TextPlus Mod Apk v8.0.4 (Unlimited Credits) Latest version

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TextPlus Mod Apk is an application that gives users the ability to send text messages, conduct voice conversations, and share multimedia files without incurring any fees. Individuals who are looking for communication solutions that are both cost-effective and safe have found that TextPlus is the app of choice because of its user-friendly UI and extensive feature set.

After you have downloaded TextPlus, the process of getting started with it is straightforward. To begin using the application, you will first need to create an account, select a personalized phone number if you so desire, and then authenticate your phone number. Never before has it been simpler to stay in touch with loved ones and friends than it is with TextPlus.

TextPlus is a service that stands in contrast to standard telecom services because it enables users to send messages and make calls over Wi-Fi or data networks, hence eliminating the requirement for costly phone deals.

Features of TextPlus Mod Apk

  • Free Calling: TextPlus Mod Apk gives users the ability to make free calls to any phone number, regardless of whether it is located in the United States or another country. Using TextPlus, it is simple to have a quick catch-up conversation with a friend or to have a business conversation with a colleague who is located overseas.
  • International Call: Take advantage of calls that are crystal clear to any place in the world without having to worry about the high costs that are charged for international calls. You will get access to an unlimited amount of credits that you can use to make calls.
  • Free Text messaging: The free text messaging service TextPlus gives its users the ability to send unlimited numbers of text messages to any phone number, both locally and internationally, without having to pay any additional fees. TextPlus ensures that staying in touch is always within reach, whether what you want to say is a brief hello or a message that comes from the heart.
  • Custom Phone Numbers: TextPlus is aware of the importance of personalization, which is why it offers individualized phone numbers. Users are provided with the opportunity to select their unique phone numbers from a range of available options, so increasing the level of personalization to their communication experience.
  • Multimedia Messaging: Why should you restrict yourself to text when you can express yourself through multimedia content? The seamless sharing of photographs, videos, and other multimedia assets that TextPlus enables its users to carry out adds a touch of uniqueness to every conversation.
  • Group Messaging: TextPlus’s group messaging feature allows you to maintain a connection with several contacts at the same time. When it comes to coordinating plans with friends or working together on a project with coworkers, group messaging makes communication more efficient and convenient because it allows for collaboration.

Intuitive User Interface

Users will have an easier time navigating the app and accessing its features thanks to the user interface that TextPlus Mod Apk provides, which is easily accessible. The entire process, from sending messages to making phone calls, is intended to be simple and easy to understand and use.

TextPlus’s navigation was developed with the user’s convenience in mind from the very beginning. Users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for without experiencing any confusion when the buttons are clearly labeled and the structure is reasonable.

TextPlus provides a wide variety of customization options to take into account the preferences of each unique user. The user can customize their experience with the application by selecting themes, establishing ringtones that are unique to them, and organizing their contacts in a manner that is most suitable for them.

Download TextPlus Mod Apk Unlimited Credits

MOD APK File Size:80 MB
Android Version4.1 +
Updated Date:31st March 2024

You can easily download TextPlus Mod Apk Unlimited Credits from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.


TextPlus Mod Apk is a communication program that gives users the ability to send text messages, make phone calls, and select a phone number without having to pay for any of these services. To maintain connections with friends, family, and coworkers, it provides a solution that is both more convenient and less expensive.

In contrast to other communication programs like Freetone and IndyCall Mod Apk, TextPlus stands out due to the extensive feature set it offers, the reasonable price it charges, and the level of fulfillment it provides to its users. Individuals who are looking for communication options that are both affordable and efficient may consider using this app because of its ability to seamlessly integrate voice calling and text messaging capabilities, which sets it apart from the competition.

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