ThopTV Premium MOD APK cover - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Thop TV APK is an online streaming service that allows you to watch all types of videos completely free from various platforms. It is somewhat similar to Jio tv, Airtel tv, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, HBO, SonyLiv, ESPN, and other streaming platforms but it is totally free.

It is a free service that allows you to stream live TV channels through its IPTV and CDN in the quality and format that you want. You’ll surely find this amazing ThopTV app is absolutely important on your smartphone if you have a strong interest in watching movies and TV series. Download ThopTv apk now and enjoy it. 

Description of Thop TV APK

image 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

ThopTV Mod apk is an Android app that allows users to gain access to thousands of Tv stations and streaming services. This app is not available on Google Playstore, therefore, to enjoy the incredible features of this app, you have to download it from 3rd party websites like Naijatechspot. It is a free app that is available for access to everyone around the world. 

Apart from that, the app is filled with a lot of features that will allow you to comfortably watch non-stop movies and series. When you have the ThopTV app, nothing will stop you from streaming from a large library of TV channels, sports channels, radio channels, etc.

Note that ThopTv does not distribute or host any video content. All of the video content and Live TV channels are entirely gotten from different trusted sources like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, etc.

Features of Thop TV

There are a variety of incredible features in Thoptv mod apk that are enough to offer you the best streaming experience. Check the features below.

image 1 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Once you download Thop tv mod apk, you will have free access to a vast number of TV channels with over 5,000 different TV and radio channels from around the world. Out of these channels, more than  500 + channels are from India.

Watch movies and Tv Shows

image 4 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

You will also have access to more than 5000  movies and TV shows. Feel free to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Create & customize your favorite lists

image 3 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

You may choose to build and customize your favorite list on ThopTV to make your experience more interesting and unique. You know this app is loaded with thousands of contents and this may be tiring to find any movies or tv shows that you want to rewatch. With this option, you can select any movies, series, or even channels that you feel you will check back and rewatch later. All you need to do is to add these video contents to your favorite lists. You can create favorite lists for your favorite action, comedy, drama shows, etc separately. 

Screencast support

Thop tv mod apk supports screencast. This means that if your Android phone supports screencast, you can easily watch movies on a larger screen tv or laptop that also supports screencas.

Play Video contents with other video players

image 2 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

You can use any of your existing video player apps live MXPlayer to watch the contents of ThopTV mod apk. In order to start watching with your favorite video player, you have to go to settings and change the default video player to your preferred one that is already installed on your phone.

Watch videos in Hd

Just like in Jiotv mod apk, you can choose to watch videos either in standard definition (SD) or High definition (HD). HD provides more resolution and hence more clarity but requires more data resources.

Download movies or tv shows with Thoptv

image 5 1024x576 - Thop TV Apk V44.3.1 Download For Android (Latest Version)

Seriously, I feel like ThopTv in enough for any avid movie lover. You dont need any 3rd party movie downloading websites. With ThopTv, you can choose to download any movie or series you come across.

Lots of Categories

There are more than 500 categories available. So ThopTV will definitely entertain you no matter what your movie taste is. You can watch cartoons, action, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, thriller, etc

Watch movies with subtitles

Some movies and TV shows may not come with subtitles, however, there is an option in ThopTV that will allow you to use external subtitles for any movies or Tv shows. This means that you can use translated subtitles of your native languages. You can get any subtitles in any language when you search Google.

Thop app live cricket

Thop app is one of the places that a lot of people watch live cricket matches. The reason I separately discuss live cricket matches is because of its massive importance to Indians and it is also very popular. Like I said earlier, ThopTv provides access to tons of channels from the world including sports, it is therefore important to note that you will have access to many sports channels that stream cricket matches and you won’t be having troubles with adverts or low-quality streams like most 3rd party streaming services.

Loads of sports channels

This app will definitely pls sports lovers. You can watch all kinds of sports like football, badminton, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball., Tennis, Cricket,Table Tennis etc for free on ThopTV.

Thoptv has simple Interface

This app is user-friendly with a simple and clean interface that requires no tutorial before using it.   

Download Thop TV APK

APK File Size:15 MB
Android Version5+
Updated Date:19th January 2021

Unfortunately, ThopTV Mod Apk is not allowed, however, you can easily download the original Thoptv APK latest version from the below link and enjoy all the free features. You can also subscribe to a premium account for a very cheap price.

You can download Thop TV app from the their official website by CLICKING HERE

How to use Thop TV on PC

You can easily run the Thop Tv apk on your PC using any Android emulators like Bluestacks. Just download the app on your PC and run it.


Thop TV is one of the most popular free streaming apps on Android with millions of downloads from around the web. Many users are very comfortable using it despite its unavailability on Google Playstore. Download Thoptv apk and gain free access to thousands of movies and Tv shows. You can also watch live Sports of any kind. Enjoy it.

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