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WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins – World Cricket Championship 3

Download WCC3 Mod apk unlimited coins for Android and enjoy all the pecks in this amazing cinematic Cricket experience.

World Cricket Champion 3 (WCC3) is the follow-up to World Cricket Champion 2 (WCC2) and this time around so many upgrades have been done including professional commentary, multiplayer feature, brand new Cricket actions of batting, advanced AI, improved graphics, Cricket grounds in different dimensions, real movements of professional cricketers, and so on.

The one thing I like the most about WCC3 is that it’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows. However, you can only enjoy unlimited coins with WCC3 mod apk which is only available for Android.

Description of WCC3

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Cricket mobile games have had poor quality graphics and uneven developers when it comes to the mobile games world, however, that’s not the case anymore since Nextwave Multimedia decided to develop an amazing Cricket game. The game is very common in India as opposed to football  In the past, there were Brian Lara Cricket and EA Sports Cricket, but none are consistent over the years.

There are many cricket games on all platforms, but with cinematic cameras and real-time-motion of professional cricketers, WCC3 provides great visual appeal. There is also a professional audio commentary from Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra that makes it a surprisingly great kit of complex ambient sounds on the field.

Features Of WCC3

New Career mode

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Career mode is a new game mode that is added in World Cricket Championship 3 and it is all about you as starting a journey from amateur to professional. In Career mode. Play over 400 games across 3 brackets, spanning 25 series. As a brilliant player, demonstrate your mettle through cricketing formats. You can unlock lots of kits and earn coins in career mode and use them to upgrade your player attributes but in this WCC3 mod apk unlimited platinum, you don’t need to waste your time in earning these coins and platinum that aren’t easy to get.

Clean 3D graphics

img 5f84e37c1c058 - WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins - World Cricket Championship 3

The 3D visuals of the game are enhanced by realistic lighting, cinematic camera effects, and thrilling animations. In the game, there are hundreds of full motion-captured cricket actions of batting, bowling, fielding, and cut-scene animations that are filmed from more than 40 different camera angles that illustrate the very complexities of the game. With all-new batting shots and exciting new mechanics, you can even hit 360 degrees around the pitch.

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Player customization

Character customization and match highlights are some of the most unique features in WCC2. With a large array of customization, you can actually give your player a full makeover.

Multiplayer Mode

img 5f84e37f64488 - WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins - World Cricket Championship 3

Two multiplayer modes are available in WCC3 and these are offline and online multi-player. Offline multiplayer allows you to play via Wifi with your close friends while online multiplayer allows you to play o against anyone around the world. Play online multiplayer and  witness heart-pumping competition against random opponents

There is also another multiplayer mode that allows you to demonstrate the best of your batting abilities. In the batting multiplayer mode, you can play two-over matches with 2-5 players. Choose to play by inviting friends in either Public Mode against random players or Private Mode.

Players attributes

This is a unique feature in career mode that gradually modifies the attributes of your player with time and it is based on how you play with the player just similar to FIFA career mode. In the World Cricket Championship 3, you can use this feature to boost a player’s bowling and batting performance by playing well or using coins.

Form your own team in WCC3

img 5f84e380b4247 - WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins - World Cricket Championship 3

Create your own team and run it! You can also shape the ultimate team as the captain, manager, player, and coach of a cricket team. Apart from that, you can also Enhance the individual Squad members through 18 disciplines with Player Upgrade Cards. You need platinum for such upgrades which will cost you real money but with wcc3 mod apk unlimited platinum, you can make all the upgrades you want for free.

You can also customize your team with all the latest makeup and shirts and also manage the level of endurance and concentration of your players.

Easy controls

img 5fccdf20d7228 - WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins - World Cricket Championship 3

Now you can bat with simple controls, including shot positioning, footwork, and more. You’re going to have to match your power with precision and you’re going to be able to take advantage of the new dive, loft, and defensive mechanics to improve your play-style better

Full cricket spirit

Even if you are not an avid lover or fan of cricket, you will easily get yourself deeply immersed in the world of cricket by just playing this amazing game! The reason I said that is because this WCC3 specifically comes with brand new full motion-captured batting, bowling, and fielding cricket activities all supported by professional commentary from Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra, a popular Indian cricketer and top commentator. Also, Brand new stadiums, lights, Dynamic AI, Cricket grounds with varying dimensions,  will captivate you while you play. All these will make you fill like you are watching cricket.

Play Tournaments

For the first time, you can also play tournament formats like World Cup, Tri-Series, ODIs, Ashes, Test Cricket, and more.

New commentary in WCC3

img 5f84e38326187 - WCC3 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins - World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 now comes with two versions of the commentary.  This game now has commentary from the most popular commentators in Hindi and English from Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra respectively. With Hindi commentary, this makes it cooler to Indians and this is due to high demand from India.

Advanced AI

Since WCC2, the AI in the game has been enhanced, meaning the AI players are more realistic and their abilities and skills are very similar to the professional cricketers. This means you have to learn how to play in order to enjoy the realism of the game. Also, the new AI dynamics will fit according to your skills.

Download WCC3 Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:900 MB
Android Version5.1+
Updated Date:16th August 2021

You can easily download WCC3 unlimited coins mod apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

You can download the original game from Google Play store by CLICKING HERE

WCC3 Mod Apk info

  • Ads removed
  • Premium Skins unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins and Platinium
  • Everything is free


This game does not only offer you a realistic 3D game to enjoy but also offers a fantastic feature that allows players to see trending cricket news about the IPL and current cricket activities across the country.  As for new players, tutorials can also be played, such as how to bat, bowl, field, etc. You can also earn awesome prizes, such as coins and platinum. You can purchase jerseys from the store and so many other items. To get unlimited platinum & coins, download World Cricket Championship 3 Mod APK.

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