Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk V2.9.7 (Unlimited Gems)

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The action RPG Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk or AB Evolution 2022 is based on the ever-popular Angry Birds series. Its 3D appeal adds new layers of gameplay that set it apart from the rest of Rovio’s series. We’re looking at a game that combines many of your favorite features from traditional roleplaying games with the wild, off-the-wall action that any Angry Birds game is known for.

Angry Birds Evolution’s game systems are simple to learn yet difficult to master. You’ll be shooting piggies nonstop until all of them are dead. You’ll launch your birds on your turn, and the piggies will go on the attack anytime it’s their turn to move. The main goal here is to take out the piggies before they get to you.

AB Evolution Mod Apk unlimited gems is one of my favorite games that I’ve been playing since the beginning of the year and one of the best Angry Birds games I’ve ever played! This game has a lot of fun and it’ll keep you busy and it seems to be a great TIME KILLER game.

This game has not only earned its unique game plot but also has spectacular graphics that will impress you from the very first seconds of the game, it has taken quite a long time and now all bird fans have a great opportunity to play them and their Android devices.

Partake in battle scenes and clash with sly pigs, who have determined once again that something isn’t good, pick your squad from the fastest and strongest birds and show what you can do!

Description Of Angry Birds Evolution

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Visit Bird Island in Angry Birds Evolution-a visually beautiful RPG game that enables you to unlock hundreds of new Angry Birds. It is up to you to bring together an invincible squad of advanced super birds, fight and knock the pigs off Bird Island.

This game looks like Angry Birds Epic, which is a role-playing game but its fights include the pinball-like features of Angry Birds Action! In the sense that the player dispatches Angry birds at a lot of pigs in a rectangular field, bouncing off its boundaries, obstacles, and enemies strategically so as to cause as much harm to them Pigs as possible in order to win.

After a specific number of turns pass, each pig will assault, while Angry Birds will have the option to utilize an exceptional move, controlled by their plumage color, once their fierceness develops after a progression of turns.

The collection of characters in Angry Birds Evolution is one of the game’s highlights. You’ll earn more birds to add to your team as you progress through the game. You can also trade in the eggs you collect as you play to unlock new characters. There are nearly 100 different Angry Birds to choose from, including classics like Red, Bomb, and Chuck.

Angry Birds Evolution is a fun RPG with a large campaign mode that will keep you occupied with a variety of quests and boss fights after each level. In addition, you can try out some of the other game options, such as combating other people.

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Features Of Angry Birds Evolution

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AB Evolution 2022: Sounds

The sound in this game is fantastic, with a fantastic soundtrack and sound effects that add to the overall gaming experience. I don’t usually play android games with sound on, but the sounds in this game are fantastic.

This game’s special effects are something I really enjoy. The blast effects and camera shakes really immerse the player, making them experience every action in the game.

AB Evolution 2022: Graphics

The graphic of this game is really fantastic, and I adore the whole look and feel of it. A vibrant 3D game with the appearance of an animated 3D movie.

Collect, assemble, evolve

Add more than+ 100 different Angry Birds to your picks including Red, Chuck, and Terrence!! The flock is taller and better than ever.

Battle against other players

Battle other participants in Bird Island Pastime PVP games, Pigball, and win the leagues for even more spectacular prizes.

Epic adventures

Who is behind the famous Bacon Corp? What is Force Eagle? What loses access to the Dungeon? Find the answers through fights with EPIC!

Weekly events

Gain amazing rewards, and get an opportunity to add additional rare birds to your team by participating in weekly events. Join in or gather a clan of buddies to compete with other clans. Create Bird Island’s biggest, most cool clan, and rule the roost!

Players are also allowed to join clans in combat for benefits. These Benefits are unlocked according to the rank of the clan. The advantages of the clan are clan buffs such as clan health and clan smart bomb, clan egg (Get an extra egg after the battle), clan trophy boost, etc

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Download Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:390 MB
Android Version5.0 +
Developers:Rovio Entertainment
Updated Date:12th July 2022

You can easily download Angry Birds Evolution Unlimited Money And Gems from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

You can download the original Angry Birds Evolution from HERE.

Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk info

  • High Damage,
  • All Birds unlocked,
  • Invincibility,
  • More ways to upgrade your Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Evolution Tips n Tricks

What’s New with Prestige Birds?

Simply click on a bird to open a review and pick “Update prestige” to advance it to the “Prestige” level.

What distinguishes Main Event birds from their “regular” counterparts?

During various events, “Workshops” versions of several powerful birds will be available for purchase. These Master Birds are identified by their unique aura and heightened strength (as compared to their regular counterparts), and they represent the flock’s maximum strength and evolution.

With Less XP, You Can Level Up Your Birds!

The amount of XP required to level up Angry Birds has been dramatically lowered, and even better, this improvement is permanent, regardless of the day! Specific day bonuses for XP are no longer available.

What is an Island Event, and how can I participate in one?

In Angry Birds: Evolution, there’s a brand-new feature called the Island Event! Instead of clicking on scout markers for specific events on the island during events, try clicking on the active Event icon. You can engage in event battles, check all possible awards, and compare points on the scoreboard from the Island Events tab.

What exactly are Fury Totems, and how can I use them?

Rage Totems, introduced are the Wrath Totems’ big, nasty, evil cousins. They integrate with your birds in the same way that all other Totems do, but you’ll notice that they provide your birds a lot more XP, which is particularly important beyond level 40 and as you progress to stronger evolutions.

How likely is it that a bird will hatch? What can I do to learn more about them?

In the Incubator, you can learn about the chances of breeding birds of various rarities. Enter the Incubator, choose the sort of egg you want to hatch, and then press the “i” button. The presented indications represent the current average probability of obtaining a character of a certain rarity level.

A chance of “1 in 20,” for example, suggests that your odds of seeing a bird of a particular rarity are 5%.

The chances of acquiring a bird grow as you hatch more eggs during events with a “chance multiplier.” This continues until you miss out on one of the event’s major rewards. The displayed indicators take this into account as well.


I’ve played AB Evolution 2022 Mod Apk for over a month. It’s a fantastic game with very nice graphics. You can upgrade the birds as much as you want. You don’t have to pay a dime for playing although you can pay for faster progress. The only benefit I saw when you spend your money is that more premium birds can be acquired quicker. But since this is a MOD you don’t have to spend a dime. All you have to do is UNLOCK them with a single click!

Quite a good game. Superb graphics and very easy building up your characters and using their various unique powers to reach PVP scores of which is super difficult when not using a MOD especially “Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk Everything Unlimited”

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