z40s feature - ZTE NUBIA Z40S PRO Will Have A Sliding Key That Lets Users Take Photos Right Away

ZTE NUBIA Z40S PRO Will Have A Sliding Key That Lets Users Take Photos Right Away

NUbia Z40S Pro  1160x773 - ZTE NUBIA Z40S PRO Will Have A Sliding Key That Lets Users Take Photos Right Away

According to the information that was circulated yesterday, Nubia Z40S Pro will be unveiled on the 20th of July. ZTE is known to produce some of the rugged smartphones in the market and will look to adopt a modern style in the design of this product.

In this regard, ZTE has no cause to be bashful about the features of the Nubia Z40S Pro and will make the primary selling features likely to be its sides, which have been reduced to a very tiny width, and its camera lens.

The most exceptional feature is definitely the inclusion of a real sliding button into its design that will make it possible for users to shoot images rapidly and switch to street photography mode.

The cameras configuration is expected to be breathtaking and shows the pride in taking photos. According to ZTE’s Weibo page which describes the update on the phone, the cameras were complemented as follows:

Street photography with a humanistic focus has just been made one step sped up. Nubia Z40S Pro is a smartphone featuring a sliding physical key that has been specifically modified for use with flash photography. With the flip of a button, you have direct access to the interface for street photography; immediately document the lovely things you see; an epiphany is on the way

Before now, we already knew that the gadget would have a 35mm lens for the primary camera and a 125mm sensor for the telephoto lens. However, we have also gained an understanding of the third camera, a 50-megapixel wide-angle autofocus lens capable of 2 cm macro shooting.

A flicker sensor is installed in every area, which efficiently eliminates picture flicker. This will deliver a photographic experience similar to that of a studio and improve the quality of every shot taken with the phone.

In addition, the Nubia Z40S will use a brand-new RAW night view algorithm and 3D LUT custom filters. The former will significantly boost the picture’s brightness and the resolution of the dark section. Additionally, it can recover the colour information of a photograph even if it was shot in dim lighting.

This mobile device will house the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is currently the most powerful processor available for Android devices and comes in varieties of internal storage starting from 128 GB to 512 GB and 8GB/12GB RAM.

This means that the Nubia Z40S Pro is expected to be one of the hottest phones on the market in the second half of the year and will compete with the latest smartphones from other brands.

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