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Super Sus Mod Apk is a spacecraft party game in which up to nine players can join a strange crew. Each crew member will be required to do a variety of ship maintenance jobs, but one of them is not who they seem. The Impostor is one of them, and his goal is to kill all of the other players before they are detected.

The controls in Supersus Mod Apk are designed specifically for touchscreen devices. You can move the crew around using your left thumb while using your right to perform various tasks such as interacting with the setting’s features or killing another crewmate (if you’re the Impostor). Each maintenance operation that the team completes has its own minigame.

Supersus Mod Apk games are limited to seven minutes in length. During this period, the Impostor must try to kill the rest of the crew while they are performing spaceship maintenance. In addition to the classic mode, which provides a typical experience, there are four other game modes that provide unique and diverse variations of the game. With the workshop, you may even tweak the games to your liking.

Super Sus Mod Apk is one of the best Android party games available. Not only does it offer a comparable gameplay experience to Among Us, but it also has more game modes, characters, and variety, as well as stunning aesthetics and an in-game voice chat option. 

Description of Super Sus

Super Sus is an entertaining game with plenty of action and mystery. Follow the crew of a spaceship as they cruise across space… only to discover that a deadly invader has gotten onboard, intent on destroying the entire crew!

The entire plot of Supersus Mod Apk takes place on a spacecraft made up of many sections. When you start a new game, whether it’s online or against the computer, you’ll be given the position of crewmate or imposter, which is kept hidden from the other players. If you’re the imposter, your mission is to eliminate the entire crew by coming up behind them and pressing the kill button. If you’re a member of the team, though, you must dodge the imposter and figure out who it is before it’s too late!

After all of the action, a chat room with all of the players appears, where they can discuss and vote on who they think the imposter is based on what they’ve seen during the game. During the game, players can interact with several objects in the ship’s chambers.

Overall, Whether you’re playing with friends or strangers from all around the world, Supersus Mod Apk is a fantastic multiplayer game. In every game, board the starship and experience the thrill of discovering the imposter!

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A space murder mystery

Super Sus Mod Apk, created by PIProductions, is more than simply another public game for young people and children to enjoy. The game’s idea is time-tested and widely amusing, making it suitable for all ages and demographics: A gang of buddies is getting ready to launch a spaceship, but beware: one of the crew members has been replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter. But which one of you was it?

The crew starts the game by traveling around the ship, maintaining equipment, and generally going about their business. During this time, no one is allowed to speak. This ensures anonymity till someone passes away. Then, using the text and voice chat functions, players can convene an emergency conference to figure out who’s been lying.

There are three different ways to win the game: two for the crewmates and one for the Impostor. Crewmates can win by completing all of the ship’s tasks or accurately identifying the Impostor and voting him or her off the ship. The Impostors, on the other hand, will win if they can kill the rest of the crew before their responsibilities are completed.

Teamwork is at the heart of playing as the crew. You’ll have resources like the Admin map and security cameras at your disposal, which you can use to keep track of the rest of the crew and what they’ve been up to. If you notice anything odd, bring it up the next time an emergency meeting is called.

The crew will also have to work quickly to repair any sabotage left by the impostor. Remember that, in addition to correctly guessing the Impostor, the crew can win the game by accomplishing all of their duties and reaching their goal. You’ll have to report any dead bodies you come across, and you should never trust anything you’re told.

Playing as the Impostor has its own set of difficulties As the Impostor, where communication and transparency were previously your strongest tools, they are now your biggest roadblocks to victory. The Impostor, the more difficult of the two roles, uses smoke and mirrors to frame other players and shift blame away from those he wants to eliminate.

Your role as the Impostor is twofold: you must assassinate other players while also impeding their assignment fulfillment. You can blend in like a chameleon, performing activities as though you were a valuable crew member while surreptitiously damaging the ship. Take a more direct, aggressive approach, but beware; it’s risky: frame other players for malfunctioning machinery and defective work.

The Impostor can also shut doors and lock crew members in one by one. This will surely raise suspicions (and alarms), but it is the speedier option if you can get away with it. Make a break for it by moving around the ship using the vents to rapidly escape or advance at other players from unexpected angles.

What is the purpose of the game?

unnamed44 1160x653 - Super Sus Mod Apk V1.33.9.033 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

The main and only goal of the game is to spot the killer imposter inside the spacecraft. It will have two groups: your role as an imposter who kills other players and your task as a space crew who will find and vote who the cheat is. Aside from their role as a space crew or cheat, each has its own role or mission within the spacecraft. Complete the tasks given to you and win the game as MVP. You can also perform various roles such as an engineer, doctor, or sheriff.

If you play the role of one of the imposters, you must complete the missions assigned to you and kill the space crew members. There is a real-time voice chat system where you can interact with other players. You should act as if you did not commit the crime there if you are an imposter. To avoid getting caught, you must maintain your innocence and deny the allegations against you. You can also sabotage a part of a spaceship to cause problems for the space crew.

You can also review your collection and personalize your inventory character. Its color, attire, head, face, and back can all be changed. If you win the game, you get rewards that you can use to purchase these items. Various roles, such as engineer, joker, janitor, sheriff, etc., can also be unlocked. You can play with different players, so it will be more fun and exciting to play.

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How to download Supersus?

The requirements to successfully download Super Sus-Who Is The Cheat on Android devices must be Android 5.0 or higher version and you can download Supersus Mod Apk unlimited money from the below link

Super Sus: Graphics

The aesthetics in Super Sus Mod Apk aren’t spectacular, but they work nicely with the game. The game’s simplistic astronaut graphical style and stage ideas are ideal for it. There are three levels to choose from, each with its own layout and set of navigational problems for both the Imposter and the Crewmates. Because the taskbar occupies a significant portion of the screen, you can make it appear and disappear.

Because you can’t look behind corners and see something you shouldn’t, the game restricts your vision. The limited vision also keeps it fair in a few aspects because you won’t be able to see the entire map; otherwise, the suspense of not knowing when someone might be coming up on you would be ruined.

Supersus: Controls

The controls on mobile are rather straightforward and do not add any additional hurdles to the game. If the controls were more difficult to use, the game would most likely lose its appeal. You have two options for movement: you can use a digital-analog stick or simply tap where you wish to go.

The remaining controls are simple tap options that show on your screen and can vary depending on your part in the game.

Super Sus: Music & Sound

The music in the game does not play a significant role. It’s just there for the sake of being there. It doesn’t offer any thrills or anything that would elicit a specific emotion. The other sounds in the game, on the other hand, add to the thrill and make you feel like you’re truly there. You may hear your footsteps, garbage chutes opening, and vending machines dispensing specific things. The game’s sounds entertain more than the music, which isn’t a negative thing because a game like this isn’t designed to have a great soundtrack.

A mild jump-scare can be caused by the unexpected sound of you being slain; even the sound of someone reporting a body or calling an emergency meeting can create a jump-scare.

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Download Super Sus Mod Apk Latest Version

MOD APK File Size:160 MB
Android Version5.0+
Updated Date:26th September 2022

You can easily download Supersus Mod Apk Unlimited Money 2022 from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the app.

Super Sus Mod Apk Info

  • Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money is not yet available
  • Super Sus Mod Apk Unlock All skins in not yet available
  • Supersus Mod Apk Always imposter is not yet available

Super Sus Tips and Tricks

Stay with the same people (For SpaceCrew)

If you’re a member of a space crew, you should always try to stick with other players. This is one of the most efficient strategies for establishing trust with someone in the game and then sticking with them.

It will be nearly impossible for the imposter to murder you if you always stick with someone in the game, and this is how your other space crew can finish their duty and win the match.

Finish the job even if you die (For SpaceCrew)

This is one of the most crucial aspects of the game, as fulfilling tasks not only assists your team in winning the game, but also provides you with rewards. If you are murdered by an imposter during the game, you should still finish the mission because it rewards you with trophies at the end of the game.

Concentrate (For Sheriff)

Don’t just tell other people about it if you’re a sheriff. Instead, pay attention to the other players to see if someone is attempting to impersonate a sheriff in order to save himself.

If you know who was attempting to impersonate the sheriff, you can simply find him and slay him in the next round.

Kill in the corners and camp close to the body (For Imposters)

This is also a very effective means of quickly killing space personnel. You can always try to kill people in corners or in places like grass or under the rock since you may camp beside the body and kill another person as soon as your kill cooldown is done.

Stay with your crew mates (For Imposter)

Because you and your crewmates can vouch for each other and have each other’s backs, this is one of the easiest methods to dispel suspicion of you and your partner as imposters. However, it can be difficult at times since if one of you is caught, the other is automatically kicked out.

You can even go for a double kill with your crewmates, making it easy to take down people who are stacking. This is the quickest approach to getting a lot of kills in a short amount of time.

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Get Free Rewards By Opening The Chest (For Everyone)

After each match, all participants are given a chest that contains a variety of fun game gifts. This chest is awarded regardless of whether you win or lose the match, and once the match is through, you can simply open it to receive amazing gifts like as skins, clothing, and other items.

Murder and Sabotage (For Imposter)

If you are an impostor in the game, you can kill someone and then sabotage afterward, as this will cause a distraction and all other players will be focused on repairing the sabotage. While the other player is repairing the sabotage, your kill cooldown will expire, allowing you to kill someone else.


Super Sus Mod Apk has a lot of replay value. This is an excellent game to play with friends or alone. Because of the laughter and humorous moments you might have while accusing each other of being an imposter, this game is more entertaining to play with friends.

Overall, Super Sus is a great game to play with your friends and is strangely suspenseful. Although Super Sus might not have the most realistic images or the greatest audio, the game’s quality is excellent. I would strongly recommend Super Sus Mod Apk, which is available for free with unlimited money and all skins unlocked.

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