3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk v1.61 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

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3DLut Mobile Mod Apk is an app that enhances photos with excellent color correction tools.

3DLUT Mobile’s many color-correcting capabilities make photo editing easy on your Android phone.

Advanced color correction options are a highlight of 3DLUT Mobile. This app gives unmatched flexibility and control, from brightness and contrast to color grading and white balance.

Photography relies on color correcting to improve mood, tone, and aesthetics. Users can precisely manipulate colors with 3DLUT Mobile to make every photograph appear its best.

A/B Grid and C/L Grid

A/B Grid and C/L Grid in 3DLUT Mobile give photographers exact color adjustments.

Comparing two images side by side with the A/B Grid helps users spot and fix color inconsistencies. However, the C/L Grid lets users evaluate color and luminance values in specific image areas for focused modifications.

A/B Grid and C/L Grid in 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk Premium help photographers of all levels. These tools speed editing and improve accuracy by offering a visual reference for color correction.

By showing users the effects of their edits in real-time, the A/B Grid and C/L Grid help them make better choices. This saves time and improves edited photographs.

3D Lut Mobile Mod Apk Color Grading

Color grading adds style to an image while color correction fixes color imbalances. Photographers can enhance their photographs’ visual impact by adding mood or ambiance with 2D curves.

Color correction uses 2D curves in several ways. The 2D-curves tool’s easy UI lets you precisely modify image exposure, contrast, and color temperature with a few taps and swipes. Users can make the colors in their pictures look just right by changing the shapes for each color channel.

Support For Log and RAW Formats

Photographers wanting the greatest image control prefer log and RAW image formats. Log files maintain highlight and shadow details due to their wide dynamic range. However, RAW files capture uncompressed data from the camera sensor, giving photographers unmatched post-processing flexibility.

The extensive Log and RAW support of 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk Premium is a highlight. This lets photographers express their creativity without compromising image quality. Log and RAW support lets mobile users get astonishing results.

Color Filters in 3D Lut Mobile Mod Apk

Digital color filters change visual tones, contrast, and saturation.

3DLUT Mobile brings a variety of color filters to suit every photographer. 3DLUT Mobile can let you create dramatic black-and-white photographs, replicate old film styles, or add brilliant colors. The app also lets you customize each filter to your image.

3D Lut Mobile Mod Apk Clean User Interface

The basic UI of 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk promotes functionality and usability. Users can quickly locate the tools they need because of its simple structure and navigation.

Clean UIs in picture editing apps like 3DLUT Mobile are beneficial. It simplifies editing so users can focus on creativity rather than menus and settings. It also lessens cognitive burden, making results easier to obtain.

Download 3DLut Mobile Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

File information
File Size:30 MB
Android Version7.0 +
Developers:RELU OÜ
Updated Date:1st April 2024

You can easily download 3D Lut Mobile Mod Apk Premium Unlocked from the below link. But make sure you uninstall the older version first.


Users can crop, resize, alter colors, and rotate photographs using 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk. Every part of the photo can be carefully edited, including flaws, exposure, and text overlays.

Many filters and effects can enhance your images. Every style and mood can be fulfilled with vintage-inspired or modern colors. Try different combinations to generate spectacular images that engage your audience.

Improve your editing skills with advanced color grading tools that control hue, saturation, and brightness. With configurable presets and real-time previews, getting the right look is easier than ever. Thanks to this app.

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