome app allows you to bookmark your courses, write comments/questions, and set a reminder for your learning lessons, making the entire learning process easier for you.

Enki has a lively atmosphere where you can participate in discussions, form groups with friends or coworkers to track each other’s progress and share your favorite lessons with your selected contacts.

It is available in several languages.

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ghop good dog v2 - The Best Android Apps for Learning how to code

Grasshopper is a Google-designed coding software for beginners. The app is absolutely free to download and use, and it does a good job of introducing you to the world of coding. It doesn’t get too deeply into this area, but it does a good job of teaching you the fundamentals like functions, variables, and methods.

To advance to the next round, which is more difficult than the previous one, you must solve game-like JavaScript problems. You get immediate feedback that will help you improve your de3 the next time around. As a result, Grasshopper is an excellent coding software for students.


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Udemy is one of the most popular online course platforms for professional development.

This app has a large library with over 4000 topics ranging from coding to development to business, marketing, SEO, and design.

You can take their courses in over 65 languages and download them to learn offline; you can also create reminders for your learning plan and write notes to help you get the most out of your learning path.

There is the option of becoming more interactive with knowledge checkups through quizzes or simply contacting the instructions for extra help with tricky topics.

Udemy is another excellent platform for learning programming, with Android and iOS versions available.


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img 6259d37d81263 - The Best Android Apps for Learning how to code

Mimo allows you to choose your own pace for learning to code, or, in other words, how much time you want to commit to coding each day. The software will provide a tailored path for you to attain your goals based on your preferences and interests.

You can work on real-world projects like constructing websites and apps while studying the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, and other popular programming languages. This will allow you to put your coding skills to good use.

There are also many types of exercises, such as “identify the errors” and “assemble script pieces in the correct order.” Mimo also uses a game-like strategy to stimulate you, with streaks and awards.


Learning how to code doesn’t take much time if you’re committed. If you have an Android app that allows you to practice you can get a rapid boost of skills anywhere. The number of learning platforms available is vast. You should have no issue picking the ideal app to fuel your professional growth and development.

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