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Xiaomi’s first prototype car will be released in August

Electric vehicle sales are undoubtedly on the rise among automakers. The majority of businesses “realized” that EVs are the way of the future, mostly due to Tesla’s success. Traditional automakers are predicting a big number of hybrid and electrified vehicles by 2030. While this is happening, a few tech businesses are getting ready to enter the market. Apple, for example, is anticipated to introduce its electric vehicle in the near future, but 2022 will be the year of Xiaomi. The long-rumored Xiaomi Car might debut as soon as August of the following year. In the upcoming ten years, the corporation promises to invest $10 billion.

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The first commercial vehicles may not arrive until 2024, but the Xiaomi car prototype will debut in August.

Many have been wondering when Xiaomi would release the first so-called “Xiaomi Car” for years. Well, we just learned the solution. Lei Jun, the company’s founder, reportedly plans to unveil the first electric vehicle prototype in August. It’s interesting to note that HVST Automobile Design created the car. The organization is responsible for WM Motor’s Maven concept automobile. The prototype will then go through road testing after the reveal. Of course, the business will launch a significant promotion and advertising campaign for the Xiaomi Car.

Xiaomi Mi Car M1 Entwurf Heck44 - Xiaomi’s first prototype car will be released in August

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that it’s too soon to hold your breath for the Xiaomi Car commercial. It will take some time before the production can start. Even more, it’s unclear whether Xiaomi would first construct this car on a small scale for enthusiasts exclusively or on a larger scale. In any case, the business is undoubtedly paving the way for extensive manufacturing. If not for this prototype, then for Xiaomi Cars in the future. The Xiaomi Auto production facility and R&D center are being built by the business in Yizhuang. By 2024, the first finished automobiles will roll off the assembly line. This was already suggested in a prior report.

According to rumors, the first Xiaomi Car will cost between $15,000 and $45,000 and will either be a sedan or an SUV.

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