Super Sus Mod Apk V1.51.14.033 (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

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Super Sus Mod Apk is a spacecraft party game in which up to nine players can join a strange crew. Each crew member will be required to do a variety of ship maintenance jobs, but one of them is not who they seem. The Impostor is one of them, and his goal is to kill all of the other players before they are detected.

Supersus Mod Apk games are limited to seven minutes in length. During this period, the Impostor must try to kill the rest of the crew while they are performing spaceship maintenance. In addition to the classic mode, which provides a typical experience, four other game modes provide unique and diverse variations of the game. With the workshop, you may even tweak the games to your liking.

Super Sus Mod Apk is one of the best Android party games available. Not only does it offer a comparable gameplay experience to Imposter Battle Royale Mod Apk, but it also has more game modes, characters, and variety, as well as stunning aesthetics and an in-game voice chat option. 

The Gameplay of Super Sus Mod Apk

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Super Sus Mod Apk is a game of deduction and deception. Players take on the roles of either crewmates or impostors aboard a spaceship, with the latter secretly working to eliminate the former. The catch? Crewmates don’t know who the impostors are, leading to an atmosphere of suspicion and uncertainty.

Impostors must blend in with the crew, completing tasks while plotting their nefarious deeds. They can sabotage ship systems, vent around the map, and even kill crewmates when the opportunity arises.

Spotting an impostor can be challenging as they often act like regular crew members. However, some common tactics can help you identify them, such as faking tasks and using vents for quick getaways.

Customization Options

screen 2 1 1 1160x653 - Super Sus Mod Apk V1.51.14.033 (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

Super Sus Mod APK offers a plethora of customization options. Players can personalize their characters, customize maps, and even create their custom game modes, adding a new layer of fun and creativity to the game.

Super Sus Mod Apk offers Clean Graphics

The aesthetics in Super Sus Mod Apk aren’t spectacular, but they work nicely with the game. The game’s simplistic astronaut graphical style and stage ideas are ideal for it. There are three levels to choose from, each with its own layout and set of navigational problems for both the Imposter and the Crewmates. Because the taskbar occupies a significant portion of the screen, you can make it appear and disappear.

Because you can’t look behind corners and see something you shouldn’t, the game restricts your vision. The limited vision also keeps it fair in a few aspects because you won’t be able to see the entire map; otherwise, the suspense of not knowing when someone might be coming up to you would be ruined.

Supersus: Controls

screen 3 1 1 1160x653 - Super Sus Mod Apk V1.51.14.033 (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

The controls on mobile are rather straightforward and do not add any additional hurdles to the game. If the controls were more difficult to use, the game would most likely lose its appeal. You have two options for movement: You can use a digital analog stick or simply tap where you wish to go.

The remaining controls are simple tap options that show on your screen and can vary depending on your part in the game.

Super Sus: Music & Sound

The music in the game does not play a significant role. It’s just there for the sake of being there. It doesn’t offer any thrills or anything that would elicit a specific emotion. The other sounds in the game, on the other hand, add to the thrill and make you feel like you’re truly there. You may hear your footsteps, garbage chutes opening, and vending machines dispensing specific things. The game’s sounds entertain more than the music, which isn’t a negative thing because a game like this isn’t designed to have a great soundtrack.

A mild jump-scare can be caused by the unexpected sound of you being slain; even the sound of someone reporting a body or calling an emergency meeting can create a jump-scare.

Download Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Golden Star

MOD APK File Size:145 MB
Android Version5.0+
Updated Date:26th March 2024

You can easily download Supersus Mod Apk Unlimited Golden Star from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.


Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money has a lot of replay value. This is an excellent game to play with friends or alone. Because of the laughter and humorous moments you might have while accusing each other of being an imposter, this game is more entertaining to play with friends.

Overall, Super Sus is a great game to play with your friends and is strangely suspenseful. Although Super Sus might not have the most realistic images or the greatest audio, the game’s quality is excellent. I would strongly recommend Super Sus Mod Apk, which is available for free with unlimited money and all skins unlocked.


Are there any in-game purchases in Super Sus Mod APK?

Super Sus Mod APK typically provides access to premium features for free. However, be cautious of unauthorized in-app purchases.

What should I do if the mod APK is not working correctly?

Check for updates, ensure compatibility with your device and game version, or seek assistance from the modding community for troubleshooting.

Can I play Super Sus Mod with my friends who don’t use the mod?

Compatibility can be an issue. It’s best to play with friends who also have the mod installed to avoid conflicts.

How can I spot an impostor in Super Sus?

Observing player behavior, looking for inconsistencies, and communicating with other players are key strategies for identifying impostors.

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