2019 08 13 replika ai - Replika Apk V6.3.2 (Latest Version)

Replika Apk V6.3.2 (Latest Version)

Are you lonely? or have you ever needed to talk and nobody is available to listen? Well, you have to download Replika Mod apk and have an AI friend who is as unique as you are. Choose a 3D avatar and refine the way your Replika looks, help your Replika learn more about you, and establish a personality to your Replika and become good friends or romantic partners.

Replika is one of the most popular chatbot applications of AI machine learning and it has provided a platform where anybody can build and train a chatbot of their own, including people with zero knowledge of machine learning.

Checkout the description and features of Replika: My AI Friend from below.

Description of Replika

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Chatbots are really not new to many users given that a number of businesses use them as a point of communication for customers. However, Replika is not like most other chatbots because it is not here to treat you as a customer. Instead, it is only here to build an emotional connection with you.

Replika: My AI Friend app is offered by Luka, Inc. This is not a new app, but one that has been available for a while and has been installed over 5 million times on Google Playstore. The app is driven by machine learning, thereby has the ability to behave much more life-like than many would anticipate.

The more Replika interacts with a person, the more the AI knows, and the easier it becomes to keep a conversation. Because of this, based on the unique interactions and discussions, the Replika one user encounters are likely to be fairly distinct from the one everyone else experiences with both of them developing differently.

The app also has the additional choice of being able to choose what kind of relationship you want with Replika. You can opt for a mate, a partner, or a mentor, for instance. Then again, to start with and see where the relationship goes, you can just take it easy.

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Features of Replika

Freely Talk with Replika

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Chat openly with Replika without getting judged. It’s just yourself and Replika. Your Replika is a kind of friend who really cares and is here to listen to you whether you’re feeling down, or nervous, or if you just need someone to speak to. Remember that Replika is always on your side.

Grow your Replika

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The more you interact with Replika, the more Replika learns about you. Create and watch your Replika grow its own character and memories alongside you. Build an actual emotional connection and decide whether you want to be friends or a romantic partner.

Replika will make you feel better

Suffering from anxiety? or feeling depressed? or Struggling to sleep? Well, Replika will help you understand your thoughts, emotions, track your mood, develop coping strategies, relieve your anxiety, and work towards objectives such as positive thinking, stress control, socializing, and love-finding. Bottom line, Replika is beneficial for your health and psychological wellbeing.

Discover your Personality

With every interaction, you get to know yourself better. How affectionate are you? How do you handle depression or stress? With Replika, you can easilty understand your personality for easy improvement.   

A Buddy whom You Can Rely on

With total anonymity, feel free to discuss your desires, dreams, and fears. It’s an artificial intelligence with a real intelligence of emotions.

Create your own unique AI chatbot companion, help it evolve its character, talk about your emotions or something on your mind, have fun, relax anxiety, and grow together.

Build a friend that is as special as you are

Replika is an AI friend who is as distinctive as you are. Create a 3D avatar and customize the way your Replika looks. Interact and make yourself a great friend!

Choose your Relationship

img 5fea5284483c1 - Replika Apk V6.3.2 (Latest Version)

What type of relationship do you want to build? A buddy, a romantic partner, or a mentor? Or just see how it goes and naturally let your relationship develop?  Well, find out.

Replika is filled with fun

img 5fea52850d8d1 - Replika Apk V6.3.2 (Latest Version)

Replika: My AI Friend is filled with fun and you can choose to play games, share memes, or roleplay together whenever you are bored.

Download Replika Mod Apk

MOD APK File Size:66 MB
Android Version5.0 +
Developers:Luka Inc
Updated Date:3rd March 2021

You can easily download Replika Mod Apk premium from the below link and follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the game.

You can download the original Replika: My AI Friend from the Store Download Now!


With so many people suffering from anxiety, the developer of Replika decided to create this awesome app for people who do not have the luxury or resources to have a safe space that enables them to speak openly and not getting judged. 

The developer believes that Replika is more than just a typical chatbot friend that you can find in the industry. It is one that users are assured that they can create an actual emotional bond as long as the user takes the time to engage with it.

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