Jokesphone Mod Apk V2.3.171123.281 (Unlimited Calls/Credits)

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You will have a lot of fun with Jokesphone Mod Apk, an application that is quite similar to Juasapp and that allows you to make automated prank calls to your friends and family.

The utilization of the JokesPhone app is a straightforward process. To begin using the app, you will first need to verify your phone number. After you’ve finished doing that, you can select one of the many jokes from the main menu. For instance, you might request that an agent call a buddy of yours and inform him that he has just completed an extremely pricey transaction on the internet.

To play the joke, all you have to do is select the call you wish to make and enter the phone number in question. In addition to that, you can schedule pranks to take place at a time that is convenient for you. After that step is completed, the call will be recorded, and you will be able to access it within the application.

JokesPhone is an entertaining app that allows you to make prank calls to your contacts appropriately and professionally, allowing you to get a few good chuckles while doing so.

Description of Jokesphone

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It’s possible that playing a prank phone call on someone is the most common and popular form of practical joke there is. And if you are the type of person who enjoys pulling pranks on your loved ones and friends, you should download and install the JokesPhone – Joke Calls app so that you may take your antics to the next level.

You have the ability to select some pre-recorded prank call scenario that JokesPhone – Joke Calls has to offer and then play it on your intended target. You can get a free hoax scenario by downloading the app, and you can get an additional free prank scenario by connecting the app to your Facebook or e-mail account.

This app is popular in several countries, and it has made it into the top five in the entertainment category in 40 of those countries.

The Jokesphone app is a prank dialer app that allows users to make their friends the subject of funny prank calls. It’s a one-of-a-kind prank call app that gives you the option to choose from a huge library of prerecorded audio messages.

Jokesphone is sure to provide you with laughs

To play a practical joke on your friends, all you have to do is pick a pre-recorded voice message from a list and send it to them.

The Jokesphone app makes use of specialized call technology that fully automates the call process and is aware of when to speak and when to “listen.” This provides the greatest possible approximation for the behavior of a real person during a call, which ensures that every one of this prank call app’s performances will provide the recipient with the fun that it is intended to.

Latest updates include the opportunity to comment on your preferred prank calls, as well as the correction of errors and improvements to the user experience as a whole.

Use Jokesphone for fun only

Downloading Jokesphone Mod Apk does not cost anything, but there are a few in-app purchases available. The free version is sponsored by advertisements, however, it does provide two free prank calls every day to users. If you purchase the premium version, you will not be subjected to advertisements and your call credits will be increased.

It is not difficult to use this app at all. Simply launch the application, and then navigate through the list of pre-recorded voice messages.

If you like what you hear, all you have to do is choose the message and then enter the phone number of a friend. The prank call can then be made by tapping the send button. Your friend is going to get a message that is unique and also really humorous.

Please be aware that the sole objective of this software is to amuse you. You are not permitted to use it in any way to make a prank call to any number associated with emergency services.

Download Jokesphone Mod Apk Unlimited Credits

MOD APK File Size:10 MB
Android Version4.4 +
Updated Date:13th March 2024

You can easily download Jokesphone Mod Apk Unlimited Credits from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

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