VN Video Editor Mod Apk V2.1.8 (Premium/No Watermark)

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With the help of VN Video Editor Mod Apk for Android, you can turn any brief video clip captured by your device’s camera into a real movie that is worth sharing. The UI might appear a little intimidating at first, but it is actually very simple to use.

Selecting the videos and photographs you want to utilize is the first step in starting your own movie editing. As soon as you do this, the editor timeline will open, allowing you to cut, paste, and edit all the clips to build the composition you desire. Additionally, there are options to add more audio tracks, subtitles, and even filters.

The editing options rival those in some of the most well-liked desktop tools in quality. You may adjust the speed, add borders, transitions, mirror and zoom effects, and many other things using the menu at the bottom of the screen. With just a few touches, you can quickly and effortlessly add any of these components to your work.

Features of VN – Video Editor & Maker

VN Mod Apk is a multimedia app developed for editing video footage on your Android smartphone. It is also referred to as “VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow.” According to many reviews, the app is highly helpful in all manner of editing for many of today’s needs for video footage and is free to use without watermarks or other restrictions. Check out some of its features below:

The Versatility of VN – Video Editor & Maker

One of the most striking features of VN is its versatility. It’s an ideal platform for creating a wide range of videos, including vlogs, tutorials, short films, and social media content. With VN, your imagination is the limit.

User-Friendly Interface

VN’s intuitive interface makes it accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to start crafting impressive videos. The straightforward design ensures a smooth editing experience. The multi-layer timeline is one of the professional-level tools available in the VN Mod Ak. You can freely alter your video with this function without worrying about mixing up your effects and other components.

Powerful Editing Tools

Underneath its user-friendly exterior lies a robust set of editing tools. VN enables you to trim, cut, and merge clips effortlessly. You can also adjust video speed and add various effects with ease.

Adding Filters and Effects

Enhancing your video is as easy as selecting your desired filter or effect from the extensive library. Experiment with different options to find the perfect style that matches your content. The real-time preview ensures that you’re satisfied with the outcome before finalizing your edits.

Adding Text and Stickers

VN allows you to overlay text and stickers on your videos, letting you add captions, context, and a touch of fun to your content.

Audio and Music Editing

You can fine-tune your video’s audio, adjust volume, add background music, and even record voiceovers right within the app.

Transitions and Special Effects

VN offers a rich collection of transitions and special effects, ensuring your videos look seamless and professional.

Keyframe Animation

For those looking to delve deeper into video editing, VN Video Editor provides keyframe animation capabilities. This allows you to precisely control movement and animation within your videos, giving you complete creative control.

Multi-Layer Editing

Multi-layer editing is a feature that sets VN Video Editor apart from many other mobile video editing apps. It allows you to overlay multiple videos, images, and text to create complex and engaging visual stories.

Share your videos

Once you have finished editing, you can share the videos on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube store them in your storage, or even share them on the VN community. Keep in mind that you can only achieve this by using web links. All outputs, as said, are entirely watermark-free. Although the videos have a “Directed By” at the conclusion, you can take it out during editing. Best of all, there are no ads in the VN Video Editor. You can edit without being interrupted using this.

Pc-like video editor

Out of the majority of mobile video editors now on the market, VN Video Editor stands head and shoulders above the competition. It provides all the resources you require to create a film that is worthwhile to share on social media. You can add a variety of effects and edits to your movie, from the fundamental elements to the more sophisticated ones. Furthermore, there is absolutely no watermark in your work.

          Download VN Video Editor Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

          MOD APK File Size:159 MB
          Android Version4.4 +
          Updated Date:26th November 2023


          You can easily download VN Video Editor Mod Apk No Watermark from the below links and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.



            VN Mod Apk stands out from other free editors like Mivi Mod Apk since it offers a large variety of both fundamental and sophisticated video editing functions. By pressing the clip and selecting the correct button, you can trim, cut, crop, and split videos. Along with a respectable range of video effects, the software offers over 60 filters and 21 transitions. However, using transitions occasionally results in a pause between the audio and the video. Keep this in mind while you edit your videos.

            Bottomline VN Mod Apk gives users a simple and practical approach to creating videos. You can produce or edit any type of video with the help of this free video editing program. Additionally, it provides a welcoming and engaging experience for both novices and experts. The best part is that your edited videos are watermark-free. Use transitions with caution, though, as they can occasionally leave a gap between the audio and the video.


            Can I export videos in high definition?

            Absolutely! VN Video Editor allows you to export your videos in high-definition quality, ensuring your content looks its best.

            What makes VN – Video Editor & Maker stand out from other video editing apps?

            VN’s intuitive interface, versatile editing tools, and a wide range of special effects and transitions set it apart.

            Where can I find tutorials to improve my video editing skills with VN?

            VN’s community and various online platforms offer tutorials and tips for users to enhance their video editing skills.

            Are there any watermarks on videos edited with VN’s free version?


            Is VN – Video Editor & Maker suitable for professional video editing?

            Yes, VN is suitable for both beginners and professionals, offering a range of tools and features for various editing needs.

            What are some standout features of VN that set it apart from other video editing apps?

            VN offers features like multi-layer editing, a variety of effects, transitions, and a user-friendly interface that makes it stand out among video editing applications.

            Is VN safe to use, and can I trust it with my videos and data?

            VN is generally considered safe to use. It’s essential to download it from reputable sources and follow security best practices.

            What types of video formats does VN support?

            VN supports a variety of video formats, including common ones like MP4, AVI, and MOV. You can import and edit videos in these formats without compatibility issues.

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