Top 5 Features of Android Apps for Startups company

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In the digital era, the mobile app industry has elevated in the past and continues to do so. As a result, app development is the key to better business growth that modifies business models at an unprecedented rate. 

According to Statista, the market revenue of mobile apps is expected to reach $613 billion by 2025. Android app development is the primary choice of many business owners as it has a more extensive user base. 

Besides that, Android is an open-source platform with a custom-made user interface, includes 3rd party widgets, supports cloud storage, etc. The market share of Android is 71.7%. You can hire an Android app development company and turn your app idea into reality. 

Before developing the app, you must ensure what features you want in your Android app for a successful business for an excellent user experience. 

The blog has mentioned the top five features you must include in the Android app. 

Why Should Startups Develop an Android App?

If you want to reach numerous customers, elevate your brand name, and increase sales, Android app development is your go-to option. Since Android uses Java programming language, startup owners can easily target multiple platforms. 

Android apps have a software development kit (SDK) that lets app developers create aesthetically pleasing and interactive apps. Apart from it, Android apps have a rapid app development process that can give a competitive edge to your business for a prompt go-to-market. 

The operating system has augmented flexibility and adaptability that integrates the entire ecosystem of Android, like smartphones, wearables, tablets, and Android TV. 

5 Best Features You Should Include in Your Android App 

  • Easy Signup Process

The easy signup or registration process is the first feature you should integrate into your Android app. The reason for doing so is to deliver a smooth user experience and make them loyal customers. 

You can allow users to signup for the app using their existing email ID or phone number and make them easily accessible, leading to the app’s success rate. 

  • Simple User Interface

The next feature you must include in your Android app is a simple user interface that will ensure the user-friendliness of the app’s functionality. You can design an easy-to-access UI by availing of the custom Android app development services for your mobile app so that anyone can operate the app. 

You can attract multiple users to your app by creating a simple user interface that will get them to their desired page within just a few taps. Moreover, you can integrate easy gestures that will lead to a better user experience. 

  • Fast Loading Speed,

One of the prime reasons for app abandonment is the slow loading speed, which leads to less revenue generation. Therefore, you must provide a quick response, where your Android app will load within 10 seconds. 

The faster your app loads, the lower the bounce rate will be. This way, users will have a great experience accessing your app, leading to a lower bounce rate. 

The fast loading speed of your Android app will result in fewer uninstalls and more positive reviews. In short, the faster loading speed of the app will elevate your business growth and let you reap huge profits. 

  • Integrate Social Media Platforms

One of the most effective marketing tools is the presence of social media. Integrating different social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, is best. 

People spend most of their time on almost all social media channels, so you can easily promote your business or brand name and reach out to your targeted audience. Integrating social media platforms can help you increase your business network, get insights into your potential user’s behaviour, etc. 

Moreover, you can leverage the data generated by different social media channels, like, customer loyalty, preferences, and more.

  • Support Multiple Languages

The last interesting feature you can add to your Android app and stay ahead of the competition is supporting the multiple language feature. You don’t know which language your targeted audience will understand, so it is better to have a multilingual feature that will boost the user experience. 

However, you must integrate the language based on your targeted audience’s location. You must provide support for majorly spoken languages, like English, French, Hindi, and more.


Android app development is preferable for numerous startup owners as it is an open-source platform with unique, user-friendly, and interactive features. Most importantly, Android apps are the market leader and rule almost every industry, such as eCommerce, on-demand, or enterprise apps. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should add the above-mentioned features to your Android app and some unique features to give you a competitive edge. You can also get a no-obligation consultation from us to know the cost to develop an android app

I hope the blog was helpful and guided you in the right way. 

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