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The official PTV Sports Mod Apk streaming app gives you the greatest viewing experience and is provided by Pakistan Television (PTV).

It is the most watched television station in Pakistan and broadcasts a wide selection of sporting activities, including tennis, squash, football, hockey, and cricket.

Through the PTV Sports Live Official Apk, you can watch all of these events live on your phone or tablet.

The user-friendly PTV Sports Live app gives you a quick and simple way to watch all these events while you’re on the go. You can opt to watch the event on your desktop as well, but you will need to configure the app for desktop viewing in that instance.

The PTV Sports Live TV offers a very straightforward user interface that makes it very easy to watch the live stream of all these events.

Installing the app, choosing the event you want to view, and tapping on the screen to start the live stream is all that are required.

Description of PTV Sports Live Stream

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An app like PTV Sports Live Official Apk really must be installed on your Android device if you’re a sports enthusiast, especially a soccer or cricket fan. You can watch games from the major soccer leagues in the world using the app.

Thanks to the IPTV protocol, the best matchups. The IPTV protocol allows for the online transmission of TV signals. This is how this application provides a variety of channels so that users may select the matches they want to watch. Therefore, if you’re a fan of soccer, this is where you can watch live games from illustrious leagues like those in Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Mexico, or Brazil, as well as from important international competitions.

However, you may also watch events from other sports, such as basketball, cricket, or tennis, in addition to soccer. And all of it with gorgeous pictures.

Users of the Pakistan Sports App full have access to the Pakistan Super League, Liga, Champions League, Hockey, European League, International Friendly Football Matches, and World Cup Qualifiers. You can access this app to view match information, timetables, points tables, and live scores. Additionally, you can obtain the IPL schedule timing for any forthcoming matches.

PTV Sports App Mod Apk can be used as a source of information for the IPL, just like other IPL applications like Cricket Maza. You can find out about the series and even the most recent news. Even commentary on the games is available. Expect neither live broadcasts of cricket nor even video highlights.

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PTV Sports Live is for streaming free sports

image 107 - PTV Sports Mod Apk V3.3 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Stream Inn, the Pakistan Sports App development team produced the free Sports Live Cricket Football TV. This video streaming portal is a terrific way to catch up on the newest matches and events, especially football and cricket, which are two major international sports in the Indian subcontinent.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite events and keep up with the best athletes thanks to PTV Sports App Mod Apk, which offers a variety of events and an interface tailored exclusively for its geographical market. You might also want to look at PTV Sports Live or DAZN Live Sports Streaming.

PTV Sports Live is the best place to watch football and cricket

image 108 - PTV Sports Mod Apk V3.3 (Premium Unlocked) Download

PTV Sports Mod Apk uses the tried-and-true design style used by video streaming services like ESPN and Fan code. Finding the necessary sporting event is simple in this manner. For newbies who still struggle to distinguish between many events in the same sport, this app layout is useful.

The majority of the events it hosts on the app are broadcasting rights-retained, which is more significant. This guarantees that viewers will have first access to the most recent competitions. Additionally, keeping broadcasting rights guarantees the accuracy and promptness of access to these much-anticipated events. Additionally, even though the app mostly streams material live, you may use it to view events later. After the event, this offers commentary and highlights.

But it has an excessive amount of advertising, just like the majority of free streaming apps. In certain cases, advertisements break up events in the middle, depriving viewers of valuable time during situations where every second counts. Other users also complain about the app failing randomly, which also makes for a bad sports viewing experience. Other times, the application abruptly freezes, causing users to restart it. This is why it is important to download PTV Sports Mod Apk to gain an edge in app utilization.

Anytime, everywhere sports

image 109 - PTV Sports Mod Apk V3.3 (Premium Unlocked) Download

PTV Sports Mod Apk is primarily focused on several Pakistan-based sports leagues. The majority of the action, from Cricket to football matches. The FIFA World Cup and even international sporting events like the English Premier League are still available on fuboTV. More than 30 of the app’s over 100 live TV channels stream live sports.

PTV Sports App Mod Apk is an adequate mobile companion for customers who want more from their live-streaming apps, but it doesn’t quite measure up overall. Not only are its features’ performances and functions quite unsatisfactory, but on its main page, another app is also promoted. Try some more apps that are comparable instead.

Cricket tournament live score updates are free

You can view the results of currently-playing and recently-completed cricket matches with the help of the free sports mobile app PTV Sports Live – HD: Cricket Live Streaming. This lifestyle app displays information gleaned from statistics provided by Pakistan’s well-known PTV Sports program.

PTV Sports Live – HD: Cricket Live Streaming, which should not be mistaken with other apps with virtually the same name, prioritizes providing live scores above providing match broadcasts. It is inferior to the majority of PTV Sports Livestream apps because its capabilities are rarely worth the storage space on your mobile device.

PTV Sports, the nation of Pakistan’s favorite cricket league, is a 24-hour sports channel operated by Pakistan Television Corporation, the country’s national broadcaster. It was introduced in 2012 and continues to hold exclusive broadcasting rights for a variety of athletic events, most notably badminton, cricket, football, hockey, and tennis competitions. This channel is also available online and is hosted through a number of mobile apps in an effort to compete with cable TV and the internet.

PTV Sports Live – HD: Cricket Live Streaming is one of them, however despite its name, there isn’t much live streaming to be discovered. Instead, the primary use of this app is to show live scores from well-known cricket tournaments, such as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Because there are no other features, it is only really useful if you want to keep up with the ongoing and forthcoming matches.

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Free app for every sport enthusiast

An amazing app called PTV Sports Live Official Apk offers live streaming of various sports events. Cricket, football, tennis, hockey, badminton, squash, and other sports are all available for free viewing. You won’t have any trouble using this software because it is very simple to use.

You can watch all the different events you want to watch whenever and whenever you want thanks to the PTV Sports Mod Apk download. The process of getting this software is hassle-free. In actuality, downloading and installing this software on your phone is really simple. Following that, you can watch the events on the channel of your choice.

A poor streaming service

Overall The idea behind PTV Sports Mod Apk is a solid one for live streaming. Actual user experiences, however, paint a different picture. It makes use of an excellent app layout that is already simple and well-known to most users. The user experience is negatively impacted by all of its problems. Aside from adverts, audiences may also miss potentially important moments due to the app stopping or crashing.

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Download PTV Sports App Mod Apk Latest Version

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Updated Date:30th September 2022

You can easily download PTV Sports Live Official Apk from the below link. But make so you uninstall the older version first.

PTV Sports Mod Apk Info

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Why Download Pakistan Sports App?

PTV Sports Mod Apk is more than just a source of scores and ball-by-ball updates; it is also a wealth of knowledge. Details about the teams competing this season are shown here. Additionally, you can look through the most recent gaming news. Reading updates might also help you build anticipation for the next games. Additionally, you can view game schedules to find out when your preferred club will play.


PTV Sports Mod Apk is a sports mobile app that lets you watch live-streamed sports programs and news, as its name suggests. PTV Sports Live Stream is a Pakitan.-based over-the-top internet television provider that specializes in providing channels that broadcast live sports, including coverage of important league events from Cricket, football, and even international soccer.

Fans of cricket can easily view the most recent IPL season thanks to Ptv Sports Live Official Apk. You can follow the games wherever you are by using the app to get the most recent standings of the games that are now in progress. Additionally, after the games, you may also acquire complete point tables. IPL schedules are also available team-by-team. You can read information about your favorite team, including statistics.

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