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Chinese Parents Mod Apk is quite likely the most fascinating simulation game you’ve ever experienced.

You are in charge of a Chinese newborn and must raise him or her to the all-important adolescence (college entrance exam). The primary goal of the game is to achieve the most excellent possible exam score. You’ll have to decide how to spend your time (studying math or playing video games), who to hang out with, how to spend your pocket money, and how to resolve moral difficulties (should you allow that classmate to copy your schoolwork or not?). It would be best if you struck a balance between your parents’ expectations and your satisfaction.

Chinese Parents: Gameplay

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You’ll be following the path of a child from birth to adulthood in this simulation game Chinese Parents Mod Apk, which is named after Chinese parents. When the child reaches the age of 18, he or she will face one more challenge: the Gaokao exam. You can understand how crucial it is to receive a decent grade on the Gaokao exam, which is comparable to the standardized SAT exam used in the United States for college admissions.

When you push the button to open your eyes after being born, the game begins! That’s correct, you’ll begin as a newborn and have 48 turns to choose your actions between the moment you’re born and when you’re old enough to take the Gaokao. Because there is no easy mode in life, you must make every activity matter to maximize your time! You’ll start with 50 Knowledge Points and 100 Action Points out of 150. You’ll be able to absorb Fragments and earn stats by tapping on them, and each boost will allow you to advance in a specific skill or path. IQ, EQ, Memory, Imagination, Constitution, Charm, and Face are some of your character’s stats. On the left side of the screen, all of these statistics will be presented.

Uniques events

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Then there are unique events. These will occasionally appear in your schedule, and you must accomplish them before continuing with your everyday routine. To avoid giving too much away, one of these exceptional events will take place during a trip to a children’s park during the first few turns. You must determine how you would react after hearing an ear-splitting sound once your parents have driven you there. Do you scream for help? Will you hug your father? Will you hug your mother instead? Be careful since the decision you make will have an impact on your stats.

You’ll also encounter Face Duels, in which you must demonstrate your better Traits and skills to save face and please your family. You’ll employ the Traits you’ve unlocked to deal damage to your opponent in these situations. The duel will be won by whoever has the most remaining hit points at the end of the conflict! If a distant relative of your mother comes to visit and starts taunting her with various achievements or digs at her current life, you must use the Traits you’ve gained to demonstrate that your family is superior!

As you get older and achieve your parents’ objectives, they will give you a request to demonstrate their satisfaction with your progress. You can choose something from the available list of requests under events as long as your Face stat is high enough to meet the fee. Making a request does not guarantee that it will be granted immediately since each request will have a success percentage to evaluate. The higher the success rate, the more likely you are to acquire what you want!

Characters: Chinese Parents

Despite the lack of an interesting plot, there are classmates, love prospects, parents, teachers, children, and other characters in Chinese Parents Mod Apk. The characters in this game are adorable, and they grow and change… One of the characters, for example, is a little Tsundere. He appears chilly at first, but after a few dates, he learns to care deeply about the player’s character; he loves her so much that he assists her in her studies in the hopes that they will be able to attend the same institution. There is also a male and female geek character, with the guy being into video games and programming and the female being into idol concerts and cosplay.

I guess there are male and female jock types, as well as artist kinds — I’ve only met the guy artist so far. I enjoy all of the personalities. Their statistics also have an impact on your future generation, which is a lovely touch.

Graphics: Chinese Parents

The majority of the graphics have an anime feel to them. The teacher, new parents, foreigners to marry, and others all have a rougher appearance. The amorous partners’ artwork is all extremely excellent. The background art is stunning. The kids are adorable, and there is a little animation here and there.

Download Chinese Parents Mod Apk Unlimited Energy

File Information
File Size:116 MB
Andriod Version4.4 +
Developers:Littoral Games
Updated Date:25th November 2023

Chinese Parents Mod Apk All Unlocked can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. But make so you uninstall the older version first.


The game is challenging in some ways and simple in others. The fundamentals are simple, but I believe mastering the game is quite challenging. The goal is to master gaokao, yet it is stated that no one can truly master it. I’m curious if there is an end game where you’ve maxed out all stats and qualities done everything properly and lived the perfect life, but I doubt I’ll play long enough to see that because it gets a little dull eventually. However, with Chinese Parents Mod Apk unlimited energy you can be able to achieve that but this Mod is unfortunately not available yet as we are working on it.


What are the key differences between Chinese Parents Mod Apk and the original version?

Chinese Parents Mod Apk offers unlimited resources, enhanced customization, and accelerated progress, which are not available in the original version.

Can parents play Chinese Parents Mod Apk with their children?

Absolutely! Chinese Parents Mod Apk provides an excellent opportunity for parents and children to bond over a shared gaming experience.

What does the future hold for family-oriented mobile gaming?

The future looks promising, with more innovative and engaging games like Chinese Parents Mod Apk likely to emerge, strengthening family dynamics through gaming.

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