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Traffic Rider Mod Apk V1.81 (Unlimited Money)

Traffic Rider Mod Apk is one of the racing games that most people commonly play, and it is not like many other racing games that I know. Here, the game will introduce you to endless roads with a motorcycle and all you have to do is to dodge vehicles, complete some missions, and accumulate scores.

This game contains many modes that you can play to kill your boredom. One nice thing about this game is that it is available in many languages, and free to play without an internet connection.

Description of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is offered by Soner Kara, a legendary racing game developer! The game is all about dodging cars, bikes, vans, and other vehicles along the freeways at high speeds on one of the coolest and most powerful motorcycles.

Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game in which you take control of a motorcycle and race through traffic at high speeds. The tracks are usually straight highways, so you never have to worry about sudden curves when passing other vehicles.

The gameplay is very identical to that of Traffic Racer, which was developed by the same developer. The right handlebar is used to accelerate, and the left one is used to stop. Simply tilt your smartphone from side to side to tilt the bike, an easy and well-implemented gesture. As usual, when passing another vehicle, go as near to it as possible to earn extra points.

There are 20 different motorcycles to select from in Traffic Rider. You can only ride a low-powered bike at the beginning, but you’ll soon be able to unlock larger and more powerful bikes. The best aspect is that you can race them in a variety of locations and at various times of the day: early dawn, midday, night…

Traffic Rider is a fantastic racing game in every way: it offers many game modes, hundreds of racing events, stunning visuals, and, most significantly, touchscreen-friendly gameplay. By far one of the greatest Android motorbike games.

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Get ready to drive on endless roads

traffic rider mod 26996 2 - Traffic Rider Mod Apk V1.81 (Unlimited Money)
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In this game, players will enter an adventurous and professional biker’s greatest journey who wants to meet all of the hardest motorbike obstacles he could ever dream about. Immerse yourself in this incredible simulation of a motorbike as the game exposes players to its addictive, in-depth gameplay.

Here you’ll witness the exact simulation of what’s happening on the lane and feel the sunset just like in real life. Drive with several vehicles on the dense highway along multiple lanes. Discover the specific aspects of traffic with traffic signs, headlights, turn signals, etc.

Combine your knowledge of traffic with your incredible motorbike skills to accomplish the pretty difficult but exciting challenges.

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More Than 20 Bikes & 4 Game Modes

img 5f0a3b0320d0a - Traffic Rider Mod Apk V1.81 (Unlimited Money)

If you drive over 100 kmh and overtake other vehicles, you will have a great chance to get high scores and money, the faster you drive the more you get the highest score and money. SO SPEED IT UP!   

There are 29 types of bikes to choose from and all of them can be modified to enhance their efficiencies.

There are four environments you can explore, including highway, desert, city, and winter, and you can also pick the time of the day, such as morning, night, and evening.

Lastly, Traffic Rider has four game modes including career, endless, time trial, and free ride.

Challenging Leaderboard

The Online Scoreboard is what is unique about this game. You will compare your best performances to other players from across the globe. So, you’ll be pushed further to get the highest score.

This game looks very realistic and it feels like you re on a real motorcycle while you play this game.

Tips to top Google leaderboard

Like I said earlier, the scores in this game are very important as it determines how good you are. In order to achieve a high score and hit the Google leaderboard, then you have to follow these easy tips.

Drive above 100 Km/hr: Indeed, we realize that the faster you drive the more the score, and also you will get a bonus score / extra time when you overtake vehicles closely as you drive past 100 km/hour. Besides that, when you overtake on a two-way street, you’ll get even higher scores. So, drive wild and do risky tricks on your bike to earn a lot of bonuses. 

Focus on goals:  It doesn’t make sense to be driving at 100 km/hr and overtaking closeby vehicles without achieving the objectives. As you advance, each stage becomes tougher than the last. You’ll also have specific expectations to achieve. Try to focus as much as you can to achieve them. You can see the objectives at the right top of your screen. Sometimes in a given amount of time, you’ll need to overtake a certain number of cars. These are the sorts of targets you’re heading to so pay close attention.

Play endless mode: Endless mode is the best mode for accumulating high scores. Note that, you’ll encounter much more difficulties as you go up to the higher levels. You may not be able to pass certain levels without upgrading your bike or even purchasing one.  This is why faster and newer bikes need to be unlocked as much as possible.

Graphics & sounds of Traffic Rider

img 5f0a3b03b992c - Traffic Rider Mod Apk V1.81 (Unlimited Money)

The game includes detailed and appealing 3D graphics which make playing extremely appealing. Find yourself enjoying the most realistic motorbike experience.

You can notice that the world is incredibly realistic and interactive, not just because of the impressive visuals, but also because of the detailed sound effects. Experience real-life motor sounds!

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Features of Traffic Rider

  • Choose from Over 20 of powerful motorbikes: Traffic Rider players would have already exposed themselves to hundreds of various motorcycles that are already in the real world market. Here, you can choose your favorite bike, and ride through busy roads. Currently, there are 29 separate motorbikes, each with their own specs.
  • The choice for Interactive camera view: Players can choose to play this game in multiple camera views to make the game more exciting and enjoyable. 
  • Discover the Amazing style of the career mode: To continue your amateur biker journey, players will have their chances to take part in the amazing career mode where you’ll learn what you need to know to become the world’s greatest rider. With over 70 usable missions, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this mode.
  • Realistic Mechanics and Simulation: This game is hooked with a detailed world and appropriate elements for you to enjoy. Enjoy realistic variations of night and day as you ride through different locations.
  • Compete With Other Players: Compete with other players around the world and become famous in the game by topping Google leaderboards. Follow our tips!
  • Personalize your bike to your taste: Players can customize their bikes using many useful options that the game provides. Upgrade your bike by purchasing a new battery, more powerful exhaust, improved tires, and so on. You can also decorate your bike with great stickers, creative paintings, etc.
  • Supports 19 languages

Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:95 MB
Android Version4 +
Publishers:Soner Kara
Updated Date:19th June 2022

You can easily download Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the official game from Google Playstore Download Now!

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Money
  • Double Cash
  • Extra Live Max out!
  • Everything Is Unlocked


Traffic Rider is without a doubt one of the greatest motorbike games available on Android and iOS. The creators of Traffic Racer have created another gem.

Traffic Rider is a first-person driving game in which you take control of a motorcycle and race through traffic at full force. This game, which is popular in many parts of India, has seen a significant increase in popularity.

The goal of this game is to keep the bike from becoming trapped on the road and to prevent accidents while riding a motorcycle.
Passing through various cars as near as feasible will get you additional points.

While enjoying the stunning graphics, the feeling you get riding on your dream motorbike, cruising countless highways is totally cool. Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk all bikes unlocked and enjoy unlimited perks.

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