ToonMe feature image PicsArt - ToonMe Mod Apk V0.6.40 (Premium Unlocked)

ToonMe Mod Apk V0.6.40 (Premium Unlocked)

It has just become an Instagram challenge for everyone to convert their pictures into cartoons. The question is which app is the best for that? Well, with ToonMe Mod Apk, You can easily do that and therefore join the #ToonMe challenge.

ToonMe is a special AI-driven app that automatically generates incredible hand-drawn quality portraits, making it one of the best cartoon apps for all non-artists out there. Simply take a selfie from the app’s in-built camera or upload any of your pictures from your device and wait for the app to create your realistic cartoon, which can be downloaded or shared on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

If you are an avid Instagram user then you may have probably heard about the #ToonMe challenge. It’s a trend on Instagram that has been going for a while now. While it was originally targeted specifically at visual artists, you can join the trend with the ToonMe app even if you do not have any drawing skills. A range of styles within the app will certainly make you stand out. 

Description of ToonMe

mtgeme 4x - ToonMe Mod Apk V0.6.40 (Premium Unlocked)

ToonMe app is a cartoon yourself photo editor that is offered by Linerock Investments LTD. Unlike other cartoon yourself photo editors, ToonMe uses advanced Artificail Intelligence to easily dectect faces and re-draw it in to cartoon or vector style.

The ToonMe app transforms your pictures into versions of you that are Pixar-ified and cartoonish, showing you what you would look like in a cartoon and it totally looks as if some artist drew you. However, in other to enjoy these super realistic cartoonish looks with sophisticated styles, you need to subscribe to the premium version of the app.

Meanwhile, some people can’t afford to pay for the premium version and at the same time not satisfied with the 3-day free trial. Relax, we got you the ToonMe app mod apk that is unlocked with all the premium features.

Just as any other app available today, before using this app, please ensure to read the privacy policy, as well as the terms of service. Bear in mind that if you do not want to download the app, you can easily make your cartoonish pictures via their website.  

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence in ToonMe pro to seamlessly have your portrait re-drawn in cartoonish or vector form. With only a few taps, you can easily make your amazing cartoon that may take several days to make by a skilled artist.

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Features of ToonMe

Simple to Use

You are only a few taps away from making your cartoon picture once you’ve downloaded the ToonMe Pro Mod apk. To begin, just choose your photo of choice from your gallery or simply take one by using the apps’ in-built camera. Once done, you will be directed to a page for your customization to begin.

Use celebrities faces

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ToonMe is not just only about making your own photos to be cartoonish. Within the app, You can easily search for the faces of other people, you won’t have to save their pictures on your device though. There are several preset choices to choose from. Most popular celebrities and models faces are available for you to choose from and make their cartoon faces.

Full body cartoon

ToonMe is not only used for faces, you can sketch your full body with just few tabs.

Dozens of layout

565 - ToonMe Mod Apk V0.6.40 (Premium Unlocked)

There are dozens of cartoon layouts that you can use to easily Pixarfy your portrait. Upload a picture of yourself to satisfy your inner Disney dreams and let the app use its AI technology to do the work. In no time, your picture will be ready and you can choose from the variety of filters provided by ToonMe app.

Do you really like your photo to look like a sketch? Well, if yes then upload your picture and choose from different filters that will animate your picture.

ToonMe is both simple and effective

Anyone looking for a cartoon photo editor should check out ToonMe. It includes a large number of filters, a very basic user interface, and it’s completely free to use. It’s quite remarkable that it’s fully ad-free, given its capabilities. By using this app, you can join the current #ToonMe trend and show your friends what you’d look like in painting or Disney art!

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Download ToonMe Mod Apk

Mod Apk size20 MB
Android Version5.0+
Developers:Linerock Investments LTD
Updated Date:20th June 2022

You can easily download ToonMe Pro Mod Apk from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Download the original ToonMe app from Google Play Store HERE.

ToonMe Mod Apk Info

  • Pro unlocked
  • Ads removed

Other cartoon app makers, such as Painnt, Prisma, MomentCam Cartoons, and Cartoonist are also good for transforming your picture into a cartoon but ToonMe Mod Apk is unique in that you have unrestricted access to its filters/effects and features. This implies that you can change your appearance as much as you like. Furthermore, it is devoid of adverts, so there are no distractions or clutter in the layout. I don’t think you will find any cartoon maker app with tons of cartoon styles to pick from, in line with the tidy and minimalist design other than ToonMe.

Aside from tons of cartoon styles, with ToonMe you can save your photos within the app. You’ll be able to match and compare designs, as well as determine which effects you use the most. By providing you with a snapshot of your activity, you can determine which styles you should pursue further. Although the app isn’t a full-featured photo editor, it fulfills its promise in a well-organized manner.

Privacy concerns

Tons of users are flocking to this new social network trend, just like they did with the FaceApp app, which allows them to age themselves.

While this app appears to be secure at first appearance, users should read the privacy policy carefully. ToonMe may acquire personal information from users, as is the case with Facebook.

It’s possible that your name, e-mail address, and other information will be kept. The original photos and results are automatically removed from their servers by two weeks after the last interaction for non-registered users and users who don’t share their results within the Services while registered users can and should request the removal of their images from the support team or delete them themselves.

The app, which can also be accessed through its website, also claims to utilize “unique facial recognition technology,” which might be harmful to internet users who have used their own photos in the case of a breach.


Overall, Toonme Mod Apk has tons of cartoonish effects and provides lots of options for your sketching effects too without the use of any sophisticated apps. When using the app for your photos, you can easily get the looks of many Disney cartoon characters. A variety of custom styles are there for you to just incorporate into your stunning photos.

It’s time to start using Toonme App if you really want to turn your Instagram selfies into a cartoon! You can also turn your pictures into vector sketches. You can choose from six unique filters, and you will have your cartoonish Whatsapp profile pictures.

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