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Mivita Face Mod Apk is a comprehensive app that allows you to make videos from images stored in the memory of your Android device. It will only take a few minutes to make attractive audiovisual compositions that you can share with your family, friends, or acquaintances by using a range of templates.

The editing process at Mivita Mod Apk Pro unlocked is quite simple. To begin, choose the photos you wish to use in your video. After that, select one of the available templates and begin arranging the photos. If you like, you can push a button that will automate the entire procedure and eliminate the need for any manual intervention.

Mivita Face Mod Apk is an app that allows you to overlay your face with thousands of different ‘live stickers.’ Animals, expressions, scenes, ‘face swap,’ and a variety of other categories are all well-organized. You can also capture images and record videos.

Although using the ‘Face swap’ is the most exciting aspect of Mivita Face Mod Apk, it is not the only one. You can also utilize a robust picture editor that has all of the tools you might want. Cropping photographs, applying filters, inserting text, adjusting contrast and saturation, expanding the image, and much more are all possible. And, if that wasn’t enough, Face Swap allows you to make collages out of up to nine photos.

Mivita Face is a fantastic photo editing tool that allows you to do everything from make gorgeous collages to altering photos and applying Snapchat-style ‘live stickers’ to your face.

Mivita Face is a fantastic photo editing tool that allows you to do everything from making gorgeous reels to altering photos and applying Snapchat-style ‘live stickers’ to your face.

Description of Mivita Face Swap

Mivita Face is a simple app similar to Reface app that allows you to take a selfie and then overlay your face on any other image. You can put your face on anyone, even the subjects of certain well-known images.

Mivita Face is as simple as snapping a selfie-and waiting a few seconds for the app to process it. As an extra benefit, the app displays a list of categories such as cool, love, friendship, birthday, magic, holiday, anime face, and so on.

Although Mivita Face provides a collection of images in which you can place your face, you can use it with virtually any other image on the internet. The app automatically determines where that person’s face is and how the swap should look.

Mivita Face Mod Apk Pro is a fantastic tool that allows you to create humorous masterpieces in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that while some of the results are better than others, they will all be entertaining.

Mivita Face Swap Mod Apk is a picture-editing tool that allows you to swap the faces of two people in the same photo. You can also apply a variety of effects to the shot once you’ve switched the faces.

Mivita Face Swap Vidoe maker is simple to use: simply select a stored photo or use one from the app itself. Make sure it has at least two faces, and the app will recognize them automatically. Of course, you can change these settings manually, but the default results are usually rather decent.

The app swaps the faces automatically whenever you select them, but you may adjust the parameters of this feature manually if you desire. Even the background image can be changed. You may use several image filters and effects, as well as entertaining stickers, before saving your new shot.

Face Swap is a photo-editing tool that generates some amusing outcomes. The results aren’t always ideal, but they’re generally satisfactory.

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Make It a Work of Art with Mivita Face Swap

unnamed 6 1 - Mivita Face Mod Apk V1.1.4 (No Watermark, Pro Unlocked) Latest

The main feature of this app is the many filters that vary your appearance. It can make you appear younger or older, the opposite gender, and even make you grin even if your lips are closed in the photo. You can also alter the appearance of your face by changing your hair color and style, applying flawless evening or day makeup, and growing the perfect beard or mustache all thanks to the templates. The app also includes a feature that allows you to create stunning cartoon photos.

You can manually adjust your photographs using Mivita Face Swap’s Impression filters and other editing tools. You may also change the photo backgrounds using this app. The final outcomes will vary from photo to photo, but as long as you use clear images, either from your phone’s storage or from social media apps, it can produce interesting transformation images for you. It also helps that the app is simple to use and has simple editing processes. Mivita Face Mod Apk will certainly keep you entertained and preoccupied for a while if you enjoy experimenting with photos.

Mivita Face Swap privacy concerns

Overall, Mivita Face Mod Apk Pro is a fun app to use if you want to spice up your selfies. You should, however, be mindful of the app’s potential privacy issues. Just like with many similar apps, privacy policy contains a hazardous clause that gives the developers access to your images. It was brought to the users’ attention and is now being resolved. However, as compared to other apps, Mivita Face Swap Video Maker has so little to offer that you might not have to be concerned about these issues. Mivita Face Swap Video Maker is entertaining at first, but only for a short time.

There are much too many ads in the app

The Mivita Fac is a fantastic method for users to have some fun with photo editing. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t perform a good job at detecting faces, so you’ll have to do a lot of manual labor, and advertisements will crop up in an annoying and distracting way but with Mivita Face Mod Apk Pro unlocked, all ads have been removed.

What is the FacePlay app and how does it work?

In a few of seconds, you can transform your face into the image or clip you choose. Simply choose your favorite cosplay video design, upload your selfie, and the app will take care of the rest. All you have to do now is wait for the procedure to complete. An image of yourself will be combined with the character in the chosen video using cutting-edge technology.

As a result, expect the output to be a blend of you and the figure, rather than a perfect reproduction of your face. You can choose from a large range of video templates organized into several categories such as bridal gowns, fashion, double-face, Qipao, Chinese Hanfu, ethnic, and much more. Furthermore, under the Daily updates page, newly introduced templates may be readily examined.

Unfortunately, many of the templates are behind a paywall, reducing the amount of free content available. Furthermore, adverts may disrupt your user experience because you will be required to watch 30-second or longer video advertisements in order to complete the face-swapping procedure. A premium subscription is necessary to remove this, as well as the watermark. But with Mivita Face Mod Apk no watermark you will enjoy all these perks for free.

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Cosplay desired characters

Mivita Face Swap Video Editor is a fun and unusual video editor that allows you to put your face in any portrait video you like. With this fantastic tool, you can transform into whoever you choose in a couple of seconds. When a subscription license is obtained, this entertainment utility delivers infinite power and superb performance, despite the fact that the free version is severely constrained. However, you can download Mivita Face Mod Apk latest version from the link provided below for premium features.

Flip the faces of your photos

We’re sure you’ve seen photos of couples with their faces swapped (for example, a father with his baby’s face and vice versa) on Facebook. If you want to reproduce these funny photos, you can utilize this app.

As stated cleraly, Mivita Face Mod Apk main feature is to swap faces. It is a photo/video editing application that just has one goal: to swap faces. You can apply this with one or many photographs – or even a comic – to produce amusing, if not always unintentionally sinister, effects.

If there is only one face in the photo, the app allows you to switch faces in a single photo or create montages across several images.

In just a few clicks, you can create magic

Mivita Face Swap Video Maker has a lot of functions in common with other photo editing programs. It first recognizes faces in the selected image or photographs, after which you must manually adjust your eyes, face, and chin in order for the magic to work.

After that, all you have to do now is wait: FaceSwap is a photo face swapping application… switches the characters’ faces… After that, you can save or share the image on social media.

The results should be fantastic if all of the faces in the photos are well-lit and facing the camera. Sometimes it’s only a coin flip, which can be both exciting and terrifying.

This photo editor tool allows you to remove people’s faces from photos. You can cut a face from a photo, resize it, and add text and text stickers on the face of your favorite photo using the features.

Also, you can cut a face in a photo by tracing a path on it with a magnifying glass, or you can cut a face in a photo by touching it. You can cut multiple faces from the same photo. The faces can then be saved to be used in multiple photos.

A face can be dragged, resized, rotated, or mirrored. If you don’t want a face or part of a face in the photo, you can also erase it.

Text can be entered in the text box, and text stickers can be entered in the sticker field.

This picture editor tool allows you to insert a face clipped from one photo into another. There is no limit to how many faces you may insert into the image. You can use the face as a sticker on a photo or to add text using the same face.

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Download Mivita Face Mod Apk Pro Unlocked

MOD APK File Size:72 MB
Android Version5.0+
Developers:Mivita Team
Category:Editor, Entertainment
Updated Date:26th September 2022

You can easily download Mivita Face Mod Apk Premium unlocked from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

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Mivita Face Mod Apk Info

  • Mivita Face Mod Apk no watermark is not yet available.
  • NO ADS

Since selfies became popular, there have been a variety of photo-editing apps available. Some were hit-or-miss, mostly serving as camera applications, while others rose in popularity as a result of how they delivered their services and broadened their horizons. Mivita Face Swap Video Maker, on the other hand, falls somewhere in the middle, being a terrific and fun photo app with only a few functions. It works similarly to Snapchat in that it puts filters on your images and swaps faces.

Mivita Face Mod Apk is a photo-editing mobile app that uses powerful neural portrait-editing technology to automatically make selfie alterations. You can play around with the numerous effects of this multimedia app’s choices and even adjust particular sections of your selfie with its very realistic editing.


With Mivita Face Mod Apk, you can take images of yourself and your friends and then swap your faces around on the image so that you have your friend’s face and your friend has yours. It’s free to use, however, there is a lot of advertising.

Mivita Face Mod Apk premium unlocked also allows you to edit your photos by applying filters and writing on them. You may even use it to chop your face out of one shot and paste it into another. Mivita Face makes it simple to publish your images on a variety of social networking platforms. It’s simple to use because the app comes with a tutorial that plays when you first open it

Mivita Face Mod Apk is a free video solution that lets you effortlessly insert your own selfie into the faces of other people in portrait videos. If you enjoy cosplaying, this is an excellent companion for your hobby because it allows you to transform yourself into your favorite characters from anime and video games such as NARUTO, Attack on Titan, and Fortnite.


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