Vortex Gaming - Vortex Mod Apk V1.5.0 Free Subscription (Latest Version)

Vortex Mod Apk V1.5.0 Free Subscription (Latest Version)

Vortex mod apk is a fascinating cloud gaming application since it offers cheap services, it is one of the most popular. Small lags are possible but it is still worthy.   

Vortex is a very user-friendly and cheap option in the cloud gaming world. It’s basically a plug and play interface that doesn’t require any setup. All you need to do is access it from a web browser using your smartphone device or PC.

With Vortex Cloud Gaming mod Apk, you don’t even require an expensive operating device or console to enjoy online games.  All you need to do is to connect to the internet and launch a game from your Vortex list and enjoy it. All the necessary requirements for the games are already installed on Vortex servers.

Description Of Vortex Cloud Gaming

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Cloud gaming at Vortex is very much about signing in to your account with your computer or Android device and start playing games. You sign in, pick a game from the accessible catalog and you’ll be playing right away! All this happens through the Vortex interface that redirects you straight to the game you’ve picked.

You don’t mount your games on Vortex but rather select them from your catalog. Many games are already included. However, you can still enjoy your Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, and Battle.net since Vortex supports DRM platforms. This is a huge advantage since if you already have them on any of the DRM platforms I mentioned earlier, there is no reason to buy these games exclusively for Vortex.


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This is a subscription-based app with different options to opt-in. You can check the plans below in case you have an interest in purchasing (which we highly recommend) in the future. However, we would provide you with Vortex mod apk that is unlocked so that you can enjoy it and maybe decide to subscribe.

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Features Of Vortex Cloud Gaming

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HIGH GRAPHICS: No matter how shitty your PC specs are you can still experience stunning graphics in any game played on  Vortex. All the hardware and software requirements for any game are provided by Vortex.  

IMMEDIATE ACCESS:  No need to wait for a game to install, no upgrades, no bullshit. All you need to do is click on the game from your catalog and enjoy it.    

OVER 100 GAMES: Gain access to more than 100 games with only one subscription.

REMOTE GAMING: Start playing on one device and resume on another device. It currently supports Android, Windows macOS web app, Windows, and DRM platforms   

SUPPORTS GAMEPAD: Supports any controllers that are supported on Android, macOS, and, Windows.

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EASE OF USE: Starting a game is relatively an easy task, but you are going to have to deal with load times if your network connection is weak. You will be required to sign in to either Steam or the DRM site to which the game is exclusive after picking the title you choose, irrespective of whether it’s from the local client or from the browser UI. Instead, just wait for the game to commence.

SHORTCUTS: When you start a game with Vortex, you are actually signing into a virtual machine, so it’s similar to everything you do on the computer. For eg, you can not move your mouse beyond the window of the game without logging out of the virtual machine. So, in other to overcome this, Vortex has a variety of shortcuts that you can use.

Download Vortex Mod Apk Latest Version

MOD APK File Size:8.13 MB
Android Version4.4 +
Version:V 1.5.0
Updated Date:9th August 2020

You can easily download Vortex cloud gaming Mod Apk free subscription latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the official app from Google Playstore Download Now!

Vortex Mod Apk Info

Vortex Cloud Mod Apk latest version comes with:

  • Fully unlocked


The truth about Vortex Cloud Gaming APK is that it is more advantageous to Android users. But If you are to use it on your PC then Vortex may disappoint you as time goes on. When you are going to play a game on your PC then expect fluctuation in performance.

Nevertheless, Vortex is one of the cloud gaming providers that actually work globally. Vortex has servers across the world, like data centers in the U.S., Europe, Central America, and Southern Asia, rather than concentrating on one region.

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