What’s So Trendy About Best PC Games Under $10?

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So, you have been looking for some excellent PC games out there, yet you have a limited budget? Don’t worry! Steam is considerably one of the renowned platforms that offer amazing online games at multiple rates. In short, Steam is one of the largest libraries from which you can purchase PC games.

Although this platform holds a variety of high-end games, you’ll get some incredibly best PC games under $10. These popular titles include classic as well as contemporary games with an array of genres.

Below, I have listed down five best PC games to play that would definitely make you addicted.

Best PC Games List to Consider

Each game on the list has been picked that has a genuine price of $10 or less. Neither of the games is available at this price because of any discount offer. However, you can look at the list and pick the most fascinating one.

One Finger Death Punch II

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Price on Steam: $7.99

This is among those games that could be played for hours and you’d not know where the time flew. It is a pick-up-and-play game, which has a time span of half-hour only. Well, there are multiple chapters to play, but as you proceed the game gets more intense.

One Finger Death Punch II is all about a hassled battle that is played via the left and right click of the PC mouse. You don’t have to get involved with lots of keys. The thing I loved about the game is that it is pretty easy to learn this game and you’ll soon toss a lot of challenges.


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Price on Steam: $9.99

Terraria is a 2-dimensional Role-Playing game, in which you will discover a lot of worlds to mine the materials and construct your home, armor, and weapons to hide and fight. This game is pretty interesting because you have to fight monstrous creatures roaming all around the world. This game includes numerous events to make you experience multiple things. I would say if you’ve never played Terraria before, initiate your PC gameplays with this one of the best PC games for kids under 10.

Kingdom Rush

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Price on Steam: $9.99

Oh! These Flash games have absolutely given me a nostalgic feel. Growing up with loads of flash games, especially defense games is my favorite era. Well, Kingdom Rush brings something like that. Get ready to defend your kingdom from evil wizards, monsters, orcs, etc. through your towers and hold your command over mountains, forests, wastelands, and the entire kingdom. This game allows you to customize the defensive approach by upgrading the towers. I would say, if you have never played tower games before, try out Kingdom Rush.

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

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Price on Steam: $9.99

So, the Knight of the Old Republic is considered as one of the super PC games by Star Wars that remains evergreen. This game has got some interesting characters, who are entangled in the plot between the dark side and the light side. This game revolves around a deep storyline and dialog system. The Knight of the Old Republic includes a lot of unique characters that remain your companion while completing your journey. This game will absolutely give you a versatile feel, especially if you play it on widescreen.

FTL; Faster Than Light

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Price on Steam: $9.99

There are a lot of online video games available with expensive price tags, but only a few fascinate you by providing you with a perfect combination of addictive PC games and budget-friendliness. Anyhow, in FTL online games, you get multiple tasks to complete. These tasks usually include leading the spaceship and its crew through an aggressive area. In this game, you will experience several random events and some hard battles to achieve victory. Faster Than Light is an ideal game for those who want to complete some challenging tasks in a gameplay setting.

Bottom Line

So, this was the list of five best PC games under $10. Honestly, while composing this article, I have been into my nostalgia because my whole childhood was spent playing these video games. You can purchase any of these online games for below $10 from Steam. I hope, by reading this blog, you are able to pick the best online video game at cheap rates. However, you can also purchase the most reliable portable gaming PC to make your gameplay more fun.

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