WhatsApp will soon let you restore deleted messages

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WhatsApp already allows users to delete messages on its platform in order to make corrections or eliminate undesired messages. However, there are situations when these deletions are made by accident. And it appears that the corporation intends to make this reversible as well.

According to WaBetaInfo, various new features were discovered on the most recent beta release of the famous chat platform. We recently discovered that the corporation allows users to remove messages for all members in a conversation for up to two days. It also provides the opportunity to delete the message under the ‘Delete for me’ option. However, the current beta includes an undo feature for these deleted communications.

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Apparently, this feature is currently only available to beta users. In other words, it has not yet reached the final stage of development for end users. However, because it has already made its way to beta, we can expect this feature to make its way to the live version soon. Notably, all users can now delete messages for an extended period of time. According to the report, the undo option for deleted messages is visible via a pop up at the bottom with an undo button.

At the moment, the undo option is only available to a small group of beta testers on the Android app beta version Remember that features on the beta build are not always guaranteed to make it to the final build. But stay tuned because we will keep you updated on any developments in this matter.

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