Mivita Face Mod Apk V1.2.5 (No Watermark, Premium Unlocked)

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Mivita Face Mod Apk is an app that allows you to overlay your face with thousands of different ‘live stickers.’ Animals, expressions, scenes, ‘face swap,’ and a variety of other categories are all well-organized. You can also capture images and record videos.

The editing process is quite simple. To begin, choose the photos you wish to use in your video. After that, select one of the available templates and begin arranging the photos. If you like, you can push a button that will automate the entire procedure and eliminate the need for any manual intervention.

Although using the ‘Face swap’ is the most exciting aspect of Mivita Face Mod Apk, it is not the only one. You can also utilize a robust picture editor that has all of the tools you might want. Cropping photographs, applying filters, inserting text, adjusting contrast and saturation, expanding the image, and much more are all possible. And, if that wasn’t enough, Face Swap allows you to make collages out of up to nine photos.

Description of Mivita Face Swap Mod Apk

Mivita FaceMod Apk is a simple app similar to Reface Mod Apk that allows you to take a selfie and then overlay your face on any other image. You can put your face on anyone, even the subjects of certain well-known images.

Mivita Face is as simple as snapping a selfie and waiting a few seconds for the app to process it. As an extra benefit, the app displays a list of categories such as cool, love, friendship, birthday, magic, holiday, anime face, and so on.

The app swaps the faces automatically whenever you select them, but you may adjust the parameters of this feature manually if you desire. Even the background image can be changed. You may use several image filters and effects, as well as entertaining stickers, before saving your new shot.

Make It a Work of Art with Mivita Face Swap

The main feature of this app is the many filters that vary your appearance. It can make you appear younger or older, the opposite gender, and even make you grin even if your lips are closed in the photo. You can also alter the appearance of your face by changing your hair color and style, applying flawless evening or day makeup, and growing the perfect beard or mustache all thanks to the templates. The app also includes a feature that allows you to create stunning cartoon photos.

You can manually adjust your photographs using Mivita Face Swap’s Impression filters and other editing tools. You may also change the photo backgrounds using this app. The outcomes will vary from photo to photo, but as long as you use clear images, either from your phone’s storage or from social media apps, it can produce interesting transformation images for you. It also helps that the app is simple to use and has simple editing processes. Mivita Face Mod Apk will certainly keep you entertained and preoccupied for a while if you enjoy experimenting with photos.

Cosplay desired characters

Just like in TokkingHeads Mod Apk, Mivita Face Swap Video Editor is a fun and unusual video editor that allows you to put your face in any portrait video you like. With this fantastic tool, you can transform into whoever you choose in a couple of seconds. When a subscription license is obtained, this entertainment utility delivers infinite power and superb performance, even though the free version is severely constrained. However, you can download Mivita Face from the link provided below for premium features.

Download Mivita Face Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

MOD APK File Size:72 MB
Android Version5.0+
Developers:Mivita Team
Category:Editor, Entertainment
Updated Date:26th March 2024

You can easily download Mivita Face Mod Apk Premium unlocked from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.


With Mivita Face Mod Apk, you can take images of yourself and your friends and then swap your faces around on the image so that you have your friend’s face and your friend has yours. It’s free to use, however, there is a lot of advertising.

Mivita Face Mod Apk premium unlocked also allows you to edit your photos by applying filters and writing on them. You may even use it to chop your face out of one shot and paste it into another. Mivita Face makes it simple to publish your images on a variety of social networking platforms. It’s simple to use because the app comes with a tutorial that plays when you first open it


Can I edit the swapped faces further to add unique effects or expressions?

Mivita provides various editing tools, including the ability to add effects and captions to your face swap videos, allowing for further customization.

Are there any copyright concerns when using Mivita for celebrity face swaps?

Yes, using celebrity likenesses in face swap videos may raise copyright issues. It’s advisable to use such content for personal enjoyment rather than for commercial purposes.

Does Mivita offer a community or platform for users to share their creations?

Mivita may have a user community or social media platforms where users can share their face-swap videos and connect with other creators.

Does Mivita have a watermark on the videos?

No, Mivita allows you to create watermark-free videos for a professional look.

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