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Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk is an open-world action-adventure game similar to Grand Theft Auto in which you play as a  gangster trying to rise through the ranks of organized crime in Las Vegas.

As is to be anticipated in a sandbox game, you can do practically anything you want on the streets of Las Vegas. You can use a variety of guns such as machine guns, shotguns, handguns, and even knives or fists to attack people. You can also ride a variety of vehicles, including trucks, police cars, sports cars, and so on.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk is notable for the immensity of the city, in addition to its great graphics. The content of Las Vegas is nine times that of the previous cities in this series. There are also many more vehicles, weapons, powers, and mini-games, as well as more missions than previously.


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The game’s storyline is a rollercoaster of events, taking you through an enthralling narrative filled with betrayals, unexpected alliances, and intense showdowns. It’s a tale of survival and ambition, making every mission and decision crucial to your character’s fate.

Gangstar Vegas is located in modern Las Vegas, Nevada. The story revolves around Jason Malone, a skilled MMA fighter who, after winning a match, is targeted by Frank Veliano. It is, therefore, your responsibility to keep on fighting for your life with every action-packed mission (over 80!) full of theft, auto racing, and shooting. You never know what you’re going to fight next as alien battles, tank waves, and zombie clans are just parallel to the city’s path.

Controls and graphics of Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

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Controlling Jason is a difficult task that will take some time before getting used to it. Running is inconvenient and excessively sensitive. He frequently walks into walls, and when you move oppositely, he runs into the wall before gaining his balance. It gets even worse when you include sprinting to the situation. To overcome obstacles, you must sprint as you go toward them; however, Jason has a habit of jumping over everything and anything, even when I’m not close to them.

Driving is far more stable than walking or sprinting, but it still feels messy and rigid at the same time. It’s not difficult to drift around turns, but the vehicle’s ability to suddenly balance itself after completing the turn is a little jerky.

The game’s graphics are excellent. Characters have distinct faces and bodies, and there is a lot of attention to detail. Lights reflect water flows beautifully, and the tires screech and generate the ideal amount of smoke. However, there are a few minor issues to be aware of.

My biggest graphic annoyance is when cars, people, and items appear in front of you. This tends to happen the most when you’re driving along happily, just to crash into something that wasn’t there a split second before. Is it a result of poor development You’ll soon learn to anticipate the situation and adapt your vehicle accordingly, but it’s still inconvenient.

Gangstar Vegas: Missions

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UNLIKE in Crazy Miami Online Mod Apk, there’s plenty to do in Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk, and you’ll never be lacking something to do. Story missions are easily identifiable, and one of my favorite features is the ability to launch a story mission directly from the map screen. Open the map, select the story task, and start the event if you don’t feel like traveling to a starting place. After that, you’ll be directed to a cut scene that explains the mission before it starts. 

On a mission, you can seek assistance from friends. If you don’t have any friends, your only option is to ask E-Man, who will charge you $100,000. By enlisting the services of a real friend, you will not only gain assistance with the objective, but your buddy will also receive a prize for their assistance.

The use of firearms is relatively simple. There is no free aim mode; instead, you look in the direction you wish to aim and tap on a person or object to a target, which draws a large blue crosshair over top. After that, you can fire. Vegas also has a cover system that allows you to creep along walls or crouch behind items. While this is a welcome addition, the bulk of gunfight scenarios degrade into a crouch, fire at the opponent until ammo runs out, crouch, reload, fire at the enemy, rinse, and repeat.

Guns, Cars, and Gamblin’

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Every criminal act you commit is recorded, and you’ll ultimately get a badge icon signaling that the cops are on your tail. You’ll have one or two officers pursuing you with one star, but as you acquire stars, they become more violent, and by the time you reach the maximum (five), you’ll have SWAT and the army after you.

But don’t worry, you will be revived if you die, but you will be out of money for hospital bills. Surprisingly, the cops never appear to want to put you in jail. I punched a man in front of a cop, resulting in a star. When the cop approached, he started punching me. For the sake of testing, I sat back and let him do his job… until I died.

If you do not feel like racing or killing, you can hijack cars and sell them to garages for cash, or you can play casino games such as blackjack, slots, and video poker. Why not go to a dollar store, a nightclub, or a restaurant to see what’s available?

You can also buy properties. Vegas is divided into five districts, each with four properties to choose from. By purchasing one, you will generate money that you will be able to collect regularly. Some can be gathered in as little as thirty minutes, while others may take up to twelve hours. You can also travel quickly to any property you own at no cost.

Weapons and Customization

What’s a gangster without an impressive arsenal? Gangstar Vegas offers an extensive array of weapons, from handguns to heavy artillery.

In Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk unlimited diamonds, your character will level up as you progress. You earn skill points for each new level, which you can spend to buy upgrades. And there is a slew of upgrades. You have the option of increasing clip size, increasing damage or decreasing reload time. You can also enhance your bullet resistance, fire resistance, and the number of health packs or armor kits you can carry.

Also, you can customize your character’s appearance, outfits, and even your vehicle, making every aspect of the game your own.

Vehicles In Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

unnamed 5 11 1160x653 - Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk V6.7.0g (Unlimited Money/VIP 10) Latest

Vehicles play a pivotal role in Gangstar Vegas, and there’s no shortage of options. From high-speed sports cars to heavy-duty trucks, you can traverse the city in style. The type of transportation you choose impacts your gameplay, so pick wisely.

Gangstar Vegas: Pawnshop

While the regular store is freely available and lets you purchase new guns, ammo, vehicles, health, and armor, the pawn shop is where you can purchase one-of-a-kind goods. To do so, you’ll either need to have pieces of what you want to buy or be willing to spend some of your blood money. Finding high-value targets, who are generally seen hanging around or driving limos and carrying a briefcase above their heads, can provide some of the necessary components. The pawn shop’s inventory changes every thirty minutes, and you can always count on Connection Johnny (yep, that’s his name) to have the best things.

Gangstar Vegas: Events

Feel free to attempt one of the many other events going on once you’ve finished the story or simply want to take a break. You must proceed to a particular point in the tale to unlock certain events, but you will eventually be able to participate in street races, flight checkpoints, boat races, ring challenges, time attack races, and stadium motocross circuits. Each side quest assigns you a star rating based on whether you finish the mission within the time or goal requirements.

You can engage in fighting tournaments, go on multi-faceted bank heists, try to survive a constant barrage of enemies, and, my personal favorite, Carnage missions, which require you to destroy as much as possible in a limited amount of time.

Download Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds

MOD OBB File Size:2.2 GB
MOD APK File Size:47 MB
Andriod Version4.1 +
Updated Date:1st February 2024

You can easily download Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk 2023 Anti ban OBB highly compressed from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.


Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk isn’t your ordinary mobile game; it’s a sprawling open world filled with diverse locales and thrilling activities. From the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip to the seedy underbelly of the city, you’ll explore it all. Whether you’re racing down the Strip, engaging in high-stakes heists, or taking on rival gangs, there’s never a dull moment.

The game’s missions are incredibly diverse. From taking down criminal masterminds to participating in adrenaline-pumping races, Gangstar Vegas offers an array of objectives to keep players engaged and entertained. So why not download the game and enjoy it?


1. Is Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime available for free?

Yes, the game is free to download and play, with in-app purchases available.

2. Can I play Gangstar Vegas offline?

Yes, you can enjoy the game offline, but certain features may require an internet connection.

3. How do cheats enhance gameplay?

Cheats provide unlimited resources, new features, and customization options, creating a more engaging gaming experience.

4. Does Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime receive regular updates and new content?

Yes, the game developers release updates with new content, missions, and enhancements to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

5. Is Gangstar Vegas suitable for kids?

Due to its mature content, the game may not be suitable for younger players. Parents should exercise discretion.

6. How do I earn in-game currency?

You can earn in-game currency by completing missions and activities.

7. What are some tips for excelling in Gangstar Vegas?

Focus on completing missions, engage in activities, and customize your character for an advantage.

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