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Have you ever experienced driving a monster truck in a video game? if your answer is No then download Trucks Off Road Mod Apk to get you the full monster truck game experience.

Trucks Off Road is a driving game in which you take control of a variety of vehicles with the purpose of overcoming whatever task you’ve been given. 

The vehicles in Trucks Off Road are quite simple to operate. All you have to do is tap on the screen’s buttons. However, if you want to keep on track, you must tap them at precisely the appropriate time. You can also modify the vehicle’s components to make things more interesting.

Trucks Off Road has a variety of tracks, each of which is meant to put your driving talents to the test. You can either drive the vehicle in a solo mode or enter a competition in which you compete in multiple rounds, attempting to climb the rankings as you go. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of this game is its outstanding graphics. There are also a number of terrains to choose from, each of which has a realistic effect as you drive.

Trucks Off Road is a great game for fans of big trucks. This game makes it easy to keep entertained while driving around tracks full of obstacles and other surprises thanks to the numerous game modes offered.

This is one of the best truck driving games in the Play Store and this game will bring you an amazing gaming experience by competing with your self-built monster trucks in the world-class mega marsh performances at the best mud parks.

Description of Trucks Off Road

Trucks Off Road currently has more than 5 Million downloads in Google PlayStore. In this game, you’ll drive in the world’s best muddy tracks just to prove your strength and talent by competing with your opponents and beating them in different game modes.

If that name seems familiar, it’s because ODD is the studio behind it, a game released in 2012. There are a number of these sorts of games on the App Store, but Trucks: Off-Road is without a doubt the finest off-road game I’ve ever played. The on-screen controls are responsive, and the vehicle physics are near-perfect. There are several tracks with a range of racing styles. If you have a modern smartphone, the graphics are breathtaking after you turn up the settings. In addition, this is the first game I’ve ever played with true mud mechanics.

The tracks will distort as you race, spraying up dirt and mud all over your vehicle. If you enjoy racing games, you should certainly check out Trucks off road mod apk. It has a large career mode, several upgrades, and a great deal of customization. My only real problem is that it’s difficult for me to make money. There’s a lot of grinding to be done. Regardless, Trucks: Off Road has left an impression on me.

Trucks off road: Gameplay

img 5f0670b1c7b96 - Trucks Off Road Mod Apk V1.6.26714 (Unlimited Money)

Race off-road in dirt/mud with BIG trucks or per se monster trucks. You’ll be racing through the world’s finest mud parks and better watch out for your aggressive opponents.

Next, it’s about the gaming controls. It’s easy and consists of just 4 buttons with the function of increasing or decreasing speed and steering controls. The buttons are placed In the bottom corners of the screen and this could not be more appropriate for a horizontally crafted game but don’t panic if you don’t know how to use them, the creators have put in a guide for beginners.

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Upgrade your truck

img 5f0670b2c0d6c - Trucks Off Road Mod Apk V1.6.26714 (Unlimited Money)

You can modify your monster truck by Installing new transmission, gearbox, carburetor, fuel tank, tires, and so on. All these will increase your truck’s overall performance and thereby increase your chances of winning tough races. You can modify a lot of things on your truck to make it unique.

Amazing graphics & sounds

img 5f0670b3cdbd9 - Trucks Off Road Mod Apk V1.6.26714 (Unlimited Money)

The graphics of this game is amazing, complex, and realistic. It renders more fun. The visibility and intensity are well maintained depending on the circumstance of the muddy roads and real-time hits from enemies.

In this game, you’ll hear the audience cheering while playing. The music is not that bad and the sound effects of the trucks are also good.

Features Trucks Off Road

img 5f0670b4b889c - Trucks Off Road Mod Apk V1.6.26714 (Unlimited Money)

Customize Your Truck: Select a vehicle to customize from engines, axles, exhausts, blowers, turbos, chassis, transmission, tires, wheels, etc. with over 400 unique components.

Different Game Modes: You can compete in either single or career modes in different mud parks. Competition modes include Freestyle, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Open Play, and Mud Bogging.

Muddy Packs: In Trucks Off Road, the path isn’t dull, it is made up of complex mud ruts and immersive water that will definitely test your driving skills. Do you think you are good? Check out the leaderboards and see if you are really the best.

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Download Trucks Off Road Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:853 MB
Android Version5 +
Developers:ODD Games
Updated Date:13th July 2022

You can easily download Trucks Off Road Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

Trucks Off Road Mod Apk Info

  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited Money
  • Everything Is Unlocked


  1. Download Trucks Off Road Mod Apk
  2. Install the MOD APK.
  3. Extract the Obb file into “” folder in “android / obb”.
  4. Open the Apk game and enjoy it.

In case you encounter an error showing “App not installed” just reboot your phone and make sure you uninstalled the play store version of the game and install the Mod again.


Trucks Off Road is a fun off-road racing game that allows players to take part in tournaments with tough opponents in a muddy pack. The pathways are full of dirt and different hazards.

Players would be able to experience excellent physical trucks action on tracks full of dirt. Also, players have the chance to choose from different trucks collection and also pick up replacement parts such as tires, engine, intake, and so on. Proper upgrades plus good driving abilities will provide you with the potential to win the race.

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