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The objective of the game Pineapple Pen Mod Apk is to hit pineapples and apples with pens. The goal is to use a pen to skewer pineapples and apples, preferably in the center of the fruit for maximum points.

You can make the pen launch upwards in a straight path by tapping the screen. That leaves you with only timing the impact of your pen on a piece of fruit. You’ll unlock a cool bonus if you hit the central fruit twice in a row. Naturally, though, once an error is made, you have to begin over.

Pineapple Pen features the standard in-game currency system used in Ketchapp games: coins. With these tokens, you can buy over 20 unique writing instruments.

Pineapple Pen has entertaining gameplay, catchy music, and eye-catching visuals, making it a top-tier arcade game. This is another fantastic game by the legendary Ketchapp.

Description of Pineapple Pen

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An app with the name “Pineapple Pen” would make you assume it’s a note-taking or recipe-finding tool, but in reality, it’s a game in which you throw pens at fruit and hope some of them stick. You don’t even need to know that it’s based loosely on the music video PPAP to appreciate it. It’s bafflingly addicting, rapid, and simple to pick up but difficult to master.

In Pineapple Pen Mod Apk, you must aim for pineapples and apples with your pens. Both have emoji-like features in a variety of expressions, making them cuter than you’d imagine. There’s a brief moment where you feel awful about picking on them, but then fury takes over. This is not a contrived game, but it is challenging nonetheless. Several failures will result in a loss, and if that happens, you’ll have to begin over from the very beginning. Perhaps as a throwback to the film on which the game is based, if you do really well, a bearded man and probably others will warmly comment on it.

One cannot say it more simply than this: Pineapple Pen is a short and wacky diversion that will hit home if you’ve seen and appreciated the memetic video it’s based on, but is still entertaining enough on its own.

Pineapple Pen is a Simple & Fun game

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Pineapple Pen was developed by free-to-play mobile gaming giants Ketchapp in an unabashed attempt to capitalize on the bizarre popularity of that horrible Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song published last year.

Even if you haven’t heard of Ketchapp, you’ve undoubtedly used one of their apps or played one of their games. They have over a hundred games available in the Apple App Store right now, all of which are free to download and play. They appear to mass-produce free-to-play games that are short and only somewhat addictive but are loaded with overpriced microtransactions.

The game’s aesthetics are immediately engaging due to their vivid colors and lively presentation. What’s not attractive is the grating sound effects and music. Within the next minute, you will have this game muted.

Tapping the screen launches a pen at a pineapple or apple, and that’s pretty much all. Get as many points as you can; if you fail, the game is finished. Identifying a Pineapple Pen is as easy as saying its name. For something that only lasts 5 minutes, it packs a surprising amount of entertainment and replayability. If you’re into collecting pens, that is.

Coins are the medium of exchange, and two hundred can be exchanged for a fresh writing implement. To earn more money, you can shoot unique apples or pineapples, and once every few hours, a humongous pineapple. The latter is a time-limited reward available during gameplay. To get a few more, you can do missions and view videos or simply download Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Unlimited Money to enjoy all the money.

How does Pineapple Pen work?

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Perhaps there’s more going on here than meets the eye. In classic mode, the game behaves similarly to vintage arcade machines. The point is to never fail to reap the benefits. Sometimes in a round, pineapples and pens would whiz by at high speed. Sometimes they fly quickly, and sometimes they fly slowly. There are plenty of challenges thanks to the wide range of speeds and directions the planes can take. The rules of the game are really strict: three strikes and you’re out! The only real distinction between Hardcore and Classic modes is that the former is much more challenging than the latter. The speed with which fruits move is immediately apparent. All of them move quite rapidly. Failure to hit even one will result in defeat.

Each piece of fruit travels in a spherical path when Orbital mode is activated. That’s trickier than it sounds, unfortunately. In Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Latest Version, you can only throw your pen straight up or down; any sideways motion results in a loss of points. Therefore, there are two prime locations to aim for on a circular flight path: the arc’s apex and its apogee. Your pen will easily reach the fruit at the bottom of the arc. The inverse is true towards the pinnacle. If that seems overly complex, rest assured that it is not. It’s as simple as hitting the pineapple.

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Download Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Unlimited Money

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File Size:66 MB
Android Version5 +
Updated Date:13th December 2022

You can easily download Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below link. But make so you uninstall the older version first.


Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Info

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People who like to toss their words around all have lofty goals. If they aren’t, they need to start. Players shouldn’t just focus on getting a high score, but also on amassing a lot of gold. Then they can stop throwing their pens around. Pineapple Pen Mod Apk Latest Version, you have 16 possible throws. The standard No. 2 pencil is the first consumable item that can be unlocked. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to move on to the big kid crayons. The price of a new projectile remains constant at 200 gold coins. While this may reduce the game’s replay value in the long run, it makes gaining access to all 16 bonuses much less of a challenge. Fun, quick, and without cost, Pineapple Pen has it all. Where do you go from here? If that appeals to you, then get your pen and paper ready to toss.

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