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Download Netboom Mod Apk if you want to play high-end PC games on your Android phone. Yeah I know some of us want to play our favorite PC games but can’t afford to buy a gaming PC. You see where NetBoom cloud service comes in handy.

For all those avid gamers out there, Netboom is a must-have app. The app gives you the opportunity to stream any PC games via their cloud on your smartphone. You can play almost any PC game you want as long as they’ve got it. All you need is a strong internet connection to be able to access your game from the server. You don’t have to download GB’s of games or install anything.

Description of NetBoom

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We all know that PC games deliver beautiful and spectacular gameplay that can only be played with a gaming PC. These games are built so you can play smoothly with a high-end PC, however, not everyone has access to a high-performing PC. But that’s not the case now as cloud gaming is not a new thing.

Cloud gaming service like that of NetBoom already has all the required specs for any high-end game and then provide access for its users who can now play those games on their devices such as smartphones or smart TV. So, all you need is an account that will give you access, an Android phone, and most importantly a strong internet connection. With that been said, Netboom is an app that acts as a PC emulator.

Just like Vortex, Netboom is not new to cloud gaming and has over 1 million Google Play Store installs! In simple terms, thanks to its powerful framework, this app is capable of playing any PC game on your smartphone. You don’t have to install any game on this platform, just the app itself! You don’t need to have storage, it’s all in the cloud. 

How does NetBoom work?

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NetBoom is available in India as a cloud gaming service that operates in a number of ways. There are three different ways for you to use the NetBoom cloud service to play games.

You can play using “Free Game,” “Account Assistant” or “PC Mode.” First, you will need to have a premium Netboom account in the “Free Game” mode. Secondly, you can use Netboom’s service to borrow a steam account. If you have purchased the game already, you can also use your own steam account.

You should have the specific game you wish to play in your Steam library in the “Account Assistant” mode. And you can access one of Netboom’s cloud PCs in ‘PC Mode’ and play the games available.

The first and only disadvantage of using NetBoom is that, in order to play any game, you need to subscribe to the premium service and purchase the game as well. In addition, the games you want to play do not start immediately, before you start playing your game, you will have to wait in an online queue of about 5-6 people.

All in all, Netbom has given a lot of portability and an easy way to play your favorite games on your phone, but it feels like a sub-optimal experience to play any games on it, particularly if you compare it to an actual gaming PC.

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Features of NetBoom

NetBoom Mod Apk is a cloud gaming service that allows users to play PC or PS4 games on an Android phone without having any PC. All you need is a compatible phone! Check out some of its amazing features below.

Unlimited access

screen 8 - NetBoom Mod Apk V1.6.3.0 - Play PC games on your phone

Get unlimited access to popular Steam/Origin/Epic games and other popular PC games that are not on these platforms! No need to wait for the games to be available on phones, besides some games are not even possible to develop their mobile versions. 

Don’t you have a game? Oh, no problem! You can play them for free on NetBoom. If you’ve not bought a game previously, don’t think about it! With Netboom’s monthly subscription, you will have access to tons of games that you have not bought!

Netboom offers High graphics

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2 maxresdefault - NetBoom Mod Apk V1.6.3.0 - Play PC games on your phone

No matter how heavy the game you want to play is, you can still experience stunning graphics on NetBoom. All the hardware and software requirements for any game are provided by Netboom. Also, if your Android phone has a good display and chipset, you can easily feel the quality of the graphics.

Instantly Play

Since all the games are on cloud, you don;t need to download or install any game. All you need to do is to login to your account and start playing instantly.

You don’t need a PC

Play with your Android smartphone that you already have! No need for new, costly hardware to be purchased. To play even the most challenging of games, there is no need for an expensive gaming PC or a new console.

Netboom supports gamepad

Supports any controllers that is supported on Android.

High-performance gaming

NetBoom offers games with stunning graphics with little or no lag. The precise resolution, framerate, latency, and overall gameplay experience will depend on your internet connection, the game you are playing, and device capabilities.


High-end machine for gaming on the go! The phone you already own will act as a full PC for a game. Never has gaming been so open. Take gaming with you anywhere you want! Hi, you can play while you are on the mountain as far as you are connected to stable internet. No need to be carrying about a huge PC! Cloud gaming is the future!    

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Download NetBoom Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:19 MB
Android Version5.0+
Developers:Netboom Ltd.
Updated Date:31st August 2022

You can easily download NetBoom Mod Apk latest version from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

NetBoom Mod Apk info

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Premium Purchased

Enjoy the best PC games

With Netboom, you can play the best and most interesting PC games on your Android that you will probably never play them. Gamers will be particularly interested in this gaming platform since it is somewhat similar to Geforce Now, Nvidia, or Google’s Stadia. Furthermore, Netboom allows you to play the most popular games in high-definition from anywhere as far as your internet connection is capable.

Netboom is quite simple to use: simply open the app to see all of the available games. Tap on a game’s name and play it. The game will play without the need for waitlists or extra downloads. Because Netboom streams the games you play, they won’t take up any space on your device, and you won’t need a powerful phone or tablet to get the most out of the app.

Even though Netboom’s demo mode allows you to play selected games for free, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge to access the whole game catalog.


NetBoom Mod Apk is a great cloud gaming app, however, you will need to purchase the paid edition in order to unlock all games and you must have coins in order to play the games. Meanwhile, the free version of the app gives you some coins to try out the games. You can select from Netboom’s numerous games and enjoy. When compared to Vortex cloud gaming service, Netboom is much cheaper.

Please understand that playing cloud games on mobile data connection will easily use up data and won’t work smoothly. So, for the best gaming experience, it is advisable to connect to a 5GHz WiFi network and attach gaming peripherals such as a Bluetooth controller, gaming mouse, and/or keyboard.

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