My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk v2.8 (Unlimited Money)

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My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk is a game that simulates car repair and restoration. To receive rewards and progress in the game, players must polish each car, from mechanical difficulties to aesthetics.

Players can build their fantasy cars from scratch with these realistic building mechanisms. Players can customize everything from engines to body kits to construct gorgeous automobiles with a wide range of modification choices.

My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk requires resource management. To maximize efficiency and rewards, players must properly distribute money and materials.

Build Car From Scratch

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Building a car from scratch starts with choosing a base vehicle for customization. Your creation’s outcome depends on make, model, and condition. Your base car must match your vision and preferences.

After selecting a base car, deconstruct it. All engine, transmission, suspension, and interior elements must be removed. Careful disassembly lets each part be inspected, repaired, or replaced.

After disassembling the car, check each part for damage or wear. Brakes, suspension, and steering must be checked for performance and safety issues. Then, required repairs or replacements are undertaken to restore the car.

Building the car from scratch begins once all parts are inspected and fixed. The chassis, frame, body panels, engine, transmission, and drivetrain must be assembled.

Car Tuning & Makeup

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To enhance vehicle performance, game tuning entails fine-tuning different aspects. To balance speed, handling, and performance, engine settings, suspension, and other mechanical components are to be adjusted. Players can customize their cars with paint jobs, decals, and accessories to make them stand out.

You have many customizing possibilities in the game. You can customize the cars’ engines, body parts, and interiors. Engine and body changes can boost horsepower and torque and improve aerodynamics and looks. Interior upgrades like chairs and audio systems improve driving comfort.

Jobs in My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk

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Players can complete a variety of jobs with different goals and rewards. Players explore a car mechanic’s duties including fixing cars, transporting supplies, and helping customers.

Completing game assignments and jobs requires meeting deadlines and criteria. This may involve fixing cars, finding and delivering goods, or satisfying consumers. Money, experience, and reputation points are earned upon completion, which can be utilized to unlock more options and advance in the game.

Drive to work after building a car.

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Create your character and choose your first vehicle in My First Summer Car Mechanic. After choosing, you’ll start driving by following simple instructions to learn the controls and mechanics.

Once on the road, you’ll be in traffic. Streets are filled with cars, trucks, and pedestrians, making driving realistic. Driving in traffic demands concentration and quick responses to prevent accidents while reaching your destination.

Driving duties in My First Summer Car Mechanic range from basic deliveries to more complicated tasks. These tasks can win you awards and unlock vehicle improvements. Efficiency is key to unlocking new challenges and progressing in the game.

Realistic 3D Graphics in My First Summer Car Mechanic

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Its realistic 3D graphics set My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk apart from other games in the genre. From detailed car models to realistic landscapes, the game has been developed to be visually immersive.

Realistic 3D graphics in My First Summer Car Mechanic greatly affect gameplay. By providing a visually appealing and engaging world, the graphics improve the gameplay experience and connect players to the game and their activities.

Download My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:250 MB
Android Version6.0 +
Developers:Azat Dauletyaro
Updated Date:1st April 2024

You can easily download My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.


Players manage a car repair shop in My First Summer Car Mechanic Mod Apk. Players interested in car mechanics will like the game’s realistic car maintenance and modification simulation.

The game starts with character creation and garage management basics. Initial tasks include fixing modest cars, organizing the office, and managing resources to run the business smoothly.

As players progress, they can improve and add to their garage by buying better tools and equipment to handle more complicated repairs. Money and inventory management become more crucial as the business grows.

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