Radish Rumble Mod Apk v1.1.6 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

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Radish Rumble Mod Apk is a new game that offers a unique blend of strategy, competition, and sheer fun. What sets it apart is the concept of a pulling competition, where players engage in a thrilling battle to out-pull their opponents. The game’s creators have ingeniously turned a simple act into a central gameplay element, creating an experience that is both challenging and entertaining.

In this game, pulling is not just a random action; it’s a strategic move that can determine your success. Players engage in a competition to pull various items, with the strength and precision of the pull influencing the outcome. It adds an element of skill and strategy, turning a seemingly simple task into a captivating challenge.

Amazing Side-Splitting Physics

So, what exactly do we mean by side-splitting physics in Radish Rumble? It’s the game’s ability to seamlessly blend realism with humor in its physics engine. Every action, every reaction, and every pull comes with an element of unpredictability that leaves players in stitches. It’s not just about winning; it’s about enjoying the journey filled with laughter.

What sets Radish Rumble apart is the incorporation of side-splitting physics into the pulling mechanism. As you engage in the pulling competition, you’ll notice that the physics in the game are not just realistic but also downright humorous. The way items react to the pulls adds an unexpected and entertaining element to the gameplay, making every pull a moment of laughter.

What makes Radish Rumble truly unique is the joy of unpredictability in every pull. As you engage in the pulling mechanism, you’ll quickly realize that the physics governing the game are not just realistic but also incredibly humorous. Items react in ways you wouldn’t expect, creating moments that catch you off guard and leave you laughing out loud.

Power-Ups: Adding a Dash of Humor

To elevate the laughter-filled experience, Radish Rumble Mod APk introduces power-ups that add a dash of humor to the gameplay. Imagine a power-up that sends pulled items into a hilarious dance or a boost that multiplies the comedic reactions. These power-ups add a layer of strategy, allowing players to tactically use boosts to gain an edge over their competition. It’s not just about the strength of your pull; it’s about how smartly you use your power-ups. But remember you need money to buy powers however with Radish Rumble Mod Apk, you have access to unlimited money/coins that you can use freely.

Unlocking Achievements and Rewards

Radish Rumble is not just about pulling; it’s about achieving milestones and reaping rewards. Unlocking achievements adds a sense of accomplishment, and the rewards that come with them sweeten the deal. Whether it’s exclusive items, in-game currency, or special boosts, Radish Rumble knows how to keep players motivated with a steady stream of rewards.

Quirky Characters in Radish Rumble Mod Apk

These radishes aren’t your average vegetables; they come with distinct personalities, quirks, and special abilities that add an extra layer of excitement to the pulling competition. From speedy radishes with a knack for acrobatics to strong and sturdy ones that can withstand any pull, each character brings something unique to the table.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Radish Rumble holds a delightful secret—hidden characters waiting to be discovered. These secret gems add a sense of mystery and thrill to the game, motivating players to explore every corner and try different strategies to unveil these charming characters. It’s a journey of discovery that keeps players engaged and excited.

In Radish Rumble, the fun goes beyond just pulling. Players can customize their radishes to make them stand out in the crowd. From funky accessories to vibrant colors, the customization options are endless. It’s not just about winning; it’s about doing so in style with a radish that reflects your personality and flair.

Graphics That Tell a Tale

The cartoonish graphics go beyond mere visuals; they tell a tale of a vibrant and dynamic universe filled with charm and excitement. These cartoonish elements breathe life into the game, creating an immersive experience that captivates players from the very first pull.

The cartoonish universe of Radish Rumble is a testament to the sheer fun embedded in the pulling adventure. Every pull unravels a world of surprises, with cartoonish graphics enhancing the enjoyment factor. It’s not just about winning; it’s about relishing the journey, filled with delightful visuals and unexpected moments of cartoon brilliance.

Step into a world where colors come alive in a symphony of vibrancy. Radish Rumble’s cartoonish graphics offer a rich and diverse color palette that adds to the visual appeal of the game. The carefully chosen colors contribute to a lively and engaging gaming environment, making each pull a visual delight.

Radish Rumble seamlessly combines realistic pulling physics with cartoon dynamics. The result? A gaming experience that goes beyond the expected, creating moments of surprise, humor, and overall enjoyment. The fusion of physics and cartoon elements elevates the pulling adventure to new heights, keeping players hooked and entertained.

Download Radish Rumble Mod Apk Unlimited Money

MOD APK File Size:103 MB
Android Version4 +
Publishers:Sunglod Games
Updated Date:9th March 2024

You can easily download Radish Rumble Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.


Radish Rumble Mod Apk is a game that has gained acclaim for its engaging and addictive gameplay. Players find themselves immersed in a world where strategy and skill are paramount, and the introduction of pulling competitions has added an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

As players progress in Radish Rumble, they discover the Ultimate Pulling Competition, a challenge that sets itself apart from the regular gaming landscape. This competition pushes players to test their pulling skills to the limits, introducing an element of competition and camaraderie among the gaming community.

Participating in the Ultimate Pulling Competition requires more than just a click or swipe. Players need to master the art of pulling, and this section provides insights into various strategies that can give them a competitive edge. From timing to precision, every detail matters in the quest for victory.


Can I change my character’s appearance in Radish Rumble?

Absolutely! Radish Rumble offers a range of customization options in the in-game store. Explore themes, animations, and accessories to give your radish a unique and personalized appearance.

Are there rare characters in Radish Rumble?

Yes, Radish Rumble features hidden or secret characters that players can unlock. These rare characters add an element of mystery and excitement to the game.

Do characters have special abilities in Radish Rumble?

Indeed! Each character in Radish Rumble comes with unique abilities that can impact the pulling competition. Understanding and leveraging these abilities is key to mastering the game.

How often does Radish Rumble release updates with new comedic content?

The development team is committed to keeping the laughter alive. Regular updates are released to introduce new comedic content, fix any issues, and ensure that players continue to enjoy a side-splitting pulling experience.

Can I play Radish Rumble offline?

While some features may require an internet connection, Radish Rumble does offer an offline mode for solo play. This allows players to enjoy the game even when they’re not connected to the internet

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