maxresdefault 1 - Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Tamer Mod Apk is a strategy game that puts your taming and mastery of dragonery skills and knowledge to the test.

Can you show you’re the best Dragon Tamer in the world? Then let’s see what you can do when you download the game! This world is brimming with unique and strong dragons. It’s up to you to get them all under control! Collect dragon eggs, raise and train new dragons, and form your own powerful dragon community. Demonstrate your abilities by battling Tamers from all over the world.

Dragon Tamer was created specifically for players who enjoy adventure and strategic games. This game takes place in its own universe, where humans coexist with the rarest and most powerful dragons. And everybody wants to be the greatest dragon tamer. As a result, in order to be the best of all, the players must build and grow their own specific strategies. The players must gather as many dragon eggs as possible and raise them to become the most powerful and ferocious of all the dragons.

Description of Dragon Tamer

img 606b15cea1439 - Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

Legends have it that a mysterious isle exists somewhere between the worlds of Pokemon training, Farmville, and RPG games. With their new title Dragon Tamer, Bekko Games has raised the magical fog to expose the mythical land. This turn-based strategy game puts together the best features of classic video games. Gamers of all types will feel at ease whether they are farming for resources, creating a community, or forming RPG-style attack parties. To shape an invincible draconian squad, breed dragons as they level up to create new powerful allies.

Your dragon taming abilities are all in this adorably colorful 3D game. Every decision matters, whether you’re fighting enemy dragons in distant lands or playing against other players online. But don’t be bothered. You’ll be so engrossed in the experience that you’ll develop a passion for trying out new approaches to your strategies. Are you worthy of becoming the supreme dragon master?

The Dragon Island is your home in the land of Dragon Tamer. This is where you prepare for and improve your dragons by constructing habitats, fields, breeding grounds, and artifacts. Your dragons, like those in Pokemon, are divided into elemental forms. As a decent dragon tamer, it’s your responsibility to keep them in suitable habitats. You can’t really go wrong as that’s the only way you can keep them. On Dragon Island, each habitat exists as a square piece of land. The dragon form they support is reflected in their color scheme and environment. Fortunately, environments can be upgraded to accommodate more dragons at higher levels.

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Breed new dragons

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img 606b15d06ce4d - Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

Dragons pursue true love on the breeding grounds. When you combine two dragons, a new dragon egg would be ready for the hatchery in a realistic time frame. Depending on the type of egg, this process will take anything from a few minutes to several hours. There’s always a possibility they’ll create a rare, amazing, or even magnificent egg. The essential form of the egg is, of course, determined by the parent dragons. The rest of the structures are for gathering resources and giving your dragons power-ups.

Shop and use gems

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img 606b15d358b26 - Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

There are also other buildings that exist beyond Dragon Island’s boundaries, such as specialized crafting areas and numerous shops where high-level items can be bought and sold. The Sacred Altar is where you offer your dragons stat-boosting tokens known as Dragonbrands. These can be obtained by either leveling up or winning any of the different game types. The Spacetime Altar is placed next to the Sacred Altar, and it is here that you can sacrifice dragons in order to summon new ones.

Each procedure carried out by your buildings and dragon workers takes anything from 15 minutes to 30mins or even an hour. Fortunately, you can spend gems to speed up the process. Complete daily quests, achievements, and win battles to earn gems. However, you don’t need to waste your time in gathering gems as this mod is packed with unlimited gems.

Fight!!! Fight!!!

img 606b15d43e047 - Dragon Tamer Mod Apk V1.0.35 (Unlimited Money)

Make a group of ferocious dragons. Your opponents in Dragon Tamer are as varied and numerous as your own squad. Fortunately, you have the ability to plan for each war. The fighting menu can be accessed by tapping the Combat button in the bottom left corner of the screen. To battle, choose from a variety of story-based or online game forms. Victory in any game form earns you prizes and helps you complete your regular quests. Since the online community is vast and engaged, competing for the leading position on the leaderboard is intense.

Make friends and get things done faster

No island should be left alone in the game. Expand your friend list with actual people, or establish new ones in the game. They’ll be able to come to your island and help you speed up productivity. You can also assist them in hastening their growth too. All of your friends’ acts are recorded in a special journal. You can even lend a hand to strangers by paying a visit to their islands. You can visit by clicking on the avatar of the person in the chat room.

The game allows you to refuel by enlisting the aid of friends, who will lend you their dragon for the campaign and the Mystic Mountain. If a friend has a strong lizard, the expedition will become a walk in the park. You can even lend your dragon to a friend who is weaker.

Doing any of the aforementioned tasks will earn you Friendship Points, which may be used to purchase various items in the Friendship Store. This store has dragons that aren’t available anywhere else. As a result, you should devote some time to assisting your friends.

Wild dragon battles!

In each game type, the controls and gameplay are about the same. You must choose five dragons before entering a level. Over the heads of the dragons, your team’s overall strength is reflected. Drag the screen horizontally and join a fight to watch from your favorite vantage point. The quickest dragons, of course, get to attack first. A circle emerges under the dragon who will attack next whenever it’s your turn.

On the right side of your screen, three attacks will appear. Hold down on them to read their information or tap on them to select your target. Small swords appear above each enemy until you’ve decided on your assault. The color of these swords varies depending on how powerful your attack is. The type of dragon attacking and the type of dragon sustaining damage define the effectiveness.

Some dragons are healers, while the majority do harm in some way. Furthermore, it’s fair to say that the fatter the dragon is, the slower and stronger it is. Dragons can do damage to a single target or an entire group of enemies with an area attack.

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Features of Dragon Tamer

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  • Create, customize, and enlarge your Dragon Island.
  • Take part in new events and daily quests with your Dragon.
  • Collect over 100 dragons.
  • New species can be bred, dragons can be trained, and new abilities can be unlocked.
  • Lead your special dragon lineup to victory.
  • Play against Dragon Tamers from all around the world, take part in Alliance competitions, fight in the Arenas, and scale the leaderboards.

Download Dragon Tamer Mod Apk

Mod Apk size663 MB
Android Version4.4+
Developers:BEKKO GAMES
Updated Date:17th June 2022

=> Download Dragon Tamer Mod Apk Mod Apk from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Dragon Tamer Tips n Tricks

Timing is necessary

Because Dragon Tamer has so many modes and adventures, you’ll need to learn to react swiftly and put the game first. You can put on cookery for pets, for example, before combat.

If you’re upgrading a structure or a dragon, and the action will take more than 2 hours, it’s best to do it at night while you’re sleeping. You should strive to balance game time with real-life activities so that when you enter the game, you don’t have to wait long for any process to finish.

Make friends and get things done faster

No island should be left alone in the game. Fill your friend list with actual people, or establish new ones in the game. They’ll be able to come to your island and help you accelerate production. You can also assist them in hastening their development. All of your friends’ interactions are recorded in a special journal. You can even lend a hand to strangers by paying a visit to their islands.

Look for a family that is active

You can take part in special events and competitions by joining/establishing a family.  However, you must find an active alliance, in which members are always playing. If you find yourself in an alliance that isn’t progressing and whose members have long abandoned the game feel free to leave and join another alliance.

Dragons and their habitat should be upgraded at all times.

You must always have two things on your island in order for it to thrive: gold and food. Gold can be obtained by participating in various activities such as playing adventures. Collecting the gold accumulated by each dragon habitat is the quickest way to gain gold. The higher its level, the more dragons you can put in it, and the more lizards you can acquire from them, the more gold you’ll gain. The quantity of gold you receive increases as the level of your dragon’s rises.

Additionally, if your island has ruins, you can gain gold and other helpful stuff. They let many dragons explore the area, bringing gold, treasures, and uncommon artifacts with them. The lizards, on the other hand, take a certain amount of time to travel. Ruins are costly, so you’ll have to save up for them first.

Your crops on the island are the primary source of food. Food can be obtained in a similar manner to gold. After scrolling down the menu in the menu, more expensive food becomes accessible, but the simplest way to earn food is to employ the simple solar plant strategy. Your plants will be ready to harvest every 30 seconds. You can acquire 600 units of food while playing, and only one farm gives that much. This may appear insignificant, but by simply putting a few crops on the island, you may see a significant impact.

Dragon Tamer Mod Apk Info

  • Unlimited money
  • Dragons Unlocked
  • Ads removed


In this action/adventure game, compete in spectacular dinosaur battles and traverse on a deadly map. Devise a winning strategy, and assemble a fantastic team. Your aim is to gain enough strength to win battles.

The stunning graphics in Dragon Tamer are one of the game’s best elements. The island is full of items to explore, as well as the large range of dinosaur species, are both beautifully designed. Not only that, but the controls are quite simple: simply tap on anything on the screen to interact with your team’s dinosaurs or strike foes.

Dragon Tamer Mod Apk ticks almost all the checks, with daily quests, daily and weekly rewards, and a highly competitive PvP scene. Although the farming and nurturing aspects of the game are calming, fighting can be very stressful. Bekko Games did an outstanding job of combining audio and visuals to create an immersive environment. Download Dragon Tamer Mod Apk right now and get ready to have a blast as a dragon tamer with unlimited money.

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